Sales of March of Dimes Sets Top 92% in Week


Released last Monday, May 4, sales of the three-coin March of Dimes Special Silver Sets climbed another 2,941 to reach a one-week total of 69,050. That’s 92.1% of the 75,000 authorized maximum.

Coins of the March of Dimes Special Silver Set
Coins of the March of Dimes Special Silver Set

With 5,950 left and based on their sales trend, it seems likely that they’ll reach an unofficial sell out within days. Totals and gains by day break down as:

  • 5/5 – 52,540
  • 5/6 – 58,129 (+5,589)
  • 5/7 – 63,882 (+5,753)
  • 5/8 – 66,109 (+2,227)
  • 5/11 – 69,050 (+2,941)

Each set includes a 2015-W Proof March of Dimes Silver Dollar from the West Point Mint, a 2015-W Proof Roosevelt dime also from the West Point Mint, and a 2015-P Reverse Proof Roosevelt dime from the Philadelphia Mint. (See photos of the coins.) All three are composed from 90% silver and 10% copper. The two dimes are a first for the Mint, and will only be sold within the set. Due to their 75,000 limit, they automatically have the lowest mintage in the Roosevelt dime series.

Sets are $61.95 each, and there is a 5-set household ordering limit. Place orders online here, or call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

This article will be updated with new sales figures as they become available.

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Joe R. Alvarado

Has anyone seen any of the dimes graded and for sale yet? If yes what are they going for?


I like the idea that the 75,000 March of Dime proof coins will be the lowest in Roosevelt series. However, do the proof dimes of 1950 mintage 51,386 and 1951 mintage 57,500. Why do these two Roosevelt dimes not count as lower mintage than the March of Dime coins? I don’t understand.


Springer, I suppose it depends on whether one considers proofs to be part of a “complete set” or just a separate process of the same date/mint. Personally I go back and forth on this, but usually proofs seem to be counted separately. Since this set includes a 2015-W proof that kind of puts it in both categories, but as a unique issue I’d have to say it should be included to make a collection “complete.” (Now you can argue that since this is with a commemorative it’s not a regular issue and shouldn’t count anyway…but at this point I think… Read more »


limit of 5 has been rescinded.


Joe, Two things need to happen that will affect the sales price of this set: The first is when the set becomes a sellout. The second is the number of the Dimes that will Grade a Reverse Proof and a Proof 70 Ultra Cameo. It is now safe to assume that this set will be a sellout. Next we will need to wait for 30 days. This is the time that the most Dimes in this set that will be sent to the Graders to get an Early Release or First Releases designation. IF the number of Dimes that receive… Read more »


Looks like $119 for 69’s and $229-$250 for 70’s!!!!
Happy collecting!!!!!

Joe R. Alvarado

Thanks Ronnie & Jack. I’ve been following some of the sales. Most are the whole set. I’m really just interested in the dimes but I might go ahead & get the whole set. I like getting the 70s so I’ll have to spend a little bit to get them. I just have to see when the right time will be.