March of Dimes Set to Include Unique Silver Dimes

2015-W Proof March of Dimes Silver Dollar
A unique March of Dimes Set will include this proof silver dollar and two special dimes

United States Mint silver dollars commemorating the 75th anniversary of the March of Dimes launch on Mar. 13, 2015. Later this year, the U.S. Mint will also offer a three-coin set that has one of the silver dollars and two unique dimes.

"The 2015 March of Dimes Silver Dollar commemorative coin program will include a 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set containing a March of Dimes Proof Silver Dollar, a 90 percent silver proof Roosevelt dime struck at the West Point Mint with a W mint mark, and a 90 percent silver reverse proof Roosevelt dime struck at the Philadelphia Mint with a P mint mark," U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White said on Friday, Feb. 6.

The silver dollar is one of the two that go on sale individually in March, with the other an uncirculated version. Both dimes mark the first of their kind. Proof silver dimes are familiar to coin collectors. United States Mint Silver Proof Sets have included them for years. But the U.S. Mint in San Francisco makes them and they feature a ‘S’ mint mark. And the Mint has never struck a reverse proof dime.

White said that the set’s on-sale date, pricing, product limit and order limits will be announced at a later date.

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This will only be successful with a low issue mintage.

A&L Futures

I suspect a Product Limit of 75,000 (to coincide with the 75th Anniversary).


If this is going to be a truly limited mintage (not the “Limited” labeling the Mint has put on all their US Marshals offerings) I hope the US Mint puts in place a house hold order limit … like 2 or 3 max for the first month … that way those collectors who want the set will be able to get it.


I saw the set at the Long Beach coin expo. The dimes look good but they’re too small to really appreciate them – or maybe my eyes are just getting too old to see the fine print.


I m in on this silver set reverse silver dime…next up reverse silver quarter ?


Interesting. The 1996-W dime is quite inexpensive, but that is neither silver, nor scarce (1.4+ million mintage), nor proof. This could be quite different. Hope the price is reasonable.

Victor DeCurtis

I’ll be buying my five, including the Silver dollars.


What do you think the price will be?


The March of dimes theme including the Commerative Dollar and Roosevelt Dimes.The dimes will sell this set.What’s even better I want a set of dimes all silver West Point San Fran Denver Phili Denver with max of mintage of 10-20 thou..Please no reverse anything.


the reverse dime has Big-Fat Premium ????like ATB (P) 5oz silver
but this dimes only 50k pieces, is it worth for extra $20?


the metals premiums are always nuts.The ATBs should always be bought on the secondary market as for these dimes buy direct if the terms and conditions work for you


Price for the Special March of Dimes set was hinted at in the surveys the mint commissioned last year. Their suggested prices were $60 for the dollar and single proof dime; $65 for the dollar and regular and reverse proof dimes. I suspect we’ll see something along those lines – maybe a bit lower because silver is lower. Question is will the dollar be sold at the regular (post-intro) price. The mint supervisor at the Long Beach show said they hoped the sets would be ready to go with the dollar issue, but it all comes down to packaging. Of… Read more »


There goes the charm of my 1996-W dime…


50ish for the dollar, 15 for each dime plus 15 for the packaging for the special set so round the set at 99.99. There will be plenty of sets for anyone who wants one with the mintage of 500,000 .


That’s 500,000 for the silver dollar both proof (single and in the special set) and uncirculated. The 3 coin set should have a significantly smaller quantity like 50,000 which has been the size of special sets lately.