March of Dimes Silver Set Price is $61.95

2015-W Proof March of Dimes Silver Dollar
A special March of Dimes Set will include this proof silver dollar and two unique dimes

The United States Mint has tagged its 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set at $61.95, according to a notice that is scheduled to appear Tuesday in the Federal Register, the official source of notices by government agencies and a daily journal of their proceedings.

Discussed here earlier this month, this set in one of three products that will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the March of Dimes Foundation. The other two products are individually sold March of Dimes Silver Dollars, one in a proof finish and another in an uncirculated finish. The special 90% silver set will carry one of the silver dollars, the proof version struck at the West Point Mint, plus a silver proof Roosevelt dime from the West Point Mint and a silver reverse proof Roosevelt dime from the Philadelphia Mint.

Both dimes mark a first for the Mint — the first proof dime from West Point and the first reverse proof dime.

Melt Value of Set

The U.S. Mint pricing notice for the set is dated Feb. 18 when the London silver fixing was $16.42 an ounce. Combined, the set has about 0.918 troy ounces of silver, setting its melt value on the 18th to about $15.08.

Pricing was also earlier announced for the silver dollars. Here is a mintage, melt value and pricing table for the March of Dimes anniversary products:

Mintages Melt Value (Feb. 18) Introductory Prices Regular Prices
Proof Silver Dollar 500,000 $12.70 $46.95 $51.95
Uncirculated Silver Dollar $12.70 $43.95 $48.95
Special Silver Set $15.08 $61.95


Still unknown is the set’s release date, product limit and household ordering limits.

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How ’bout this for a first guess…335K PROOF, 165K UNC. This would represent the about 2/3’s PROOF and a third UNC. 150K of the PROOF’s set aside for the 3 coin set! Happy Collecting!!!!!


Wow, we paid $7 for a dime. What the big fat cat. I wish I can do that too.


profiter, do you treat yourself to Starbucks?


The mint provides horrible looking coins at two and half times the melt value of the silver. Jessie James used a gun when he robbed people – the mint has a web site….

Do yourself a favor and spend your money on older US or other coins and let the mint sell their trinkets to the Home Shopping Network.


The dimes sound worthwhile!!


in 1976, everyone wanted the coins b/c these were the first US coins with an amazing new design on the REV. It brought in money to he mint. Canada saw this and started, some years later, to make a new design as often as they could. It went well to begin with, but after so very many new designs, the interest wained. They now have an overwhelming amount of new coins and designs each year. A good majority of these do not keep their value b/c its impossible to get one of each unless you have your own oil well.… Read more »


A smart move by the Mint to force collectors to buy the Silver Dollars that otherwise would be snubbed by collectors.


Collectors of moderns are hungry for new,the dimes will sell.I totally agree the dollar is a shill.


Keep the mintage at 50,000 and both dimes will take off in the secondary market. Limit the sales to 5 per household to give the average collector a chance.


I agree with Jim, amen. By the favor of God this will be a valuable set, aka a worthy addition to a collection. MTD or high mintage coins do nothing. Would anyone buy a stock that never goes up in price? Would any of us say, gee, I bought those stocks and they haven’t gone up in 5/10/15/20 years, in fact, they went down a little – that was a great investment! Of course not! We buy coins so that they rise in value – they are investments. Low mintages and sellouts are what make good investments and keep people… Read more »


I mostly buy a mint product because I”m into the theme and the art and I don’t like hugh mintage numbers.The March of Dimes theme is worthy,the dollar coin doesn’t reach out to me.I quite simply do not care for the obverse of the dollar,the reverse shows carring.The dimes will sell the Special Silver Set in spite of the dollar.I like I would say most collectors want the dimes and I would hope the mimt keep the numbers well below 50,000 and put in play a purchase limit.I like seeing an increase in value but fail to see this material… Read more »


Then there will be Boystown ! REALLY BOYSTOWN ? ? ? I’d rather see the 50th anniversary of the first human heart transplant for 2017 with a heart shaped coin that would attract a lot of attention and publicity to organ donation.