March of Dimes Silver Set Ordering Limit Removed

Proof, reverse proof 2015 dimes and proof March of Dimes $1 - obverses
A photo of the coins in the 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set

Collectors can now buy as many 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Sets as they want, but not many remain. The United States Mint today, May 12, lifted their ordering limit of 5 sets per household. The agency also provided the latest sales total for the sets.

Only 3,886 are left with sales at 71,114, or 94.8% of their maximum 75,000. Another 2,064 sold from 11:00 AM ET on Monday to the same time on Tuesday. With the ordering limit removed, the sets should reach their sellout point soon.

Update: By 1:43 PM ET on Tuesday, the product status of the sets turned to "currently unavailable" with text stating: "We are currently out of this item, but more may be available later. Provide your email using the ‘REMIND ME’ button and we will let you know when we are taking orders again."

Totals and gains by day now break down as:

  • 5/5 – 52,540
  • 5/6 – 58,129 (+5,589)
  • 5/7 – 63,882 (+5,753)
  • 5/8 – 66,109 (+2,227)
  • 5/11 – 69,050 (+2,941)
  • 5/12 – 71,114 (+2,064)

Sets include three 90% silver coins — a 2015-W Proof March of Dimes Silver Dollar from West Point, a 2015-W Proof Roosevelt dime also from West Point, and a 2015-P Reverse Proof Roosevelt dime from Philadelphia. The dimes are exclusive to the set.

Priced at $61.95 each, place orders online here, or call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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that was quick


Actually, I thought that was pretty slow. I guess the excitement did not carry over because of two new dimes in the set. Still, the price did seem fair. This slow sales makes me wonder about the upcoming presidential C&C sets with the reverse proof dollar coin. They might do better at their low mintage but I still feel the coin itself is like a gas station token sets Texaco and Sinclair gave out in the 60’s and 70’s.

Gary Colon

I believe that the US Mint just felt this was the quickest way to get these issues off their “books”. I would have hoped that the Mint would see the “writing on the wall” and cut off all the First Spouse Gold Issues for 2013 and 2014. Weekly sales have managed to be less than a hand full or less than ten each week. I collect them but there is on doubt that the series is not popular.



(Actually, the Mint’s website says “currently unavailable,” but for all practical purposes, they’re gone, folks.)


just checked , not available. sell out


Thanks May! I’ve been checking every hour! LOL


I managed to get 4 sets this morning after reading about 92% sets sold. Now, all gone.


I ordered on 5/5 and received my set today. Beware, when I tried pulling the first dime capsule from the box the plastic coin capsule opened right up. I quickly grabbed a cotton glove before trying to adjust the coin back in the capsule and reseal it. The reverse proof looks great!


I received my sets today also.
The Mints ordering and shipping systems are much improved.

Great Job to the US Mint for these improvements.


Anyone know how many the Mint produced in this first batch? Was it half of the 75,000, 25% or what? Since they have to produce at two different Mint locations then packaging I would expect it would be August before the next batch can be put together for shipment.