50th Anniversary Kennedy Collection to Lead News

Coins 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection
Coins 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection

Major coin news this week will revolve around the 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection and its release by the United States Mint on Tuesday, Oct. 28.

Anticipation has been building for the set of four silver half-dollars. On Monday, we’ll publish an article that includes more than two dozen photos and a half-dozen videos showing how one of the key coins from the set was produced. Then we’ll discuss the set’s release on Tuesday. We expect to follow that up with how the Mint’s website handled the rush of orders and, hopefully, have a report on the set’s early sales.

Until then, here are last week’s five most read (two are related to the collection):

  1. 2014-S Enhanced Uncirculated Kennedy Half-Dollar Laser Treatments – A key coin within the four-piece 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection is the 2014-S Enhanced Uncirculated Kennedy Half-Dollar. We watched them getting made last month during our visit to the San Francisco Mint.

  2. 2014 Maple Leaves Silver Coin Glows in the Dark – A new and unique collectible from the Royal Canadian Mint is its proof 2014 $20 Maple Leaves silver coin, featuring autumn coloring by day and a glow-in-the-dark appearance by night.

  3. 1990-2015 Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coin Designs – In 1990, the Perth Mint introduced Australian Kookaburra silver bullion coins, a 99.9% pure silver series that would become one of the world’s most popular by featuring annually changing Kookaburra reverses. To celebrate 25 years of coins, the 2015 Australian Kookaburra silver bullion coin features the original design from 1990.

  4. 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Product Limits Set – The United States Mint has announced a 300,000 product limit for its upcoming four-coin 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection and a 200,000 product limit for its already released two-coin 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set.

  5. 2014-W Proof American Platinum Eagle Coin Available – 2014-W Proof American Platinum Eagle Coins for collectors are now available. They may be ordered directly from the United States Mint at catalog.usmint.gov for $1,600. Thanks to falling precious metals, the price is $200 less than when last year’s coin debuted.

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How many will they sell the first day will they all sell out?


My best guess is that 180K sets will be sold out before the w/e!


Even though there has been quite a buildup of excitement for these coins I do not believe they will sell out the 180k certainly before the weekend. I’m not sure they will sell out 180 K of them at all. I guess we will see. Lets also see how “NEW and IMPROVED the new ordering system goes…or FAILS !

Victor DeCurtis

I ordered mine at 12:02pm, today. I was acknowledged two minutes later and it is now, 7:34pm and I just received a “shipped” e-mail from the mint. Not bad!


Cant believe how quick and easy as 9:00am hit i pressed login 5 sets went through got an e-mail then unbelievably another saying it shipped?I expected the big t.v ripoffs to have full control my compliments to The US Mint! wow….