BEP Produces 541.9M Banknotes in Nov, Signings by Rosie Rios

BEP Money Production at Washington DC for November 2013
New US $100
Treasurer Rios this Friday, Dec. 20, will sign money products, including new $100 notes

More banknotes were printed in November than a month earlier, according to data released Tuesday, Dec. 17, by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP).

Before diving into the production figures, the BEP on Tuesday also announced that Treasurer of the United States Rosie Rios will be available Friday, Dec. 20, to sign currency and coin products.

Treasurer Rios, whose signature appears on U.S. money, will sign products at the BEP Visitor Center in Washington, DC from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Collectors can buy both currency and United States Mint coins at the center and have up to two of them signed, including newly released $100 notes. The BEP facility in Washington, DC is located at 14th & C Streets, SW.

Returning to banknote production figures, the bureau in November printed 541.94 million in $1s, $2s, $10s, $20s and $100s for a total value of more than $15.8 billion. Compared to October, that is up 22.6% in the number banknotes and it marks a 268.2% increase in combined value. Still, the total value remained on the low side for a 2013 month as smaller denominated bills accounted for a big part of the output.

Here are reports from the BEP showing the type of banknotes manufactured during the month:

November 2013 BEP Money Production

Facility at Washington, DC

BEP Money Production at Washington DC for November 2013

Facility at Fort Worth, TX

BEP Money Production at Fort Worth, TX for November 2013

Last month the BEP produced star notes in denominations of $1s and $2s. These are referenced by the "*" designator in the above money production charts. Star notes are replacements for misprinted notes or certain serial numbers, like 000 000 000. Money collectors find them more desirable since they are harder to find.

The following table lists the type, the amount and the total value of notes printed by the BEP in November:

Banknotes by Denomination: Total Printed and Values

November 2013

Banknotes Total Printed Total Value ($)
$1.00 234,100,000 234,100,000
$2.00 19,840,000 39,680,000
$5.00 0 0
$10.00 44,800,000 448,000,000
$20.00 115,200,000 2,304,000,000
$50.00 0 0
$100.00 128,000,000 12,800,000,000
Totals 541,940,000 15,825,780,000


For comparison, three prior monthly money production tables are below:

October 2013

Banknotes Total Printed Total Value ($)
$1.00 192,000,000 192,000,000
$5.00 19,200,000 96,000,000
$10.00 96,000,000 960,000,000
$20.00 128,480,000 2,569,600,000
$50.00 3,200,000 160,000,000
$100.00 3,200,000 320,000,000
Totals 442,080,000 4,297,600,000

September 2013

Banknotes Total Printed Total Value ($)
$1.00 332,800,000 332,800,000
$5.00 169,600,000 848,000,000
$10.00 2,176,000 21,760,000
$20.00 6,400,000 128,000,000
$50.00 57,600,000 2,880,000,000
$100.00 615,040,000 61,504,000,000
Totals 1,183,616,000 65,714,560,000


August 2013

Banknotes Total Printed Total Value ($)
$1.00 192,000,000 192,000,000
$5.00 83,200,000 416,000,000
$10.00 0 0
$20.00 0 0
$50.00 0 0
$100.00 313,920,000 31,392,000,000
Totals 589,120,000 $32,000,000,000


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Interesting to see $2 bill production. I wonder where the demand is coming from? There can’t be THAT many people like me who spend them for fun.


There may be more than you think, especially given the frustration many of us coin & currency fans are feeling over the Treasury’s refusal to end $1 bill production.

And while I can’t claim any direct experience (the honest truth!) I hear from other sources that some strip clubs are providing them in change so the girls will get bigger tips.

Yes, tiPs