$149.95 Price for 2012 San Francisco American Silver Eagle Two-Coin Set


Pricing for the upcoming 2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof Set has been decided by the United States Mint.

2012-S Proof and 2012-S Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle Coins
2012-S Proof and 2012-S Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle Coins

It will get released one week from today on June 7, 2012 for a price of $149.95. Details about the set were first revealed in April but its price was not published.

Within the two-coin set are two Silver Eagles that are struck at the U.S. Mint facility in San Francisco with each bearing a ‘S’ mint mark. These coins include a:

  • 2012-S Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle, and a
  • 2012-S Proof American Silver Eagle

While not officially stated, it is expected that these two San Francisco coins will only be available through the special set, and not sold separately.

Another unique aspect to the product is its declared mintage of "to demand," meaning the U.S. Mint will offer as many as collectors are willing to purchase. But with that, the two-coin set will be on sale for a limited time — from June 7, 2012 to July 5, 2012.

Pricing Higher than Expected

2012 American Silver Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Proof Set
Small U.S. Mint image of the presentation case for the San Francisco Silver Eagle set

$149.95 is higher than many expected with a price per coin that averages to nearly $75. The standard annually released 2012-W Proof American Silver Eagle from West Point which has the ‘W’ mint mark is available today for $15 less at $59.95.

Multiplying the price of the standard proof by two offered a possible beginning area for the set’s pricing. Certainly, a bit more added on top was anticipated given the uniqueness of the Eagles and the set’s specialized two-coin presentation case which obviously costs more than a few bucks each to make.

Price Comparisons between 25th Anniversary Set and San Francisco Two-Coin Set

While an apple to apple comparison is not exactly fair, looking at the per coin premiums between last year’s 25th anniversary set and this year’s two-coin set is revealing.

Each 25th anniversary set contained five American Silver Eagle coins with two unique to the set. Its price was $299.95. While the unique coins clearly have more value, the average for each coin came to $59.99. The London Fix for silver on the set’s release day was $33.55 an ounce. Essentially, each of the five coins had an average premium of $26.44.

The pricing notice for the two-coin set that appeared today on the National Archives and gets published tomorrow on the Federal Register is dated Tuesday, May 29, 2012. The London Fix for silver on Tuesday was $28.25 an ounce. Running the math using that silver price, the average premium per American Silver Eagle in the two-coin set is $46.73, or $20.29 more than the average premiums for each of the Silver Eagles in last year’s set.

Pricing Notice for the 2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof Set
Pricing Notice for the 2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof Set

On a per coin basis, pricing for 25th anniversary set was much more attractive than this year’s set. And it was limited to a mintage of 100,000. There is no telling how many of the two-coin sets will move, but sales of more than 100,000 are expected.

While many coin collectors will gladly pay the price for unique Silver Eagles, the U.S. Mint could be in defensive mode with some of them. And collectors who were able to get the 25th anniversary set last year from the Mint are likely to be even happier today that they did.

Order Details

When the San Francisco American Silver Eagle Two-Coin Set is released, buyers may visit the United States Mint page located here to directly order it, or call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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Can’t you make your money somewhere else?

Brian M

Holy freaking cow. At $28/ounce?!? I prepared myself for the high price $130 or $140 max. $75.00 a coin is way too much. These knuckleheads have got to learn.


but what if it was a first strike, with a S&W mark, polished in P and shipped from D in double reverse, burnished and super uncirculated proof 😛 lol


Can you say “moo”, as in cash cow?


Put em in a slab and sell em on TV for $400 each. They are already selling pre-orders proof 70 on the cable network tonight. Looks like another real money making deal for the aftermarket selling to grannies for Christmas gifts.


Holy S***!!!!! Is this April of 2011 when silver was $47 an ounce. No, it is 13 months later and silver is $19 less per. Let me see, a 5 oz quarter is $204 and 2 oz set is $54 less. The difference is $5 less then the proof and $10 more then the uncirculated silver eagles. I guess the price is to keep the limit low so it will be rare after the month of sale. The set will be available to more people, but at an inflated price. The case must be a fortune to make.

Brian V.

Maybe they used “Unobtainium” lining in the case? And YES, the lemmings will line up to buy em all day lo

Brian V.

Maybe they used “Unobtainium” lining in the case? And YES, the lemmings will line up to buy em all day and still crash the servers…I know I’ll be one of them, crying all the way… Hhhrumpf…

Greg Johnsrude

What a ridiculous price for 2 proof eagles. Silver is $27.757 an ounce and we would be paying $75.00 for each proof coin. The Mint never ceases to amaze me with one fiasco after another. The mint does not care about the average collector anymore. Ever since Ed Moy was the Mint director the Mint has gone down hill with terrible designs, lousy service and high prices. Collectors would be better off buying old coins at shows and at coin shops. Just don’t buy from the Mint.


Never mind this Set and whatever else the Mint has to offer. I quit!! I’m going on high anus from purchasing any more products from them, I am sick and tired of being coned. This is getting ridicules!! 10 years from now they will be giving this crap away on EBay. Come on US Mint get a clue! We are tired of being your puppets!

Ed A

To all you people complaining…I know you will get some sets. You make me laugh.


Ed, only if it has a dragon privy mark. hahaha (laughing with you)


OK Ed, if they want to play hardball… and make me an offer I can’t refuse. I’ll settle at $115.00 for the Set, and that includes the $15.00 for the Box they come in, and you can put me down for 3 Sets. How you like them apples.


I am buying 500 sets,a good deal all s-mint coin sale good,first year issue.

Greg J

To Ed A…………… I am not ordering any sets or rolled coins from the mint. I will stick to the older coins. The only time I will order from the mint is if the prices are reduced dramatically. The value of the proof sets are worth less than the original price. I am laughing at anyone who orders from the mint because it is all HYPE.

Silva Eegal

Is their going to be an order limit of 1? I’ve heard somewhere, the 2011 set had a limit of 5, but seems like many had quite a bunch selling on ebay…At the price of 149.00 not a bad price for a reverse proof and S Proof coins…


An S-Mint proof silver eagle – like that has never happened before.
A reverse proof silver eagle – like that has never happened before.
Buy as many as you want in a 4 week window – I stick by my original gusetimate that they’ll probably sell no more than 150,000 and now at $75 per coin probably fewer. Then they’ll be the second rarest proof silver eagles. I’ll buy a set anyway to keep my collection of silver eagles complete.


Shop till you drop Ed A !! …. $150 + shiping for this set is VERY high, But I do like the 2 coin holder it comes in. Maybe I can pick one up for under $15 after the Professional grading frenzy is over. I remember the E-Bay nuts having pre sales of the 25th Anniversery sets.LOL !!


This one has to be killing the Professional Grading Companies; how are they going to charge extra for “first strikes” and “early releases” if they are only going to be sold during a 30 day window.


Great call Jason !!! I didn’t think that far ahead LOL !!! But then who cares ?? I’m thinking someone will have to pay Xtra for that…. guess who ??


Listen to you people. All this hoopla combined with the Mint’s limited window of production can only depress sales and drop this issue’s mintage to all-time lows. I see “sale” prices of $299 for the MS70 certified set (watch your inbox for offers from local “mints”), which will drive the future existence of “unbroken” sets in original U.S. Mint packaging into scarce territory. I suspect when it all pans out, those who squirrel away these coins in their original packaging will see these scarce ungraded coins go into the stratosphere.


Prices are really high, so I don’t think any of you should buy any. That way the ones I buy will be rare. I think the higher price will keep the mintage down. Maybe the fact they are available for a month will keep the flippers from buying a lot as well. On the positive side, we all know how long we have to order some and can sit back and see what happens before buying.


I remember the Mint selling 100,000 25th sets in 5 1/2 hours. Should be amusing to watch for a month……. Just checked Mint web page “NO LIMITS” WOW !!(You wanna buy 1,000/ you can buy 1,000) I will be surprised if you hear of any mintage numbers before July 6.


All right all right !! After all the griping I did I ordered a set @ 12:14 today. Mint webpage is tallying the mintage right on that page …… If it gets too high I can cancel. 🙂 pretty cool.


US Mint price for this set is higher than I had expected, but all prices are high and prices increase each week when going to any store! What liberals do we have to thank for that? Maybe the US Mint is trying to reduce the national debt while liberals increase it.


It’s not politics here, it’s all coming from deputy director don’t-know-anything can’t-manage-anything Peterson. The mint has gone to pot since he’s been running things.


Jim : These big wigs are too busy traveling the country introducing presidental dollars and National Park quarters to care whats going on at the mint.