US Mint Cuts Prices on 2012 Kennedy Halves, Bronze Medals

2011 First Spouse Bronze Four-Medal Set
This year’s First Spouse Bronze Medal Set will cost $3 less the last year’s, which is shown above

Collectors will pay less for several upcoming United States Mint products, including rolls of 2012 Kennedy halves, national bronze medals and the 2012 First Spouse Bronze Medal Set.

The latest cuts follow other 2012-dated numismatic products that will be available at lower prices this year which include several sets, America the Beautiful Quarters and Presidential $1 Coins.

The U.S. Mint announced the newest round of price reductions as it attempts to attract more customers and appease those who have complained in the past about high product premiums.

New U.S. Mint Product Prices

Kennedy Half-Dollar 200-Coin Bags $134.95 $139.95 +$5.00 May 15, 2012
Kennedy Half-Dollar Two-Roll Set $34.95 $32.95 -$2.00 May 15, 2012
First Spouse Bronze Medal Set $19.95 $16.95 -$3.00 TBD
Large Bronze Medals $44.95 $39.95 -$5.00 Varied
Small Bronze Medals $7.95 $6.95 -$1.00 Varied


Earlier this year the U.S. Mint stated it was able to lower prices on popular products by "refining the product costing process, taking advantage of current lower prices for precious metals and negotiating better pricing from its suppliers." Apparently, 200-coin bags of Kennedy halves did not fall into any of these price-saving areas as prices for it are scheduled to go up $5 when released on May 15.

The U.S. Mint is yet to announce when it will offer the 2012 First Spouse Bronze Medal Set. The annual product is usually released in December — around the time when a year’s final First Spouse Gold Coin is issued. The First Bronze Spouse Medal Set will include four 1-5/16-inch bronze medals that bear the same likeness as the companion 24-karat gold coins honoring Alice Paul, Frances Cleveland, Caroline Harrison and another of Frances Cleveland since her husband Grover Cleveland served two nonconsecutive terms. The U.S. Mint also offers the medals individually, with those prices down $1 as the table above indicates.

Large bronze medals offered by the U.S. Mint are often reserved for significant events or sites and to honor individuals, such as bronze duplicates of Congressional Gold Medals.

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The Mint is very slow in getting out the ‘precious metals’…lots of junk available. Is this a sign of a projected climb in the price of gold & silver once the ‘shorting’ and controllers, lose control? The Mint seems to be holding back for a reason. I also refuse to pay $300.00 plus over melt for that ‘shiny’ Buffalo. Nearly 20% mark up at today $1630 gold value. Where are the gold Spouses and the 5 Ounce Park Series?? Waiting to bunch them together so no one can afford them all at once. Disgusting ‘distribution’ to date!


OH! Almost forgot. a $2.00 price cut on the ‘Junk’ Half Dollars… That only makes a 64.75% mark up on JUNK! Instead of the former 74.75% over charge.

george glazener

Just my opinion, but as an investor, Kennedy Half Dollars will be anything BUT junk by late November 2013. Anyone know why that date is significant?

king of koine

George…not sure..but is it because the will stop making them! 49th year..entering 50th. End of a series?

george glazener

Close but no cigar. 22 Nov 2013 will be the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. And Lord, how we Americans love to commemorate our significant national anniversaries..!! I’m banking on a nice little swell of interest in all things Kennedy that autumn.


What no 50th Anniversary Coin? With a unique Reverse? With a Reverse Proof in Gold? A coin set with P, D & S, proof, uncirculated? With a minimum of 100 per household. The possibilities…

george glazener

Did you hack into my computer and find my strategic plan for 2013??? Those are EXACTLY the very same products I was going to launch starting in March 2013. But now, the surprise is ruined, the secret is out, the cat is out of the bag..!! I’ll have to start from scratch, redesign everything, buy all new tooling, fire people, and work overtime to get something fresh & unexpected onto the market. And what’s worse, I’ll have to raise prices back up just to get the job done in time….Thanks a LOT..!!


2013 – WAY too late for a commemorative coin plus both slots are already taken. Wait for 100 yrs after his birth, maybe. I’m interested to see George’s designs just the same. Maybe he can sell them to the Franklin Mint or one of those other fake mints and make big bucks that way.

george glazener

I’m going to give exclusive rights to The Coin Vault. Those boys could sell screen doors to a submarine manufacturer..!!!

Good idea though, JFK’s 100th birthday would be 2017. Whew, there’s still time.


Is the coin vault still on the air? They must have made bail.

As always – Love your comments George!

george glazener

Yes, they’re back. and they’ve even got new clean shirts on..!! A nice shade of orange..!! You gotta hand it to ’em though. Prices non-withstanding, they sure know how to display and market coins in a way that makes collectors drool. Their studio presentation is first rate. They keep the camera right where it belongs; zoomed in tight to the coins instead of on their beer bellies. And they’re really quite knowledgeable, I think. I listen closely for the news and insight they bring, but I do my actual purchasing elsewhere.


Maybe 2014 would be nice for a one-shot commemorative reverse, then retire the coin with dignity. It’s too bad there’s no place for a 50-cent piece in commerce.


I vote for a reverse coin for P & D and reverse proof