Gold Kangaroo Minted Bars in 5 Grams to 10 Ounces Introduced


The Perth Mint has introduced a new Kangaroo Minted Gold Bar range to complement the popular animal themes of Australia’s official Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Program.

Kangaroo Minted Gold Bars
The Perth Mint from Australia has introduced new Kangaroo Minted Gold Bars, shown above, in sizes ranging from 5g to 10 ounces

The Kangaroo Minted Gold Bars are available in a choice of seven sizes ranging from 5 grams to 10 ounces. When added to the legal tender coins struck each year as part of the nation’s bullion coin program, which vary in size from 1/20 ounce to 10 kilograms, The Perth Mint now offers a 33-strong suite of 99.99% pure gold and 99.9% pure silver bullion products.

This diverse range will provide individuals to institutions the most convenient and cost-effective way to acquire and hold physical precious metals. Combined with an Australian Government guarantee of purity and weight, the entire collection is expected to be met with an overwhelming response.

Perth Mint Sales and Marketing Director, Ron Currie, said that the decision to launch the enhanced range of bullion issues comes in the wake of the recent world financial crisis to perpetuate the escalated buying trend.

"Ongoing economic uncertainty and market volatility is driving the heightened demand for precious metals as investors remain cautious in their pursuits to safeguard their wealth," he commented.

Kangaroo Minted Gold BarMr Currie said that the new bar range will provide investors with another trusted way in which to add precious metals to their asset portfolios.

"For added security, each minted Kangaroo bar is individually sealed in a tamper-proof presentation card, which features a unique serial number and the signature of our Chief Assayer."

The Kangaroo Minted Gold Bars are struck from 99.99% pure gold and strongly branded with The Perth Mint’s majestic swan logo and a motif of bounding kangaroos. This distinctly Australian theme is expected to expand the range of gold and silver bullion coins which already showcase Australia’s unique wildlife.

The Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin Series, the Australian Kookaburra Silver Coin Series, and the Australian Koala Silver Coin Series each portray Australia’s native fauna, while the Australian Lunar Gold and Silver Coin Series pays tribute to the animals of the ancient Chinese calendar.

With attractive contemporary designs that change annually and select mintage limits giving the releases potential for numismatic appreciation, the coins are also extremely popular among collectors and gift buyers.

In anticipation of a spike in demand for the contemporary new 2011 designs, The Perth Mint will stagger the release of its suite of bullion products. The Kangaroo Minted Gold Bars are now available for purchase, while the coins from the 2011 Australian Bullion Coin Program will be available from 14 September 2010.

Orders can be placed by calling The Perth Mint Bullionline on 1300 201 112 (International +61 8 9421 7218) or visiting The Perth Mint Shop located at 310 Hay Street in East Perth.

About The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint, wholly-owned by the State Government of Western Australia, is the official issuer of the Australian Federal Government’s Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Program. The Mint opened in 1899 in response to the discovery of rich gold deposits in Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie. It was Australia’s third branch of Britain’s Royal Mint – the others being the Sydney Mint and the Melbourne Mint (both closed).

The Perth Mint remained under Britain’s jurisdiction until 1 July 1970, when ownership transferred to the State Government of Western Australia.

In 2003, The Perth Mint officially opened an 8,400 square metre state-of-the-art manufacturing facility next door to its original limestone building. Dominating the Mint’s heritage precinct, these two important buildings are powerful symbols of more than 100 years of minting excellence in Western Australia.

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