Rare Coins Placed into Circulation by NJ Dealer

by American Coin & Stamp Company, Inc. on November 16, 2009 · 3 comments

By placing 107 rare coins into circulation, Jeff Angello, owner of American Coin & Stamp Co., hopes that this will delight coin collectors as well as stir up interest in the hobby.

For some lucky shoppers, that pocket change could contain super rare coins worth thousands of dollars.

To Jeff Angello, of American Coin & Stamp Company, Inc., rare coins and precious metals are a hobby, a passion and a thriving business. As a token of his gratitude for the many years of collecting, buying and selling rare coins, he is placing 107 coins back into circulation. With a face value of only a few dollars, the rare coins add up to an approximate value of $4000.00.

One of these coins is a penny from 1955, which is the year that his father Joseph Angello founded the business. This particular penny is very valuable due to fact that it was minted with a mistake. The penny, which was minted in Philadelphia, had been stamped twice, causing a doubling of the numbers and letters on the face of the coin.

American Coin & Stamp, Inc. has been at their present location at 1273 Main Avenue in Clifton, New Jersey since 1972. Coin collectors come from all over to the store with gold and silver coins, foreign and US coins as well as other precious metals to be sold or appraised.

Jeff sees the spending of these rare and valuable coins as a way of giving back, while at the same time, hoping to create interest in the hobby, as well as giving the ardent numismatic collectors a chance at finding them. Eventually some of them may end up back in his possession as some of the best coins he is able to buy today were sold by his father more than 30 years ago.

About American Coin & Stamp Company, Inc.

American Coin & Stamp Company, Inc. (http://americancoinnj.com) is the best resource for all of your gold and silver coin needs. Visit the expert numismatist Jeff Angello and get the highest prices paid for any rare coins and gold and silver jewelry. With the expertise of more than 50 years, American Coin & Stamp of Clifton, NJ can pay you the top dollar value for all of your rare coins and stamps.

We value each and every one of our customers and have had long standing relationships with many of them for years. We take great pride in being able to specialize in buying and selling and always knowing the true value of rare coins. We are confident in being able to always offer the best possible price for all of your rare coins and stamps.

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Ugh. Whoever wrote this article is a dope. The 1955 Doubled DIE cent was not “stamped” twice….the DIE that was used to MAKE the coin rotated before the hubbing was done, which caused a shift in the impression upon the die.

In effect, it was the DIE that was “stamped twice” (although this is not quite accurate, either, it will suffice for these purposes), and not the planchet/coin itself.

Double STRIKES are common, and worth little. Doubled DIE coins, however, are quite rare, and often quite valuable.


I have found many old in the last week so who may I speak with 1943 wheat penney 1936 wheat penney 1955 wheat penney 1943 nickel &1946nickel