American Coin & Stamp Company, Inc.

By placing 107 rare coins into circulation, Jeff Angello, owner of American Coin & Stamp Co., hopes that this will delight coin collectors as well as stir up interest in the hobby.

For some lucky shoppers, that pocket change could contain super rare coins worth thousands of dollars.

To Jeff Angello, of American Coin & Stamp Company, Inc., rare coins and precious metals are a hobby, a passion and a thriving business. As a token of his gratitude for the many years of collecting, buying and selling rare coins, he is placing 107 coins back into circulation. With a face value of only a few dollars, the rare coins add up to an approximate value of $4000.00.

One of these coins is a penny from 1955, which is the year that his father Joseph Angello founded the business. This particular penny is very valuable due to fact that it was minted with a mistake. The penny, which was minted in Philadelphia, had been stamped twice, causing a doubling of the numbers and letters on the face of the coin.

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