Universal Coin & Bullion Recognized as an Official NRA Rare Coin and Bullion Dealer


Universal Coin & BullionUniversal Coin & Bullion of Beaumont, Texas was recently recognized as an official rare coin and bullion dealer of the National Rifle Association.

The NRA is best known for its support to defend and maintain the Second Amendment rights of the United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

“Being recognized by this 2.8 million member organization which is the foremost guardian of the traditional American right to `keep and bear arms’ is a major honor.” Stated Mike Fuljenz, the president of Universal Coin & Bullion.

Last year, the NRA Board of Directors Meeting in ST. Louis Missouri recognized Universal Coin & Bullion for leadership and distinguished philanthropy with the Voice of Freedom Fund to help permanently endow NRA’s Public Education and Communication Programs.

Mike Fuljenz remarked, “Our recognition by the NRA has been an honor and the result of dedicated work by quality people in both organizations.”

The NRA Board is composed of individuals that represent diverse aspects of firearms ownership, political activism, and the shooting sports. Many of these members have a high level of national visibility.

They have included national entertainment, sports and media celebrities lending their visibility to the NRA cause such as Tom Selleck, Charlton Heston, Ted Nugent, actress Susan Howard, sports greats Karl Malone and David Butz, Oliver North, and director John Milius. There are current and former elected political leaders such as Rep. Bob Barr, Rep. Bill Brewster, Rep. Barbara Cubin, and Rep. Harold Volkmer.

There are national shooting champions such as Edie Reynolds, shooting icons such as the late Jeff Cooper and Soldier of Fortune publisher Bob Brown, and political activists like Marion Hammer and Roy Innis of CORE.

“To be recognized by a Board of Directors of such diversity and with such devotion to maintaining our Bill of Rights’ freedoms is very humbling yet exhilarating honor.” Mike Fuljenz said.

Mike Fuljenz has been the President of Universal Coin & Bullion for 13 years.

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About Universal Coin & Bullion

Since 1994, Universal Coin & Bullion, Ltd. has served tens of thousands of clients all across America to achieve their coin collecting and investing goals. As an established presence at important national auctions and conferences, our staff has full access to all things numismatic — from the hottest current trends to the soundest long-term strategies.

Even with decades of combined numismatic experience already under our belts, our staff routinely continues to participate in continuing education and professional development.

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Koichi Ito

National Rifle Association has no place in coin collecting.! They should start thier own hobby of gun collecting! This site is reserved for coin and stamp collecting not gun collecting. To National Rifle Association please go to gun collecting website!


I a member of NRA and also collect coins, I’m not sure what is wrong with you. You may want to up your medication.

Gregg Jones

Why can’t the NRA collect coins?? Last time I looked this was a FREE Country!! Then again with Obama they should just print money and collect ammo

Ralph E. Stiles

I nave a set of NRA Coins (30 coins) .08 T oz, 999 silver, boxed in a blue NRA container, minted about 1971. Serial # 00336. Been trying to get some information on them. Does anyone recognize this set or have info. Thanks


Ralph E. Stiles

Seeking information on NRA coins minted about 1971. 30 coins, .08 T oz ea, 999 silver boxed in blue NRA Box. Does anyone have any information concerning these coins?


Valerie Allen

I have a set of coins: The Freedom Heritage Proof Collection.
Does anyone have any information on them?


I feel got taken on a 1912 Indian gold coin grade MS63 by UNIVERSAL COIN,
I talked with the one of the managers and he said he would get back with me which he never has. The best price I can find any where is less than 1/2 the price I paid for it. I realize that it is BUYER BEWARE, and I was stupid first time gold buyer,because of the NRA. I hate is see the NRA have their name associated with UNIVERSAL COIN.

Ross Henderson

I bought 10 1986 MS69 half eagles at least 30% over value. You can fool me once…


I have a medallion that has “THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION 1860” on one side and two standing figures with the dates 1300-1500 and 1860 and the latin phrase’ ‘SET PERPETUUM’ onthe other side. does anyone have any information on itt? JOSE


to harold stoner i suggest you get a collectors guide to indian head quater eagles to get more info about the 1912 indian coins u purchased mike fulginz only picks the best coins for their customers.

Ben Schaefer

By buying gold, the NRA is insuring it’s future. The United states Federal deficit is in the trillions. Our Currency is not backed by gold. How soon do you think it will take until our enemies to see our weakness? It’s already happening. Why did we encourage NATO to participate in Libya? M. Khadafi was trying to compete with the Euro and Dollar. How? With Gold! Imagine what would happen in central Europe, The America’s and worldwide? The dollar would no longer dominate the global economy.



All of my firearms, all of my gold and silver coins (which are inseperate lock boxes) all reside together in my 500+ lb safe. Never heard them complain about the company they keep.
I’ve been doing business with Universal Coin for several years and have no complaints.
And I’ve been an NRA member for at least fifty+ years..

Douglas A Atkins

Universal Coin & Bullion, Ltd., the dealer associated with the NRA for the promotion and sales of precious metals, coin &/or bullion, has had complaints about the integrity of their operations for inflating the costs of their products. Supporting the NRA appears to by the underlying scheme for the excessive premiums charged. I am a long time member of the NRA and support it unwaveringly but I believe UCB should be more transparent in their offerings explaining the cost spread of their products. Value + % to NRA. Anyone can purchase a 1 oz 999.9 gold Eagle @ market price… Read more »