Series 2004A $10 Single Note Collection, Final Installment


Series 2004A $10 Single Notes for Collectors - Final InstallmentThe final installment of the "We the People" Series 2004A $10 Single Note Collection is now available from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP).

$10 notes representative of the Federal Reserve Districts of San Francisco, Richmond, Atlanta, and Dallas are available for $35 per note.

Features of the series include:

  • Limited to 3,000 sets worldwide
  • The lowest serial number available for each note
  • The third denomination to be redesigned in the "Color of Money" series
  • Protection within a clear, acid-free polymer sleeve
  • Housed within an attractive folder representative of the corresponding Federal Reserve District

The entire collection includes 12 notes that are issued individually in three installments a year. The First Series 2004A $10 Single Notes were released in January, with singles representative of the Federal Reserve Districts of Boston, New York, Chicago and St. Louis. The second $10 note installment was issued in April with banknotes for Philadelphia, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Kansas City.

The BEP offers the entire collection through a subscription program for the price of $359.40, a savings of $60.60 off the cost of purchasing each of the twelve Federal Reserve banknotes separately.

The collection may be purchased through the BEP store at

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