Final Day for Louisa Adams First Spouse Gold Coins?


Louisa Adams First Spouse Gold proof coinThe Louisa Adams First Spouse Gold coins launched in May 2008 to mark the sixth release in a commemorative program to honor American First Ladies.

Thursday morning is the last opportunity for collectors to purchase these coins from the United States Mint, based on past Mint policy and practice. Further, they could be the scarcest in the series to date.

Since the 24-karat, $10 denominated gold series began in 2007, only eight coins depicting First Ladies have been available from the US Mint at any given time. When a new release occurs, the Mint has pulled the eldest, prior year spouse offering from its store.

On Thursday at noon (ET), the new proof and uncirculated 2009 Letitia Tyler First Spouse Gold coins are scheduled to go on sale for $629.00 and $616.00, respectively. Sometime before that, collectors should expect that the Mint will discontinue selling Louisa Adams coins. As a side note, they have already been available for 13 months now — more time than any other coin in the program to date.

Louisa Adams coins may be scarcest

As of Sunday, June 28, the Mint reported 4,223 of the uncirculated and 6,950 of the proof Louisa Adams coins sold.

And with that and unless the figures change substantially during these final days, the coins will lead as the scarcest in the series to date — an added boon for collectors who own them. (Check the First Spouse Coin Price guide for the latest sales figures across the entire series).

While available, the proof and uncirculated coins may be ordered through the US Mint page:

First Spouse

They may also be purchased through the Mint’s toll-free number, 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). Hearing and speech-impaired customers may order by calling 1-888-321-MINT (6468).

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I placed an order for the Louisa Adams uncirculated gold coin on Thursday at 6:23am PDST (way before the noon E.S.T deadline I thought). The U.S.Mint website allowed me to order this coin and made no mention on the website that the coin was going to be discontinued. When I received the web sale confirmation, I was surprised to see the statement, “This item is no longer available.” I followed up with a phone call to the U.S. Mint and was advised that the coin “has sold out.” When I told her that the website permitted me to do make… Read more »