Final Day for Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold Coins?

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The United States Mint will begin selling 2010 Buchanan’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coins on Thursday at noon Eastern Time.

Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold Coins

If the US Mint follows practice, its oldest First Spouse Gold Coin will go off sale before it launches Buchanan’s Liberty, which means Thursday morning is likely the last opportunity to purchase Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold Coins directly from the Mint.

The uncirculated version of the coin is priced at $766 while the proof version goes for $779. The coins will not end with the lowest mintages of the series. The Julia Tyler’s have earned that title to date. But the series itself, which began in 2007 to honor former first ladies, has had extremely low sales and as a result mintages. In that sense, they could eventually be a windfall down the road to collectors who own them.

The following table shows the latest sales figures as of August 29 for the coins since 2009:

First Spouse Gold Coin Sales

Latest Sales
Harrison Proof (2009)* 6,250 9,787
Harrison Uncirculated (2009)* 3,537
Letitia Tyler Proof (2009)* 5,163 8,315
Letitia Tyler Uncirculated (2009)* 3,152
Julia Tyler Proof (2009)* 4,830 7,691
Julia Tyler Uncirculated (2009)* 2,861
Sarah Polk Proof (2009) 5,060 8,455
Sarah Polk Uncirculated (2009) 3,395
Zachary Taylor Proof (2009) 4,190 6,858
Zachary Taylor Uncirculated (2009) 2,668
Abigail Fillmore Proof (2010) 4,718 7,420
Abigail Fillmore Uncirculated (2010) 2,702
Jane Pierce Proof (2010) 3,569 5,474
Jane Pierce Uncirculated (2010) 1,905


* No longer available.

The $10 Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold Coins were launched on September 3, 2009. Their upper mintage was set at 40,000 across both options, which obviously will not be met.

Phebe Hemphill designed and sculpted both the obverse and reverse sides of the coin. The obverse features a portrait of Sarah while the reverse shows her sitting at a desk with James Polk at her side working in the White House.

The coins may be ordered from the US Mint’s online store at, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

The Mint has already published the 2011 First Spouse designs.

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