Another Repeat, 2008 Philadelphia $2 Single Note Sells Out


2008 Philadelphia First Day $2 Single Notes, sold outThe 2008 Philadelphia $2 Single Note sold out within hours, replicating previous collector $2 note sell out performances. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) placed the limited 10,000 notes on sale at 9:00 AM and they were gone before 11:30 AM.

The sale of Philadelphia notes were initially delayed by the BEP in June due to system maintenance. Whether their postponement helped heighten their demand is difficult to know given past $2 banknote offering from the Reserve Banks Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Richmond and Cleveland also sold out within a few short hours.

Each note is a crisp, uncirculated Series 2003A, featuring a serial number beginning with "2008xxxxD" and the Federal Reserve Bank designation. They are sold for $7.95 each.

A limit of 25 units per household are always in affect, which means the notes could potentially sell out with just 400 total orders. Taking into account the speed for which they are always sold and the fact that the BEP prints hundreds of millions of notes each month, limiting the notes to a few hundred potential customers seems questionably low.

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