Perth Mint of Australia Pre-Decimal Coin Collection


Perth Mint of Australia Pre-Decimal Collection The Perth Mint of Australia on the first of October began offering a historic five-coin collection that contains pre-decimal copper coins struck at The Perth Mint between 1940 and 1964.

Unlike new, commemorative, silver or gold coin products that are common from government Mints, these coins have traveled through many hands and are in choice circulated condition with signs of wear. For these coins, it’s about their history. According to the Mint’s website,


The Perth Mint began striking pre-decimal coinage on an annual basis from 1940.  Producing many millions of copper coins, the historic Mint struck pennies and halfpennies for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the unique King George VI 1946 Shilling. 


The five-coin set contains examples of these historic denominations and are encapsulated within a ‘Coins of The Perth Mint’ presentation folder with information for each coin type.

These coins have the Perth Mint mintmarks with interesting variations. As described by the Mint:

King George VI Penny
Mintmark types: Dot after the Y in PENNY; dot after the last A in Australia; dot between the initials K and G (Kruger Gray).

King George VI Halfpenny
Mintmark types: Dot after the Y in PENNY; dot after the last A in Australia.

King George VI 1946 Shilling
Mintmark type: Dot before the S of SHILLING.

Queen Elizabeth II Penny
Mintmark types: Dot after the Y in PENNY; dot after the last A in Australia.

Queen Elizabeth II Halfpenny
Mintmark types: Dot after the Y in PENNY; dot after the last A in Australia.

Price and order details

The set is currently priced at:

  • $27.23 (AUS)
  • $19.03 (US)

For more information or to place online orders, visit the The Perth Mint product page:

Perth Mintmark Pre-Decimal Collection

About the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint, wholly-owned by the State Government of Western Australia, is the official issuer of the Australian Federal Government’s Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Program. The Mint opened in 1899 in response to the discovery of rich gold deposits in Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie.  It was Australia’s third branch of Britain’s Royal Mint – the others being the Sydney Mint and the Melbourne Mint (both closed).

The Perth Mint remained under Britain’s jurisdiction until 1 July 1970, when ownership transferred to the State Government of Western Australia. 

In 2003, The Perth Mint officially opened an 8,400 square metre state-of-the-art manufacturing facility next door to its original limestone building.  Dominating the Mint’s heritage precinct, these two important buildings are powerful symbols of more than 100 years of minting excellence in Western Australia.

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Gloria White

Does anyone know what a FULL set of Australian pre decimal coins would be worth. The 1930 penny is in average condition. The coins are in the leather? cases with slots for each one. Thank you

Bede Givney

Hi Gloria the 1930 is worth about $18000 if you can find a buyer and the rest off the set should sell for about $300 its not Good news as Australians dont apreciate there coin heritage as other countrys do, so good prices are seldom gained from my exsperiance,unless they are Gem or proof or verry rare not what you wanted to hear sorry Bede