Ancient Coin Collectors Guild Plans Auction Benefit


An online auction of ancient coins will be held in August 2008 to raise funds for ACCG legal initiatives in opposition to the State Department imposed import restrictions on ancient coins.

Ancient Coin Collectors Guild LogoAn Ancient Coin Collectors Guild (ACCG) benefit auction is currently being organized to raise funds for anticipated legal expenses in opposition to State Department imposed import restrictions on ancient coins.  The online sale, closing on August 17, 2008, will be hosted on the Vauction site as a fund raiser for anticipated legal expenses. 

Individuals wishing to donate coins for this sale may contact Wayne G. Sayles, ACCG Executive Director by telephone at 417-679-2142 or by email at for details. 

A goal of 150 lots has been established and some exceptional coins have already been pledged.  All donations are welcome.  Coins of lesser grade or value may be combined into multiple coin lots.  All donations should be arranged as early as possible, but not later than June 15, 2008 in order to provide time for proper cataloging and processing.

Arrangements are being made to exhibit the benefit sale lots at the American Numismatic Association convention in Baltimore from July 30th through August 3rd.  Specific lot viewing information will be posted on this site and in various announcements prior to the convention. 

The sale will also be previewed in a special pre-auction viewing section at the Vauction site with all lots being professionally photographed and cataloged. 

This is an excellent opportunity for all members and non-member supporters of the ACCG to demonstrate their support for the hobby in a way that is perhaps less taxing than cash donations.

The ACCG is an IRS designated 501c4 non-profit organization involved primarily in lobbying activities.  As such, donations may not be tax deductible.  If this is a factor in your decision please consult with your tax preparer.

About the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild

The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild (ACCG) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting the free and independent collecting of coins from antiquity.

The goal of ACCG is to foster an environment in which the general public can confidently and legally acquire and hold any numismatic item of historical interest regardless of date or place of origin.

ACCG strives to achieve its goals through education, political action, and consumer protection.

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