Add Numismatic News to Your Site


Add Free Coin News and Numismatic Articles to Sites and BlogsSome sites are successful by simply aggregating and centralizing news written by other organizations. Their sites become stickier for visitors because of the uniqueness of information in a specialized area, like coin or numismatic content.

Now with the CoinNews RSS feeds, you can add numismatic headlines and excerpts straight into your site and make it more valuable to visitors.

CoinNews is read not only by experienced coin collectors, but by new collectors wanting "down to earth" information. Why not offer the same information on your site from a source who’s readership is growing daily?

Grow with CoinNews and offer content that respects copyrights and authored articles, provides numismatic headlines found at the top of Google search results and works in an open environment of sharing.

Whether you’re a site owner, webmaster or blogger, adding news is simple, fast and absolutely free.

Listed are several RSS feed styles CoinNews offers. Each has live examples:

  • Widget (400×340), Headlines Only
  • Simple, Headlines only
  • Widget (180×400), Headlines Only
  • Simple, Headlines and Excerpts
  • Widget (180×320), Headlines and Excerpts
  • Widget (220×320), Headlines and Excerpts
  • Headlines with Excerpt (including HTML and images)
  • Customized News to fit your needs- style, headlines, number of articles, size, etc.

The examples and simple instructions to place numismatic news into your site can be found on the CoinNews page, Add Free News to Your Site or Blog.

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