CoinNews is Adding Embedded Numismatic and Coin Collecting News


We’ve made the decision to test the addition of content by offering aggregated articles from world-wide news organizations. These are unlike the RSS feeds found in our News Extra section that offer headlines and a sentence or two of information. These are more like the embedded video articles you’ve become used to – the articles will load and display within CoinNews.

There are several advantages:

  • CoinNews can provide you relevant coin stories from news organizations across the globe
  • You won’t have to jump around and leave the CoinNews website to read each article (like you do when you read an RSS feed)
  • CoinNews can help protect the copyright and licensing of the news sources, writers and their articles.

That last item is important to us, given we’ve seen abuses. While CoinNews is liberal in sharing content, we’ve found entire articles "swiped" and displayed on other sites without our permission. When someone asks us for content we’ve written, we generally provide it for free. No one has to ask to take a few sentences or a quote in a CoinNews article. But to take an entire article without permission or special licensing is simply, well … stealing and illegal.

As a reader of CoinNews, you may also notice some disadvantages in articles with embedded content:

  • These articles are not on CoinNews servers and, therefore, have to load each time they’re read. Sometimes the loading time takes a few seconds.
  • In order to offer the content, CoinNews had to make the concession that we’ll display an ad with it (much like you see an ad before watching many of the video articles)

Our plan is to test this new medium for a few weeks so please let us know what your experiences are with it. Any questions you may have are always welcome.

Have a safe and joyous New Year!

Thank you,

Mike Unser

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