Torch Carving Thieves Steal 750,000 in Coins


Chester Endress, a 73-year old coin collector and owner of Chet’s Coins, was robbed over the weekend in Akron, OH.

Based on video footage provided by WKYC-TV, the thieves made their entry by cutting through Mr. Endress’s wall from an empty and adjacent store. A torch was then used to slice into the safe holding the coins.

Given the nature of the heist, it would appear the criminals had experience and they were familiar with the layout of the coin shop. They were able to gain access, disable the alarm and cut open the safe in a timely enough fashion to escape with the coins.

The short WKYC-TV article, Coin shop heist nets estimated $750,000 worth of rare and common coins, describes the incident and includes some photos of the break in while the more detailing video report provides the most insights.

In addition, there is an excellent article by named, Coin Store cleaned out.

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