U.S. Mint American Legacy Collection™ for Sale – $30 Extra for Packaging


The attractive packaging for the American Legacy Collection will cost you more than paying for the coins separately.New United States Mint products have emerged for sale following the announcement of the Mint’s holiday and gift catalog.

The 2007 American Legacy Collection is the standout. Legacy sets are now in their third year of production and this year’s collection is sharp to the eye.

The collection includes available U.S. Mint coins and sets that are also sold separately, but not with the fine, all-together packaging. The downside is you’ll pay extra for it and they won’t be ready for shipping until 12/03/2007.

The American Legacy Collection price is $135.

There’s a strict limit of 50,000 in total sets and a further limit of 10 sets per household. (After 30 days, the 10-set limit may be removed if all sets are not yet sold.)

Now, take a look at the coins and their prices, if purchased individually:

14-Coin Mint Proof Set (five state quarters, four Presidential $1 coins, Sacagawea dollar, half dollar, dime, nickel and cent) $26.95
Jamestown 400th Anniversary Proof Silver Dollar $39.00
2007 Little Rock Central High School Desegregation Proof Silver Dollar* $39.00

Doing the math and as long as you purchased the coins at the same time to prevent extra shipping charges, it’s less expensive to by the coins individually versus buying them in the American Legacy Collection. The attractive packaging will add an extra $30.05.

Many could find that difficult to swallow. After all, it’s not like the packaging surrounding the other coins is sub-standard.

And for $30, you can buy another coin or two!

*(Editors Note: Originally, if you read this article when it was first released, CoinNews had listed the Little Rock Uncirculated coin instead of the Proof version, which is included in the American Legacy Collection. That has been corrected and now, comparing apples to apples, the price difference is $30.05 instead of the $34.05 previously stated. Thanks go to John Adams, a CoinNews reader, for pointing this out!)

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John Adams

Your 2007 Legacy Coin Set page is misleading. Can you say shipping and handling – if purchase separately. Do the math. Oh, and the commemorative dollars are both proof.

**(CoinNews Editor’s Note: Thanks John! We clarified and made the correction.)

jeff twining

i just received my two legacy sets 1 set is fine the other set came with two sets of nickle dime penny half and sagawa coin sets this is a major goof on the mints part. of course i called and they can do nothing they said send it back we cant replace it. has this happned to any one else is it worth holding or send back


I was happy to pay the 30.05, It’s a nice looking set. And with only a little over 27,000 issued,the first Presidential set and maybe the last Sacagawea issued I think it will soon be sought after.

Randy Whipple

Any official word on the number of 2007 Legacy sets that were actually sold by the U. S. Mint?? One guy one E bay claims that only 27K sets were actually sold by the U. S. Mint and the rest were destroyed, not being to sell the remaining ones in 2008 by Congressional legislation because of one of the Silver Dollar proofs was discontinued and not being able to be sold in 2008. That tells me that they were released and shipped in December 07 only. E bay prices for the set are now $200 to $300 for the 07… Read more »