2008 American Eagle Platinum Uncirculated Coins for Sale by U.S. Mint


Uncirculated 2008 American Eagle Platinum Coins were launched today by the U.S. Mint. These 99.95 percent pure platinum coins for collectors bears the "W" mint mark, indicating they were minted at the Mint’s West Point facility.

2008 American Eagle Platinum Uncirculated Coin

Like their proof counterparts, each coin depicts the final Judicial Branch design from the three-year series entitled The Foundations of American Democracy.

The 2008 platinum coins come in bullions sizes of one ounce, one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce and one-tenth ounce. There is also a four-coin set available that includes each coin size.

Ironically, the Mint temporarily suspended sales of the proof versions yesterday "due to the increasing market value of platinum." The uncirculated coins went on sale today for prices listed higher than the suspended proofs, which indicates the proof coin prices will increase dramatically when sales resume.

The 2008 “Judicial Branch” coin design

Designed by United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program Master Designer Joel Iskowitz and engraved by United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Charles L. Vickers.

The reverse or tails design features:


Lady Justice, a classic symbol dating back to Greek and Roman times.

In her right hand, the scales are suspended from one finger, representing the delicate balance of the law. In the other hand she holds the sword, signifying the power that is held by those making the decision.

The bald eagle, our Nation’s symbol of power, courage and freedom, is featured watching over our firm foundation of democracy.


The obverse or heads side of the coin features Lady Liberty, symbolizing vigilance and faithfulness to duty.  It was designed and engraved by United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver John Mercanti.

Prices and ordering

The following table lists the coin prices by denomination:

Coin Denomination
One-half ounce
One-quarter ounce
One-tenth ounce
Four-coin set

(London Fix platinum on July 1, 2008 was priced at $2,075 per ounce.)

The United States Mint accepts online orders through their secure page:

American Eagle Platinum Uncirculated Coins

Orders may also be placed via the Mint’s toll-free number, 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).  Hearing and speech-impaired customers may order by calling 1-888-321-MINT (6468).

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