113 Year Old Barber Dime Goes for $1.9 Million


Wowzers! If only one could time-travel back to 1894 and grab a few more of those Barber Dimes! I guess that would be a problem though, since by all accounts only 24 were made.

Okay, you could get OTHER 1894 Barber Dimes as there were plenty minted for circulation. But these special 24 were Proof dimes and the only ones made at the San Francisco Mint. And now, apparantly, only 9 of them are known to still exist with the finest specimen just passing hands.

John Feigenbaum, President of David Lawrence Rare Coins (DLRC, agent for Buyer) and Mitchell J. Spivack (wondercoins.com; agent for seller), jointly announced on 7/27 the completion of DLRC’s purchase of the 1894-S Barber Dime for their buyer, who wished to remain anonymous. Congrats to all involved!

There’s much more to this story. You can visit the DLRC website to read their press release and also the very interesting history of these special Barber Dimes.

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Neville Goldvogel…

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sheila jefferson

i have a 1900 barber dime what the value of that one