It’s like an irritatingly broken record – bullion rises and the United States Mint suspends bullion coin sales to readjust their prices. Platinum hit a record of $2,030.60 an ounce today on the New York Mercantile Exchange after just passing $2,000 yesterday. The further upward swing occurred after Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd., the second-biggest producer […]


Gold broke the $900 per ounce plane once again and platinum peaked to a new historic record today. Gold had tumbled for a time this week but the Federal Reserve’s unexpected slashing of interest rates Tuesday helped change the momentum. Spot gold hit an earlier high of $910.50 an ounce and was at $907 by […]

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Driven by investors, gold has climbed to its latest record of $876.40 an ounce or more than $7 above last week’s historic high of $869.05. Spurring gold was a softening of the US dollar as investors weighed in the likelihood of the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates at the their Jan. 30 meeting. China is […]


Platinum hit a record high as strong industrial demand and supply fears drove investors to buy. Spot platinum made it to $1,519 an ounce, breaking the $1,500 barrier for the first time on Monday. It then pulled back slightly for the night, yet was still sitting at $1507 an ounce at 2:20 p.m. (ET on […]

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Whether 15-year old Deviprasad Mangaraj lands a Guinness World Record or not is almost beside the point. He’s already landed a huge achievement building a coin collection with over 40,000 coins and from 120 different countries. That, obviously, is no small feat. And for that and his drive, Mangaraj is already known throughout the world […]

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