India Teenage Boy with 40,000 Coins Aims for More Than Guinness World Record


Whether 15-year old Deviprasad Mangaraj lands a Guinness World Record or not is almost beside the point.

He’s already landed a huge achievement building a coin collection with over 40,000 coins and from 120 different countries.

That, obviously, is no small feat. And for that and his drive, Mangaraj is already known throughout the world – a shining example of a numismatist the numismatic world (and everyone else) can admire.

His goal of a Guinness record is only a small part of the picture.

Wise beyond his years, Mangaraj not only collects coins for hobby but intends to make people better understand their history and significance.

His dream? Building a coin museum for other children in Bhubaneshwar, a city with a rich history in eastern India and where Mangaraj lives.

For the full article about Mangaraj, you can visit and read Teenage coin collector headed for Guinness. But before going there, you may want to watch the video to your right.

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Koichi Ito

That great for collecting 40,000 coins from 120 Nations. To Mr. Deviprasad Mangaraj please come to ToNight Show with Jay Leno or Ellen DeGeneres Show to tell your story about collecting 40,000 coins and about Nusmismatics. Also you can tell me about it on television for future coin collectors and Numismatists.