John Quincy Adams

James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren were honored Presidents showcased in a multitude of United States Mint coin products this year. More are yet to come as the Mint is running the gamut with a stream of new releases to coincide with its 2008 Gift Catalog promotion. Nearly a dozen […]


John Quincy Adam United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin and Louisa Adams First Spouse Medal Sets are now available and priced at $7.95 each. The set was released Wednesday, September 3, and includes an uncirculated John Quincy Adam Presidential dollar coin and a bronze medal bearing the likeness of the Louisa Adams First Spouse gold […]

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The United States Mint has announced July 24 as the release date for 2008 Uncirculated Presidential Dollar Coin Sets. The set includes four uncirculated presidential dollars minted in Philadelphia with the "P" mint mark and four uncirculated coins from Denver bearing the "D" mint mark. The 8-coin set is priced at $15.95 and includes this […]


John Quincy Adam portrait and coinsThe United States Mint launched John Quincy Adam $1 coins into circulation yesterday, May 15. The dollar coin marks the sixth released since the Presidential $1 Coin Program began in 2007, and the second for this year.

United States Mint Acting Deputy Director Dan Shaver commented,


"$1 coins are great for use in everyday transactions, and the John Quincy Adams Presidential $1 Coin is also an educational tool. As Americans use the coin in commerce, we hope it prompts them to learn about this President’s contributions to our great Nation.”


John Quincy Adam’s life was one of distinction and commitment to public service.

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The National Stroke Association has announced it will join the U.S. Mint in celebrating the launch of the new John Quincy Adams Presidential $1 coin on Thursday, May 15. One of the great values in coin series with ongoing themes and multi-year designs, like the Presidential $1 coins, is the educational value they can provide. […]


The United States Mint has announced the upcoming arrival of new Presidential $1 dollar coin products in May. For some collectors, the announced offerings may come as a bit of a surprise since the Mint is pushing out an additional product as well as the next scheduled coin honoring U.S. Presidents. They have, in fact, […]