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Online Chinese Modern Coin Price Guide Released by NGC

Online Chinese Modern Coin Price GuideNumismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has released an online price guide of Chinese Panda coins 1974 to date. The NGC Chinese Modern Coin Price Guide, accessible on NGC's website, is a comprehensive free resource and includes silver, gold, platinum, palladium and bi-metallic Panda coins and medals.

Values for more than 640 Panda issues are available, as well as photographs of different issues. Many coin prices will be updated regularly. All prices are for NGC-certified coins [...]

Ted Williams Collection of US and World Coins Certified by NGC

Coins from Ted Williams CollectionNumismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has announced that they have certified select coins from the Ted Williams Collection.

The 91 coins were a part of the personal items of Baseball Hall of Fame member Ted Williams. Each coin is encapsulated with the pedigree Ted Williams Collection [...]

Yellowstone 5 Oz Silver Coin Error Discovered by NGC

Yellowstone 5 Oz Silver Coin ErrorNGC has discovered what may be the first error in the America the Beautiful five ounce series. The coin, a 2010-P Yellowstone, has a matte Specimen finish on the Washington side and a brilliant, lustrous finish on the other. This error appears to be unique at present, but it is possible that others await discovery.

There are two types of America the Beautiful five ounce coins issued by the Mint: a lustrous bullion version and a matte collector version. The collector version, designated Specimen by NGC, is produced by the same method as the bullion edition except that it is vapor-blasted in the final stage. These Specimens are also distinguished by a "P" mintmark [...]

Grand Canyon 5 Oz Silver Coin Variety Recognized by NGC

2010-P Grand Canyon 5 Oz Silver Coin, Light Finish Variety

The first variety in the America the Beautiful five ounce silver coin series has been discovered and will now be recognized by NGC.

The variety, designated "Light Finish" by NGC, is so far seen only on the 2010-P Grand Canyon Specimen issues.

The U.S. Mint strikes two types of five ounce silver America the Beautiful coins: the bullion version and the collector version. The collector version is vapor-blasted to create a matte finish, a stark contrast to the brilliant surfaces of the bullion issues.

Two distinct surface finishes of the 2010-P Grand Canyon Specimens have been observed: coins with the regular coarse matte finish and coins that [...]

NGC Creates Special Label for Coins in Book: 100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins

NGC Special Label for 100 Greatest Modern CoinsNumismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has announced that they have created a special presentation label for coins featured in the book 100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins.

This newly released book ranks the most important U.S. coins issued from 1964 to date. The attractive black and tan NGC label boldly shows a coin's rank adjacent to [...]

NGC Certifies Unpublished 1892-CC $10 Gold Eagle Triple Die Variety

1892-CC $10 gold eagle coinNumismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has announced that they have certified a significant Carson City Variety.

A coin submitted to NCS for conservation followed by NGC grading has turned out to be an unpublished variety.

This gold eagle coined at the Carson City Mint in 1892 bears a distinctly tripled reverse [...]

NGC-Certified 1907 $10 Rolled Edge Eagle Realizes Nearly $2.2 Million

1907 Rolled Edge Eagle coin

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has announced that a NGC-certified 1907 Rolled Gold Edge Eagle sold for $2.185 million during Heritage Auction's Platinum Night offerings at the FUN 2011 Convention in Tampa, Fla.

The 1907 $10 Satin PR 67 with Periods Rolled Edge was one of five gold coins in the sale that belonged to Mint Director Frank A. Leach [...]

NGC Online Security Image Archive Reaches 3 Million Coins

NCG Certification Number Online Look Up PageNumismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has announced that their online security image archive now includes 3,000,000 coins -- the largest database of NGC-certified coins in existence anywhere.

Since October 2008 NGC has been capturing digital photographs of every coin that it certifies and then storing them in an internet-accessible database.

By maintaining a secure and proprietary database of coin images and making it available to the public [...]

NGC Certifies Newly-Discovered American Platinum Eagle Variety

2007-W American Platinum Eagle $100 VarietyNumismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has announced that they have certified a newly-discovered platinum eagle variety.

The latest oddity to surface in the U. S. Mint's American Eagle Bullion Coin series is a 2007-W platinum $100 piece in proof with an obvious die-polishing error.

This popular coin type, which features a facing eagle with wings outstretched, also includes a shield on the eagle's breast [...]

NGC Chairman Mark Salzberg Provides 2009 Observations, Looks Forward to 2010

Every year I write a letter to all NGC submitters to describe what's happening at NGC. Communication is a very important part of what...



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