Grand Canyon 5 Oz Silver Coin Variety Recognized by NGC

2010-P Grand Canyon 5 Oz Silver Coin, Light Finish Variety
2010-P Grand Canyon 5 Oz Silver Coin, Light Finish Variety - Click to Enlarge

The first variety in the America the Beautiful five ounce silver coin series has been discovered and will now be recognized by NGC. The variety, designated "Light Finish" by NGC, is so far seen only on the 2010-P Grand Canyon Specimen issues.

The U.S. Mint strikes two types of five ounce silver America the Beautiful coins: the bullion version and the collector version. The collector version is vapor-blasted to create a matte finish, a stark contrast to the brilliant surfaces of the bullion issues.

Two distinct surface finishes of the 2010-P Grand Canyon Specimens have been observed: coins with the regular coarse matte finish and coins that have a slightly reflective satin finish. The latter type, designated "Light Finish" by NGC, is distinct from both the bullion version and the standard collector version. This hybrid type is easily identified — it has the same "P" mintmark as the other Specimen issues, but its surfaces are not granular and are more lustrous. The Light Finish coins are also dissimilar from the fully brilliant surfaces of the bullion issue.

It is not known how many of the 27,000 Grand Canyon Specimens struck by the Mint are the Light Finish variety. It is believed that the majority are of the standard matte finish.

Collectors can submit their 2010-P Light Finish Grand Canyon five ounce coins under the VarietyPlus service for designation on the holder. The fee for VarietyPlus is $10.

NGC may be contacted by writing to P.O. Box 4776, Sarasota, FL 34230 or by calling toll-free at 800-NGC-COIN (642-2646). NGC’s email address is

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ok, ten thousand dollars for thevfirst one


You wait…NGC and PCGS will undoubtedly create the “Light Finish” set, which at that time will fetch your $10K price tag.


Go figure, So how come the “light finish” coins are already available on Ebay when they have not even been released to the public yet. I get the whole AP thing but the P mint coins are supposed to be sold direct from the mint to the public. But the coins have not even shipped and yet there are some graded and listed on Ebay…..something here stinks. I bet John Q. Public does not get any of the “special” coins since they are the early released type. Is it just me or does this seem like a scheme? If John… Read more »

Alan Lastufka


These have been sold to the public for a while now and most people who’ve ordered have already received theirs. Here is a YouTube video from “john q. public” showing off his “light finish” Grand Canyon coin that he received direct from the mint:

There’s no funny business going on.


What am I missing here. I order my ATB’s the day that they are released and I still have not received it. Neither have my friends who do the same. Not to mention, who can answer the details on the “Early Release” program? How does that work exactly? After all, the Mint website says that shipping will take 2 weeks after the sale date. So how can JQ Public have already received their coins. Again, what am I missing here?

Michael M

I’ve seen the same range on 2007 W silver Eagles, unc coins. some i have are PL finish others are matte (grey and grainy). Are these considered two different varieties ?


littleboss –

i ordered these the second they went on sale, get them 2 weeks after and sent them into NGC the same day. now in the photo is MY order # and that is a photo of MY coin!! i also got a SP68 (both are on ebay for sale) i want a SP70 for my set. for a early releases you must send them in to NGC 30 days after the mint starts shipping, you might want to check the mint’s site to be sure your order is still in..


I just joined NGC and sent in my coins as I got them (5 Oz.) I will sell them at cost+grading and shipping. I am no longr going to collect these. I think I have 2 Hot Springs,2 Yosemite’s,1 Yellowstone, and 1 Grand Canyon. All of these with the exception of the Grand Canyon are Graded Early Release, as I did not send the Grand Canyon in for grading. I just don’t have the time because I’m in the process of moving into a new home. Also, One of the coins is graded SP68 ER, but I would have to… Read more »