Sunday, January 24, 2021

Jon Nadler, Kitco Metals Inc.


In The Lead – Trading Places

Precious Metals CommentaryThis week's final trading session opened with the precious metals turning lower across the boards.

Gold slipped to within $3 of the $1,600 mark once again overnight and it traded with a loss of $10 per ounce at $1607 in New York at last check [...]

In The Lead – Q: Dude, Where’s My Gold? A: In The Vault

Precious Metals CommentaryAt the opening bell in New York this morning gold hung on to its gains and traded near $1,605 while silver remained flat-to-lower, near $27.70 per ounce.

Thomson Reuters' "inside Metals" report notes that "gold remains trapped in no man's land between hopes it will rally if Western central banks are forced to further ease monetary conditions and the reality that physical demand in Asia remains tepid." [...]

In The Lead – Head-Hunting Of Another Kind

Precious Metals CommentaryAhead of this morning's jobs report, gold prices finally managed their first gain in five days, rising to near $1,595 per ounce on the assumption that bargain hunters might provide some support to the metal under the $1,600 level. It could turn out to be the case by day's end that gold will have turned in its worst weekly performance in six with a decline of roughly 1.5%...

Well, the US Labor Department reported that in the month of July US employers created a very robust 163,000 positions. The figure was 63,000 above consensus expectations. However, the overall jobless rate ticked up [...]

In The Lead – Fedsday Afternoon

Precious Metals CommentaryPrecious metals, crude oil, equity markets, and certain currencies spent the first trading days of this week basically treading water and fast-forwarding to the last three days of sessions; days from which market participants are hoping to be able to extract some benefit if -- but only if -- central bankers are willing to play along.

While gold prices held above the $1,600 pivot level the action in either direction was [...]

In The Lead – Super? Mario?

Precious Metals CommentaryThe final trading session of the week opened higher in metals as participants continued to bet that Mr. Draghi's words will translate into action and that the GDP numbers will be the final motivating factor for the Fed to take action next week.

Spot gold opened at $1,630 and silver at $27.79 on the bid-side. Platinum held above the $1,400 level with a gain of $12 to $1,413 and palladium advanced $5 to $575 per ounce [...]

In The Lead – Your Mutti Should Know

Precious Metals CommentaryWednesday morning trading action lifted the precious metals a tad higher as speculators figured that the latest batch of economic data from the US, China, Germany, and the UK would convince one or more of the central banks involved to take stimulative monetary action sooner rather than later.

Such expectations yielded a bit of profit-taking in the US dollar and propped up metals prices to a certain extent, especially in gold and in [...]

In The Lead – Mumbai, We Have A (Gold) Problem

Precious Metals CommentaryThe new trading week was off to a rocky start in precious metals as, despite only a relatively small, 0.20% advance in US dollar (to just above 83.80 on the index) the complex headed for lower price ground overnight and at the opening bell in New York.

Spot gold touched lows at under the $1,563 level losing $22 in pre-market action, while spot silver reached $26.75 per ounce and [...]

In The Lead – Oh, Canada!

Precious Metals CommentaryThe final trading session of this once again indecisive week in gold commenced with a price drop.

The yellow metal erased Thursday's gains and retreated to under $1,575 in slow pre-market action as the US dollar picked up some steam following its visit to near two-week lows on the trade-weighted index yesterday [...]

In The Lead – QE: Quite Elusive

Precious Metals CommentaryThis morning, the midweek trading session in New York started with fresh declines across the precious metals' price boards as the US dollar resumed its ascent on the trade-weighted index in the wake of an "uncooperative" Fed.

Spot gold retreated to under yesterday's lows at the $1,570 level once again, losing about $15 per ounce in the process, while silver [...]

In The Lead – Myth-Busting 101: A Golden Dilemma

Precious Metals CommentaryThe new trading week started off on a downbeat note in commodities, equities, and a certain crisis-beset currency across the Atlantic...

The spot price of gold fell by more than $11 to touch $1,578 per ounce while silver shed 51 cents to reach a bid-side quote at $26.87 the ounce [...]



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