2024 Proof Morgan and Peace Dollars at Inaugural GACC Show in Tampa

Famous Eliasberg 1913 Liberty Head nickel will be among numismatic treasures on display at the inaugural Great American Coin and Collectibles Show, Sept. 11-14, 2024


The United States Mint (www.USMint.gov) will be displaying and selling many items from the Mint’s current product line, including the first public sales of the 2024 proof Morgan and Peace silver dollars, at the inaugural Great American Coin and Collectibles Show (www.GACC.show) in the Tampa, Florida Convention Center, September 11-14, 2024.

2024 proof Morgan and Peace silver dollars
The United States Mint’s first public sales of the 2024 proof Morgan and Peace silver dollars will be September 12, 2024 at the inaugural Great American Coin and Collectibles Show in Tampa, Florida. (Photos courtesy of United States Mint.)

The new show is being jointly produced by Coin World magazine (www.CoinWorld.com) and Shepherd Expos Management.

While supplies last, individual proof 2024 Morgan and Peace dollars will be released for sale to the public at the show on September 12.

"We are thrilled that the United States Mint will not only participate in our inaugural event but will also make available two of the most eagerly anticipated coins of the year, the latest issue of proof silver dollars with the iconic and beloved designs by George T. Morgan and Anthony DeFrancisci," stated Rick Amos, chairman of Amos Media, publisher of Coin World.

The Mint will also have "a special guest" at its booth each day. Bill the Buffalo costumed mascot will hand out Youth Collector Kits and other educational materials for children.

"In addition to important participation by the United States Mint giving attendees the opportunity to see and buy the Mint’s superb quality numismatic products in person, visitors will find more than 700 dealers from across the country," said Larry Shepherd, show manager.

"Several noteworthy exhibits are planned for the show. Information about the displays will be announced later, but I can confirm that courtesy of GreatCollections (www.GreatCollections.com) we’ll have the first Tampa, Florida display of the Eliasberg 1913 Liberty Head nickel (PCGS PR66 CAC), the finest of the five known examples of what is probably America’s most famous rare coin," explained Shepherd.

Finest known 1913 Liberty Head 5c
The finest of the five known 1913 Liberty Head nickels, the Eliasberg specimen (PCGS PR66 CAC), will be displayed for the first time in Tampa, Florida at the Great American Coin and Collectibles Show, September 11-14, 2024. (Photo courtesy of GreatCollections.)

Significant discounts at seven Hilton and Marriott hotel properties near the convention center are available with rates starting as low as $159 per night.

"We encourage dealers and collectors to book their accommodations as early as possible to take advantage of the special rates while they are available," said Shepherd.

Information about the hotels and the special rates can be found at www.GACC.show/hotels.

For additional information about the Great American Coin and Collectibles Show, visit www.GACC.show, or contact Larry Shepherd at 719-464-8801 or email at ShepherdExpos@gmail.com.

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Yawn! Too many – no rarity – my zeal has waned at best for these…. And for the RP’s as well.

I started hot and grew cold…

Last edited 1 month ago by Tony@GA

I’m in total agreement with you Tony. I feel like I’m competing in a High School race where everyone is guaranteed a 1st place ribbon. If the mint had any intelligent folks working there, they’d have a couple of the Morgan/Peace dollar products with a low mintage limit to make them hard to procure but also very desirable. They’ve taken all the fun out of coin collecting. And let’s not forget about Magic Mike…I haven’t heard him mention an ‘instant sell out’ item from the mint this year on his shows. It’s got to be really hard on him!


I don’t mind the 1st place ribbon or even so many different products. I think the windows of availability should be narrowed, ala the L&B coin. Get your ribbon here, but only for a month! Having collector coins available for YEARS after release is CRAZY!

Kaiser Wilhelm

REB, Craig and Tony@GA,
I hate to be the oracle on the mountain as the one who breaks it to you, but I have this sneaky suspicion we aren’t exactly number one in the Mint’s heart.


Sadly, true.

Kaiser Wilhelm

It’ll be a near absolute zero day in Hades, Craig, when I feel sorry for Magic Mike.


I hear you Kaiser. I just inject Magic Mike in the posts for a bit of levity. With his accumulated wealth, I’m only amazed he’s still hawking coins on the various channels. Must be too good a gig to give up.


My two favorite coins. I never thought I would see a remake of these icons let alone being a regular issue. I am in via subscriptions however not at the same level from the first year of issue. Wonder what the numismatists will have to say about these a hundred years from now?

Major D

Rooster, I imagine in 100 years the question will be “why would you want to collect something that can be instantly replicated by the 3D printer?”


Replicator, tea, hot, Earl Grey, decaffeinated….


I should be back in the general area at that time! If these coins are to be sold before the Mint release, as they appear to be saying. I should buy some, send them to PCGS pronto, and offer them as a pre-sale and cash in. That would be Divine! I wonder if I’ll then be accused of selling counterfeits?

Last edited 1 month ago by Rick
Major D

Rick, be sure to get them signed by Bill the Buffalo for the premium designer slabbed label!


That’s right, he will be there! Great tip to avoid any and all suspicions that may arise✓!

Kaiser Wilhelm

Rick and Major D,
Word is buffalo hoof autographs on anything command a major premium!

Major D

The annual Morgan and Peace dollar offerings have really taken away from the specialness of the 100-year anniversary coins of 2021 in my opinion. I’m bracing for the Liberty & Brittania and the Flowing Hair to be annual affairs as well starting in 2025.


Major D: thanks for the reply on Royal Mint Offerings……I doubt the Liberty and Britannic gold offering will be an annual thing… the gold Flowing Hair perhaps


Tampa was my old stomping ground. I want to go to GACC. I would be interested when they release a dealer list. However, I’m predicting I won’t find a decent airfare.


Just received my Collectors Edition Guide from the mint and as I was perusing through it I saw the comment ‘Morgan and Peace silver coins are highly coveted by collectors, and often sell out quickly.’ If that’s the case, why are the 2023 Proof Peace dollars still available? Could it be that I just don’t understand the meaning of the word ‘quickly’, as stated by the mint. In 2021, ‘quickly’ meant 15-30 minutes before complete sell out of the items. Those 15-30 minutes were brutal on my fingers as I was feverishly pressing various keys on my Apple keyboard (multiple… Read more »


Have to remember, what happened in 2021 was largely due to bots.


ALL, as I commented on a different Post I made, I’ve pretty much lost ALL interest in the new Morgan/Peace Silver Dollars, including the 2021’s!! I was initially very excited and was originally going to collect everyone that’s produced each year, both ungraded and certified 70’s, by PCGS with the First Strike, Flag Label! I’ve already sold my 2021 First Strike and First Day of Issue sets that were MS70’s! I’ve been working on selling the rest, approximately 100 more I purchased besides the FS & FDOI sets! There’s probably only a few silver co8ns I’ll be collecting in the… Read more »


AKBob, great questions on the 2020-W $50 Proof Gold Eagle – v75 privy. According to the PCGS Price Guide and Price History, here is how the average dealer asking prices for the PCGS First Strike PR-69 and PR-70 have fared since the 2020-W $50 Gold Eagle -v75 privy was released: PR-69 First Strike current price = $14,000; Price history started at $12,500, then in April 2022 rose to $14,000 and has stayed at that price to present (6/15/2024). PR-70 First Strike current price = $25,000; Price history started at $14,500, then in April 2022 jumped up to $19,000, and peaked… Read more »

John Q. Coinage

66 huh, looks like Liberty had a shave…..


2023 coins (ASEs and Morgan and Peace silver dollars in unc and prf) are still available on the Mint website. Also, all the 2024 three roll AWQ rolls are still available. What a difference from the last two years.