2024-W Proof American Platinum Eagle Recognizes Right to Assemble


Premiering today at Noon EST, the 2024-W First Amendment to the United States Constitution Platinum Proof Coin – Right to Assemble marks the fourth of five unique designs from the United States Mint.

2024-W Proof American Platinum Eagle - Obverse and Reverse
2024-W Proof American Platinum Eagle – Obverse and Reverse

Like past coins from the series of American Platinum Eagles, it is struck from 1 ounce of 99.95% fine platinum at the U.S. Mint’s facility in West Point. The coin, with a face value of $100, has a mintage limit of 12,000 and an initial household order limit of three.

Spanning five years, the designs mirror the five freedoms of the First Amendment, symbolizing the nation’s growth from seedling to a mighty oak, with each freedom contributing to its development.

"This series uses the lifecycle of the oak tree from seedling to a mighty oak as a metaphor for our country’s growth as a Nation that values freedom. Liberty grows to a thing of strength and beauty from a seed — our Bill of Rights," the U.S. Mint said in statement.

Released and upcoming designs from the series include:

  • 2021 Freedom of Religion – A seedling and an acorn
  • 2022 Freedom of Speech – A juvenile oak tree
  • 2023 Freedom of the Press – The branch of mature oak tree with acorn
  • 2024 Freedom to Peaceably Assemble (this release) – Several types of oak leaves
  • 2025 Freedom to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances – A mature spreading, impressive oak tree

These five designs, each appearing on the coins’ obverse or heads side, were created by Artistic Infusion Program (AIP) Designer Donna Weaver and sculpted by U.S. Mint Chief Engraver Joseph Menna.

2021-2025 First Amendment US Constitution Proof American Platinum Eagle Designs
Line art designs of the U.S. Mint’s 2021-2025 “First Amendment to the United States Constitution Platinum Proof Coin Series”

The 2024 obverse design features several types of oak leaves assembled between the inscription "WITH THE RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE LIBERTY SPREADS." Additional inscriptions include "IN GOD WE TRUST," "E PLURIBUS UNUM," and "2024."

2024-W Proof American Platinum Eagle - Obverse
2024-W Proof American Platinum Eagle – Obverse with “Right to Assemble” design

Since their introduction in 1997, proof American Platinum Eagles have seen multiple theme and design changes, including:

  • Portrait of Liberty (1997)
  • Vistas of Liberty (1998 to 2002)
  • Foundations of Democracy (2006 to 2008)
  • Preamble to the Constitution (2009 to 2014)
  • Torches of Liberty (2015 and 2016)
  • a return to the Portrait of Liberty design in 2017 to mark the 20th anniversary of the program
  • Preamble to the Declaration of Independence Series (2018 to 2020).

Common Reverse Design

The reverses or heads sides of the latest five-coin series feature an image that carries over from the preceding 2018-2020 platinum "Preamble to the Constitution" series: an eagle in flight clutching an olive branch. This design was created by Artistic Infusion Program Designer Patricia Lucas-Morris and sculpted by Medallic Artist Don Everhart.

Photo of 2018-W Proof American Platinum Eagle - Reverse, Eagle
This CoinNews photo shows the reverse side of a 2018-W Proof American Platinum Eagle. This same design is shared on the 2019- and 2020-dated editions, as well as those for 2021-2025.

Inscriptions on the reverse read "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "$100," "1 OZ.," .9995 PLATINUM," and a ‘W’ mintmark denoting the coin’s production at the West Point Mint.

Coin Specifications

Denomination: $100
Finish: Proof
Composition: 99.95% Platinum
Diameter: 1.287 inches
(32.70 mm)
Weight: 1.0005 troy oz.
(31.120 grams)
Edge: Reeded
Mint and Mint Mark: West Point – W


Ordering, Mintage and Limits

2024 First Amendment to the United States Constitution Platinum Proof Coin — Right to Assemble may be ordered directly from the Mint’s catalog of platinum coins.

Pricing for the coin is $1,445, based on the Mint’s precious metal product pricing, and it may be adjusted weekly to account for market fluctuations.

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I’m in at high noon with hopefully no unpleasant surprises.


If I were a platinum coin collector, I’d be in on this one. I do wonder why the eagle, as depicted on the reverse, wasn’t the one used on the new ASE? I can see it’s landing on a tree branch, I can see it clearly has two wings (not one that resembles a chicken/turkey wing), and I can clearly see all of its feathers. If the morons running the mint had any IQ they’d make the ASE with this majestic eagle instead of the one missing a wing.


And it’s giving “COME AT ME BRO!!!” vibes. Which is kinda appropriate.


Right, and it’s not wise to mess with an eagle. I was just reading an article on the strongest animals on planet earth and the eagle was high on the list due to its ability to lift prey over 4 times their weight. That gets my respect. As I said, I like this rendition of the eagle on the platinum coin.

Seth Riesling

Unfortunately, the right to assemble in the USA has too often become just another chance to be shot in a crowd by thugs like in Kansas City, Missouri the other day. I wish I had the insight to offer a meaningful solution, but I will keep my right to be out & about and voicing my opinions & my beliefs on all subjects when I feel Iike it in a peaceful manner as required by law.



Nevertheless, you did exercise the right on next year’s platinum coin – the freedom to petition the CoinNews comments section. As for your relationship to the Second Amendment, it’s generally best to hit the ground quickly when the well-regulated militia is shooting at you. It doesn’t really matter if your body is full of bullets or not. At least you know you died for the same good cause as patriots from El Paso to Sandy Hook to Las Vegas to Uvalde to Kansas City to somewhere else in the next 24 hours. Perhaps the bird on the next 2A coin… Read more »