2024 Liberty & Britannia Coin and Medal Images, Prices and Release Date Revealed


The United States Mint announced prices, mintages, a release date, and published images of their 2024 Liberty & Britannia Gold Coin and Silver Medal. These products are the result of a design collaboration between the Chief Engravers of the U.S. Mint and Britain’s Royal Mint.

2024-W $100 Liberty and Britannia Gold Coin and 2024 Liberty and Britannia Silver Medal
2024-W $100 Liberty and Britannia Gold Coin and 2024 Liberty and Britannia Silver Medal

Sales for pre-orders will commence on Feb. 8 for both the gold coin and silver medal, with 30-day ordering windows. The .9999 fine gold coin has a mintage set at 10,000, while the .999 fine silver medal’s mintage is 75,000. Household order limits are set at 1 for the gold coin and 2 for the silver medal. Typically, these ordering limits are lifted after the first 24 hours of sales.

Both share designs, a 1-ounce weight, and a proof finish. Proofs represent the highest quality coins produced by the United States Mint, known for their frosted designs and mirror-like backgrounds. They are crafted from polished blank planchets that undergo multiple strikes using special dies. Differences between the pair include mandated inscriptions for the coin, their production facilities (West Point for the gold coin and Philadelphia for the silver medal), and, of course, their prices.

Liberty & Britannia Gold Coin and Silver Medal Designs

The result of collaboration between Chief Engravers Joseph Menna of the United States Mint and Gordon Summers of The Royal Mint, the obverses (heads side) of the coin and the medal feature allegorical Liberty and Britannia in stoic profile portraits, incorporating complementary and balanced elements reminiscent of the faces on a playing card.

Obverses of 2024 Liberty and Britannia Gold Coin and 2024 Liberty and Britannia Silver Medal
Obverses of 2024 Liberty and Britannia Gold Coin and 2024 Liberty and Britannia Silver Medal

Their appearance identifies each figure: Liberty is depicted holding a torch and adorned with stars, while Britannia wields a trident and wears a Corinthian helmet. The inscriptions on this side include "LIBERTY" and "2024."

"The collaborative design features Liberty and Britannia, two historical themes featured on many coins over the years, but never together on one unified design," stated the U.S. Mint on Jan. 9 when it announced the design. "American Liberty, historically represented by a woman in her many variations, represents that bedrock value that is so important to Americans. She has appeared on U.S. coinage since the early years of the Nation. Britannia, a staple on British coinage since the late 1600s, has long been the national personification of Britain. Often a symbol of maritime power, this allegorical image has come to be a symbol of national pride and unity."

Designed solely by Menna, the reverses (tails side) depict the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean, framed by two shores. On the west, there’s a Great Basin Bristlecone Pine tree, and on the east, an English Yew tree. These elements symbolize both nations and the prospects for their ongoing mutual friendship.

Reverses of 2024 Liberty and Britannia Gold Coin and 2024 Liberty and Britannia Silver Medal
Reverses of 2024 Liberty and Britannia Gold Coin and 2024 Liberty and Britannia Silver Medal

Inscriptions for the gold coin include "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "LIBERTY AND BRITANNIA," "E PLURIBUS UNUM," "AU 24 1 oz.," "IN GOD WE TRUST,"
and "$100." Those for the silver medal are limited to "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "LIBERTY AND BRITANNIA."

Specifications for Liberty & Britannia Gold Coin and Silver Medal

  Gold Coin Silver Medal
Denomination $100 N/A
Finish Proof Proof
Mintage Maximums 10,000 75,000
Composition 99.99% Gold 99.9% Silver
Weight 1.000 Troy oz. 1.000 troy oz.
Diameter 1.205 Inches/ 30.61 mm 1.598 Inches/ 40.60 mm
Edge Reeded Plain
Mint and Mint Mark West Point – W Philadelphia – P



Pricing has been established at $89 for the medal. As for the gold coin, it can vary weekly dependent on the trending value of gold as compared to the U.S. Mint’s pricing matrix.


Pre-ordering for both collectibles opens on Feb. 8 at noon ET. Orders can be placed by visiting the U.S. Mint’s product page for the coin and medal.

Additionally, visit this The Royal Mint page for information about the UK 2024 Britannia and Liberty coins.

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Dazed and Coinfused

U G L Y you ain’t got no alibi, you ugly


Dazed, why would they place these gals in the ’69’ position? Are they supposed to represent the lesbian culture? Boy, our standards are really down the drain these days. Speaking of standards, the navy now is forfeiting the requirement that new personnel need to have a high school degree and only need to score a 50 (when I attended school/college that was a failing grade) on their rudimentary entrance exam. I guess they’re doing this to allow all these illegal aliens to sign up. Wonder if everything on their ships will have instructions to operate in Persian and Spanish languages.… Read more »


I agree. Wish they did a two coin set. like the 2019 pride of two nations set. Would have been nice.

East Coast Guru

Not sure about the obverse, but I do like the reverse. Rather have the reverse of the U.K. version match up with the reverse of the US version.


I like the reverse, as I’m a plant guy, but the obverse is just weird with arms emanating out of their necks. Am waiting to see how much of a premium Magic Mike, I mean the director of the mint (they both seem the same to me these days), will place on these coins. By the way, has anyone here bought coins from avc coins? They have a nice selection of coins and the prices don’t seem bad. I always worry about counterfeits, or as one of Magic Mikes surrogates says, ‘not real’ coins.


Love the look of this coin. Obverse and reverse.

Dazed and Coinfused

Looks too much like the tree they did for last gold coin. But split in half. Still no updated sales for last week. Guess they figure release every 2 weeks and it should appear to sell more. But, there is a reason they aren’t updating numbers.

Dazed and Coinfused

I can’t tell what that is supposed to be at the bottom. Above it looks like water and eaves, but then the larger part twist and turns and loops the loop. So thinking roots of the tree, but that makes no sense either. Maybe hair flowing continues on from the other side? A coin should tell a story. Should ne easily understood and clear. But this one confuses. Is the sun rising over England while America would be in the dark, or is it rising in America and setting in England. Ain’t nothing but a sun, two trees that look… Read more »

Dazed and Coinfused

National Park service says

The Great Basin Bristlecone pines are an extremely rare species found only in California, Nevada and Utah.

Why is a desert thriving tree on the Atlantic. A detail I just caught after rereading the article. So rising on america and setting on England. Sounds right. After the election maybe we get a China collaborative. With sun setting on the old dynasty and rising on the new dynasty. And for each coin sold, the biden presidential library will receive 10% of all sales from the coin.


Dazed, The Great Basin Bristlecone (Pinus longaeava) is only found in those states high up in the mountains in very harsh soil where few others can survive. It is an amazing tree to survive as empires/civilisations, including ours perhaps, fade into the dustbowl of history. There are relatives of the GBB that will grow on the east coast. Pinus aristata, sold as the Bristlecone Pine or Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, is one I grew on my property in Pa. I think the obverse speaks more to the lack of artistic talent we have these days than anything else. These ‘artists’… Read more »

Dazed and Coinfused

Wait a minute. A white oak coin in a red oak box. O…M…Gawd. why didn’t anyone think of this before. It’s gotta be the next pet rock, I’m sure of it. And the pic of the tree provided showed it in a desert setting. Sand everywhere. But the basis was that those trees only found in those states, perhaps a different variety, which would thrive in different area, say on the east coast like the ones you pointed out. I recalled the discussion of the tree last year vaguely and remembered it was hardy for a reason and rather rare,… Read more »


10,000 here in the US limit could guarantee sellout within hours even with the 30%(?) premium over spot gold.

Chris Terp

$3,020 🙁

Vito Giotta

The gold coin is WAY OVERPRICED $3,070.00 as of 4/6/2024