2024 American Innovation Dollar Images Unveiled


As they prepare their upcoming products for coin collectors, the United States Mint has released images of the 2024 American Innovation dollars. These $1 coins celebrate innovations hailing from Illinois, Alabama, Maine, and Missouri.

Images of the 2024 American Innovation dollars for Illinois, Alabama, Maine, and Missouri
Images of the 2024 American Innovation dollars for Illinois, Alabama, Maine, and Missouri

Each of the dollars, corresponding to their respective states, features the portrayal of significant achievements: the invention of the steel plow, the development of the Saturn V rocket, Dr. Bernard Lown and his creation of the direct current defibrillator, and George Washington Carver, an eminent agricultural scientist, inventor, and educator.

Introduced in 2018, the multi-year series of dollars offers reverse designs that recognize America’s ingenuity by highlighting pioneering efforts from each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the five U.S. territories. (Learn more about the U.S. Mint program.)

On Jan. 25, the U.S. Mint will release their first 2024 products containing one of the four $1 coins – rolls and bags of Illinois dollars. Additional Innovation products will follow in the spring, summer, and fall, including rolls and bags for each of the other 2024 dollars, as well as proof and reverse proof sets containing all four.

U.S. Mint-published images and descriptions for this year’s four $1 coins follow.

2024 Illinois Innovation Dollar

Image of the 2024 Illinois American Innovation Dollar
Image of the 2024 Illinois American Innovation Dollar

Designer: Beth Zaiken
Sculptor: Renata Gordon

The Illinois $1 Coin features a large steel plow blade affixed to a right-handed beam and braces. Behind the plow is a stand of Big Bluestem prairie grass and a field of soil below.

2024 Alabama Innovation Dollar

Image of the 2024 Alabama American Innovation Dollar
Image of the 2024 Alabama American Innovation Dollar

Designer/Sculptor: Craig Campbell

The Alabama $1 Coin depicts the power and force of the Saturn V rocket lifting off with the Moon in the background.

2024 Maine Innovation Dollar

Image of the 2024 Maine American Innovation Dollar
Image of the 2024 Maine American Innovation Dollar

Designer/Sculptor: Phebe Hemphill

The Maine $1 Coin presents a profile portrait of Dr. Bernard Lown with his direct current defibrillator in operation below.

2024 Missouri Innovation Dollar

Image of the 2024 Missouri American Innovation Dollar
Image of the 2024 Missouri American Innovation Dollar

Designer/Sculptor: Eric David Custer

The Missouri $1 Coin presents a depiction of George Washington Carver gently smiling while examining a sample of his work in his laboratory. The leaves, blossoms, and fruits of a peanut plant weave between scientific equipment.

Common Obverse Design with Varying Privy Marks

Designed by Justin Kunz and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill, the major obverse (heads side) elements are shared across every $1 coin in the series. They feature a profile depiction of the Statue of Liberty along with the inscriptions "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "$1."

Obverse side 2024 American Innovation $1 Coin
Image of the obverse or heads side of a 2024 American Innovation $1 Coin. Each year, the gear depiction has changed slightly.

Except for the introductory 2018 dollar, the obverse side also features a stylized gear privy mark, symbolizing industry and innovation. The depiction of the gear changes slightly each year.

Incused Edge Inscriptions

All $1 coins have incused edges displaying the year of minting, a mint mark indicating their place of production, and the inscription "E PLURIBUS UNUM."

2018-S Proof American Innovation $1 Coin - photo of edge
Dollar edges include their year of minting, a mint mark, and "E PLURIBUS UNUM"

Dollars Not Released into Circulation

Dollar coins have not been issued into circulation since 2011. The U.S. Mint manufactures them solely for numismatic products.

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Dazed and Coinfused

My man. George Washington Carver. 7 millions uses for peanuts. Only one he didn’t invent was peanut butter. Or mix it with chocolate.

Also. 250 randomly signed certs for tubman. They just can’t seem to sell.

Speaking of, what are the current sales.


How in the world could you come up with a plethora of uses for peanuts but fail to realise peanut butter, a staple food of our youth. and not to pair it with chocolate is just disgraceful. Of course, he didn’t have a Vitamix in those days, so maybe we’ll give him some slack. I thought the tubman series would’ve been SOLD OUT by now. I figured all the descendants of those slaves she saved and rescued would buy at least one of each, if not more, out of appreciation for her amazing heroism. Apparently I was mistaken. who knew!… Read more »

Dazed and Coinfused

New numbers should post today. For some reason late at night and not early like usual. Then again, many of the coin news articles are releasing later or skipping days. Only black people can be sell outs. But from what I see, the coins never will. Will these be melted? Scrapped? Also begs the question, if such low response to tubman coin in limited number, imagine the mass printed tubman $20 bill. The foundations that pushed for the bill change also pushed for the coin series. Kinda seems similar to all the outrage to rename the redskins and now the… Read more »


Dazed, Why the hell aren’t you producing commercials for tv? That would absolutely be a hit if any of the ball-less heads of media ran it. I wouldn’t have to FF my dvr when watching a program and it would certainly make the SB more lively. Payton has been a sell out since he left the U. of Tennessee. There is absolutely nothing he won’t endorse as long as it gets his big head on tv, and puts money in his pockets. He would probably endorse meth and throw bags of meth to the bar patrons if it was legal… Read more »

Dazed and Coinfused

Haven’t kept up with hsn much. I know he’s been there like 30 years or so, kinda remember him when I was younger, but recently found him after looking for harder to get coins from the mint during pandemic. I will say I got a couple of coins from there, don’t recall which ones exactly, think the emergency release ase 2021 and advance release, or lost issue (found in urinal in basement of cleopatras tomb behind a false wall only to be release as special label from mint, I could be wrong, might have been a hidden pocket in the… Read more »

Chris Terp

Alabama’s the winner in this lot with the Saturn V on it. This coin’s sales will skyrocket 😉

Dazed and Coinfused

What? You didn’t like the turkey thermometer coin, or the tubman on the farm throw back Thursday coin? Apollo 50th sales didn’t do well, don’t see Saturn 5 doin well. But is a nice coin.

Chris Terp

Relative to the series D&C. The Average Joe Citizen doesn’t even know about this coin series.


hmmm not sure how much of that saturn v innovation actually came from alabama rather than germany (courtesy of mr von braun). but hey, it’s still a nice coin.

Dazed and Coinfused

What did Saturn 1 to 4 look like? Been a while since I been to Huntsville so can’t remember. Or the air museum in Newport News. As long as they don’t use titan the ship should do fine. But. All the rocketry were the brainchild of von Braun and his team of Germans. So since they got automatic citizenship, like these illegals coming today, (kidding, not kidding, sad, but true, kinda…) it would be credited to Alabama, the smartest state. It has 4 As in it. While Florida has an A D and F. But I would think Roman candles… Read more »


i’m guessing that ‘defibrillator’ is the longest word ever to appear on US coinage.

Last edited 4 months ago by c_q
Dazed and Coinfused

They never put commemorative on a coin before?


c_q, actually there were a handful of Classic Commemoratives issued between 1925-1936 that contained the word “ Sesquicentennial”. 16 letters Vs 13. I may be wrong, however I think that is the longest word used on US Mint coinage? The link below is to the ANA websites Classic Commemoratives page, if anyones interested.


Dazed and Coinfused

Just read the Wikipedia of carver. So soon after slavery ended he was in all black school. So education did pop up quickly, if not already there. He also homestead but never said if he had workers, I assume so since it was large farm, many different aspects of it, but still did odd jobs as well. I can’t imagine working a farm all day then somehow making it to town to do other work. But apparently he did. Washington is not his name and he never claimed it to be. Got education at a white university. Then somehow managed… Read more »


George Carver never ran away. The eventual fate of his mother after he was born is unknown. When George Carver he was a week old, he, his sister, and his mother were kidnapped by night raiders from Arkansas. George’s brother, James, was rushed to safety from the kidnappers. The kidnappers sold the trio in Kentucky. Moses Carver, his former owner and adopted father, hired John Bentley to find them, but he found only the infant George. Moses negotiated with the raiders to gain the boy’s return and rewarded Bentley.  The $300.00 loan he received was in 1888, 16 years after… Read more »

Dazed and Coinfused

Right after CW I mean relatively speaking. 20 years is a single generation, and as we see even 8 to 9 generations later things are slow moving, but a better comparison would be from civil rights to now, which would be gen x, milennials, Gen z and gen alpha. Which is to say even with all this technology it is slow moving still. So, by the same measure, 20 years is right after. “Black people were not allowed at the public school in Diamond Grove. George decided to go to a school for black children 10 miles (16 km) south,… Read more »