U.S. Mint’s September Product Collection: Palladium Coin and Marine Silver Medal


The dust has already settled after a robust period for the United States Mint, during which it launched several highly-anticipated products last month. September will be calmer, with fewer Mint products scheduled for release.

US Mint images products for September
U.S. Mint images of products that will be released in September

Only three specific days in the month have been allocated for new product launches. These releases encompass a premium-priced American Palladium Eagle, a silver medal commemorating the U.S. Marine Corps, and a duo of holiday-themed ornaments.

Sept. 7: 2023-W Uncirculated American Palladium Eagle

The U.S. Mint’s first release of the month happens on the 7th, and it’s a 1-ounce, .9995 fine palladium coin from the West Point Mint.

US Mint image 2023-W $25 Uncirculated American Palladium Eagle
U.S. Mint product image for their 2023-W $25 Uncirculated American Palladium Eagle

Continuing the American Palladium Eagle series that started with a bullion version in 2017, this year’s offering is an edition struck in an uncirculated finish — just like the one from 2020.

Pricing for the coin has yet to be released, but it is expected to be over $2,100 and can change weekly depending on average market prices for palladium.

This year’s coin is limited to a mintage of 6,000.

Sept 11: Marine Corps 1 Ounce Silver Medal

On Sept. 11, the Mint will begin selling the 1-ounce Marine Corps Silver Medal, priced at $75. This silver medal, crafted from 99.9% fine silver, features designs that celebrate the Marines. These same designs were initially introduced on a larger 2.5-ounce silver version that debuted last year and sold out. Unlike its larger counterpart, which had a limited mintage of 10,000, the 1-ounce version has no mintage limit.

CoinNews photos U.S. Marine Corps 2.5 Ounce Silver Medals
This CoinNews photo shows both sides of a U.S. Marine Corps 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal, which the U.S. Mint released on July 15, 2022. The 1-ounce version of this medal shares the same designs.

It marks the latest product from the Mint’s Armed Forces Silver Medal Program, which honors all six branches of the U.S. military: the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and Space Force.

Sept. 29: Ornament

Closing out the month, on Sept. 29, are the U.S. Mint’s traditional ornament and its more child-themed Mighty Minters ornament, at $35 apiece.

US Mint product images Mighty Minters and 2023 Ornaments
U.S. Mint product images of their newest Mighty Minters and 2023 Ornaments

This year’s holiday products feature specially designed ornaments that center around the 2023 Native American $1 Coin and its one-year-only design featuring Maria Tallchief and four additional dancers in balletic pose.

There are no ordering limits for either of the ornaments.

U.S. Mint: September Product Releases

U.S. Mint Numismatic Product Price Release Date
2023-W Uncirculated American Palladium Eagle TBD Sept 7
U.S. Marine Corps 1 Ounce Silver Medal $75.00 Sept 11
2023 Mighty Minters Ornament $35.00 Sept 29
2023 U.S. Mint Ornament $35.00 Sept 29


New U.S. Mint products become available at noon ET on their release day. The Mint’s latest product schedule is found here.

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I would buy rolls and rolls of Half Dollars if they replaced the Kennedy image with that Mercury design (or for the technically inclined, that woman with the odd-looking hat) and impressive eagle on the reverse. I would’ve collected all of the palladium series if their pricing structure made any sense to me. The hardest one for me to pass up was the RP, as I have a nice collection of the mints RP coins.


118 days to the end of the year, and still no word on the uncirculated set. Months ago it was scheduled for Sept 8, and then that date disappeared.

Dazed and Coinfused

I got 2 of the series, maybe 3. I don’t understand it either price wise. I thought Mercury was a dude. Or maybe it was a woman on spring break visiting from Venus. Obama’s cash for clunkers program should have yielded quite a lot of palladium, but maybe not, as last year was a huge boon for those that salvaged the metal from catalytic converters from defenseless global warming causing vehicles.

Jeff Legan

“I got 2 of the series, maybe 3. I don’t understand it either price wise.“–Do you want to explain why you couldn’t have ended with that? Why the rest of it? It has no value. A shotgun blast of pointless opinions. If you looked up the “Mercury dime” and/or “Palladium Eagle” you would have seen it isn’t even Mercury. It is a young Lady Liberty. You probably even already knew that, but you said it anyway. Then you mention Obama. Then global warming. Do you get paid for bringing up Republican talking points on this coin website or something? At… Read more »

Jeff Legan

Hahahaha. My last paragraph didn’t age well. It only took 7 hours for him to prove me wrong.


Jeff, Your comments really are old and tired. I just glaze over your comments because I know the basic content of them, you’re upset if anyone criticises anything that you believe in or cherish, especially love of your democrats. Right? If you go back and research my posts, you’d see I criticise both parties (just like D and C does) but when I read various posts here, rarely do I even see a hint of criticism for our current misguided administration. Hell, I made a comment on the passing of Jimmy Buffett and someone responded that he was passionate about… Read more »

Jeff Legan

You are old and tired, KKKraig. You are going through life with your eyes glazed over. You are that clueless? You think marginalizing and insulting people is the way to go through life? You were taught by your parents that disrespecting people and their beliefs is the way to live? Wow. You must not believe in God, huh? What happened to the teachings of Jesus? You saying he got it all wrong? Too “woke” for you? You must be really be looking forward to your Judgement Day. Hey, if you don’t believe that’s fine with me. Usually, Atheists are nicer… Read more »


Let me go get my cry towel..oh my!

Jeff Legan

Go ahead, nobody is stopping you.


D and C, Saw a report on FOX ( sorry girls about using profanity) about an increase in catalytic converter thefts particularly in the major cities. Apparently, and I hadn’t a clue about this, these crimes are being perpetrated by an influx in ‘illegal aliens’ into the cities.I did not know this! At least one trust-worthy network is reporting sane, pertinent news, although we would’ve heard about it much sooner if they had the beloved Tucker Carlson (again girls sorry for the profanity) on the job. Tucker has a great book out all about his life, it’s a fascinating read… Read more »

Jeff Legan

You probably should have done a bit more “DD”, KKKraig. Relying on FOX alone to get information is a big mistake. Relying on any one source for information is a big mistake. At least if you are going to go on to claim what they told you is a fact. Let me ask you this, then you can go do some more “DD”. If “illegal Immigrants” are responsible for the increase, then I would expect that the largest increases in thefts would be occurring in those states with the largest “illegal immigrant” populations, like all the states on the Southern… Read more »


Jeffrey, I’m only amazed you spend so much time responding to a 100% factual post. ‘Fox News lawyers claim’…what exactly does that mean to you? I wonder who’s paying them for their services? In every conflict, genius, there are two sides to the story and, as I do my DD on this, I’ll wait for the great Tucker Carlson to respond before making my judgement. By the way, how many of those quarter ornaments are you buying?

Jeff Legan

Is that the only sentence you read? So is Fox “At least one trust-worthy network is reporting sane, pertinent news,” or are they liars? It can’t be both at the same time. Fox won the court case. In the “sane” world you left behind sometime ago, that used to mean something. Did you notice the judge was appointed by Trump? Did Trump make yet another mistake in hiring her? Best people and all. All I “see” “see” is you do no “DD”. You still have me shown me no fact so far except that “KKKraig is an idiot”. Are you… Read more »


and what’s the KKKraig about, or is that your failed stab at originality? I can identify two subject matters the democrats have brought back to our collective consciousness, slavery and now the KKK. And I thought our precious president was going to unify this country. Might it be time for a new one…something to think about.

Jeff Legan

You really have no idea? Try doing some “DD” on your own previous comments, it might come to you. What was that “Jeffrey” about, hmmm? Or are only you allowed to misuse names and abuse people?
Do you like it when people don’t show you respect?
Are you having fun yet?
See you at the ballot box.


C’mon man, doesn’t your mom call you Jeffrey? Jeffrey or Jeff, what’s the difference? For what it’s worth, I could care less what you think of me, why would I? I do find it amusing that you try to change my opinions/views on important topics.I can tell you that is a pursuit destined for failure. If I were you, perish the thought Lord, I’d go back to playing your video games. You probably are more successful with that endeavour. Am I right? How many of those gorgeous Quarter Ornaments do you have on order?

Jeff Legan

As a matter of fact, she never did. It is not my name. Regardless of that, are you my mom? How did that make it ok for you to give it a shot? Calling people by the name they prefer is just a small sign of respect. Even transgender people deserve at least that much respect from you, no matter your personal inner feelings about them (I can just imagine). It is the root of why insults are bad. Showing disrespect. KKKraig, Craig, or Idiot. What’s the difference, right? You can’t tell me your mom didn’t call you Idiot before… Read more »

Jeff Legan

You are welcome, Kaiser Wilhelm.
The funny part is it was kind of random. If you hadn’t set the original tone when I had first started following the comments here, I would not have known the SENZA era was not “the normal” here or that it was not “how it was meant to be”.


Jeffrey, I think what you need is a nice vacation. I think you should load up your pinto, or whatever car you own, with your best camera’s, cell phone, laptop computers, any silver/gold coins, and of course lots of cash money (assuming you have any) and head to SF! Go to the Ocean Beach parking lot and enjoy some time watching and listening to the sounds of ocean waves…soothing. You’ll be in your element in the city of SF, being a sanctuary city with inclusive vibes, with absolutely nothing to worry about…nothing at all. Let me know how that works… Read more »

Jeff Legan

The only problem here so far is you don’t “think” and the reason why this is going on and on and on. Ask yourself “WWJD”? Is this how you were taught? Are you not religious? Or perhaps in your case I should say “don’t you claim to be religious?” Unlike you, I thought that question (and the other references to Jesus and God) would resonate with you and trigger some self-reflection. Not to attempt to insult you. Why would I use religion for that? Your words and actions leave me plenty of options there. I do not have an issue… Read more »

Frankie Fontaine

Is the Unc. The same as the bullion Edition which has been MIA for YEARS…. $910+ over spot, in for a dozen

Seth Riesling

Frankie Fontaine,

The Mint announced earlier this year that they would not be striking the bullion version Palladium American Eagle $25 coins that are sold only to their 13 bullion version coins Authorized Purchaser coin dealer companies (10 in the USA, 2 in Germany and 1 in Japan). This coin has a “special” Unc. finish like in 2020 with the “W” Mint mark on it & a very hefty premium, that sold out.

Happy Collecting!


Seth Riesling


She is “dancing with the stars” in Heaven’s ballerina ballroom…& She’s quite amused at this distinctive numismatic honor I’m sure…


Seth Riesling

FYI Ladies, FOX has two different & separate divisions in its news departments: FOX “hard news” Division delivered by professional journalists and FOX opinion/entertainment Division delivered by pundits/tv personalities with their personal opinions & views. Tucker Carlson worked for FOX opinion/entertainment Division (before that he worked at CNN from 2000 till 2005), giving only his personal views & opinions at FOX on subjects, & NOT hard news factual journalism. Tucker is one reason FOX was sued by Dominion Voting company & lost the court case & had to pay $787.5 million (the largest amount against any such company anywhere in… Read more »

Jeff Legan

Hi Seth, Which division do you suppose the “fact” Craig mentioned came from (“Saw a report on FOX (( sorry girls about using profanity)) about an increase in catalytic converter thefts particularly in the major cities. Apparently, and I hadn’t a clue about this, these crimes are being perpetrated by an influx in ‘illegal aliens’ into the cities.I did not know this!“)? Do you think it was the “News” division or the “Opinion” division? Craig thought it was the “News” division obviously—“At least one trust-worthy network is reporting sane, pertinent news,…” He didn’t think it was important to mention which… Read more »

Seth Riesling

Jeff, I would guess from most of Craig’s seemingly very strong, far-right conservative political views that are often on the fringe & basically non-inclusive & simply factually incorrect most times that he gets most of his “news” from headlines & short articles in FOX’s opinion/entertainment Division (click bait) & almost definitely not the “hard news” Division of FOX News. But, to be fair, I don’t know him personally & just from his comments here on this coin blog website. I would like to try hard to stay fair & kind & inclusive, as is my basic nature, but as a… Read more »

Jeff Legan

I know what helped me, Seth. I have been skeptical of people and their motives for a long time. Star Trek and Spock with his logic and reason over emotion had a big influence on me. I can see that today, even if I did not realize it then. Then, I remember when I was 11 I caught my mother lying to me. It was something small, I do not even remember what it was, but the effect stayed with me all this time. A big shock. I had never even imagined that was possible before. I lied to her… Read more »


I love the “Mercury Dime” design and I’m tempted. But alas, I’m a slave to the proof. Generally the only uncirculated coins I buy are included with a unique proof coin release. I know uncirculated coins almost always have lower mintages but from the time I was a kid, I preferred “the look” of a proof coin.

Jeff Legan

I have been doing the same REB, so I feel no guilt over skipping it this year. As the Mint says, Proof Coins “Are the finest quality of coin produced by the United States Mint.“. The unique look compared to the lower quality coins and the extra effort that goes into producing them was my reason for collecting proofs.