Perth Mint Silver Bullion Sales Accelerate in April


Australian bullion sales in April jumped for products struck in silver and slowed for those minted in gold, the latest figures from The Perth Mint of Australia show.

A CoinNews photo showing both sides of two 2022 Australian Koala 1oz Silver Bullion Coins
A CoinNews photo showing both sides of two 2022 Australian Koala 1oz Silver Bullion Coins

The Mint’s bullion gains measured against tumbling precious metals with April LBMA prices dropping 1.6% for gold and 5.5% for silver.

Perth Mint Bullion Sales in April 2022

April sales of the Mint’s gold coins and gold bars reached 80,941 ounces, marking declines of 33.7% from March when sales ranked third best all-time and 20.2% from April 2021.

"Sales of gold products slipped after tracking higher for several months," said General Manager Minted Products, Neil Vance. "Even so, there was immediate take up of our limited Dragon coins in the unusual bar-shaped format, for which we have a strong following."

Year-to-date gold sales at 342,298 ounces are 20.8% lower than the 432,316 ounces sold in the first four months of last year.

Perth Mint sales in April of minted silver coins and silver bars totaled 2,119,491 ounces — the most since January, logging robust increases of 28.5% from March and 17.9% from April 2021.

"Demand continued to keep our silver production lines working at or near capacity for the month," Vance said. "With less machine downtime, we managed to ship more product than each of the preceding two months"

The Mint’s year-to-date silver sales at 7,788,613 ounces are 21.9% higher than the 6,391,801 ounces sold during through the same period last year.

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales by Month

Below is a monthly summary of Perth Mint bullion sales from April 2021 to April 2022. The figures show monthly ounces of gold and silver shipped as minted products by The Perth Mint to wholesale and retail customers worldwide. It excludes sales of cast bars and other Group activities including sales of allocated/unallocated precious metal for storage by the Depository.

Perth Mint Bullion Sales (in troy ounces)
  Silver Gold
April 2022 2,119,491 80,941
March 2022 1,649,634 121,997
February 2022 1,632,323 72,651
January 2022 2,387,165 66,709
December 2021 1,733,293 54,861
November 2021 1,530,598 115,872
October 2021 1,352,275 59,750
September 2021 1,789,926 98,753
August 2021 1,467,229 53,976
July 2021 1,302,723 70,658
June 2021 1,823,029 72,910
May 2021 1,700,807 91,146
April 2021 1,798,210 101,379


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Don’t tell me what’s manipulated, tell me what’s not.



Jeff Legan

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You got me on that one – I have no clue


I’ve been invested for decades in a little Water Company you might have heard of.

ABEV Chart is looking interesting at the moment


It’s the real thing. 😉


SENZA’s a Rocka Rolla

Jeff Legan

Hi Senza, I looked it up on Yahoo Finance. It is interesting. It reminds me of a penny stock I purchased in 1996 called CIFRA. It was the largest department store in Mexico at the time. The Merrill Lynch guy told me it was $10/share last year, it was around $1/share now. I told him I wanted to buy that one! He was not expecting that. I worked for a department store previously, that is why we were talking about department stores. I had this idea that the Mexico consumer was 20 years behind us. Just like department store shares… Read more »


Your overly suspicious Jeff, I made 2 separate statements: 1. I owned KO for decades. 2. I was running a “beverage” screener on FINVIZ and noticed that ABEV had an interesting chart, price and as you stated a dividend as well. I have no investment in ABEV Honestly, I’m surprised to find any stock interesting in these markets. Your correct we do have some things in common – when I was learning stocks I loved to bottom feed and buy penny stocks – I even learned to trade by day trading penny stocks and sub penny stocks. That’s also how… Read more »

Jeff Legan

I was just asking for an explanation. As I mentioned, I noticed the discrepancy. I want to know if I can trust what you say so I needed to hear your explanation. I am a straightforward person , so when I have a question, I ask it. Thanks!


SENZA and Larry,

The American Eagle 2022 One Ounce Silver Uncirculated (Burnished) Coin West Point (W), to be released June 1st, has a listed product limit = 160,000 and currently data-available is 119,100. Here we go again because the Mint previously announced the product inventory for this coin sold out through Enrollment Program ordering (and it originally had a product limit = 175,000). So who knows what the final mintage/sales figure will end up being. Likewise, look at how the 2022-W American Proof Silver Eagle mintage changed from original product limit = 300,000 to final sales/mintage = 673,987.


Thanks Rich,

Your data is priceless – I’m a collector and 160,000 just isn’t collectible product.

The hunt for scarcity continues


Bitcoin up +995. Fortune favors the brave.


They muzzled the Trash-Talking Crypto Bro


I heard there were cootie attacks on the Internet that day – maybe he just needs a remedy

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That’s what she said


There is currently a new thread available


Accelerated sales of silver bullion makes perfect sense, in my opinion. The economy is very topsy-turvy and people want a hard asset that isn’t overwhelmingly expensive. That makes silver bullion the perfect option.


Silver bullion is a thoughtful gift idea for the holiday season. If you have someone who is hard to buy for, consider gold bullion as a gift that will TRULY be a special surprise.