Perth Mint of Australia Gold and Silver 2021 Bullion Sales Score Records


Australian bullion sales in December surged for silver products and slowed for gold products, according to the latest figures from The Perth Mint of Australia.

Three 2021 Australian Kookaburra 1oz Silver Bullion Coins - Reverse, Obverse and Reverse
A CoinNews photo of 2021 Australian Kookaburra 1oz Silver Bullion Coins (Shown: coin reverse, coin obverse and coin reverse again)

Across last year, the Mint’s bullion sales sprinted for both gold and silver. Their 2021 annual sales tracked the highest for a year since CoinNews started collecting the data in 2013, supported by several high-sales months.

"The Perth Mint generated record sales of gold in 2021, with more than 1 million ounces of gold and more than 19 million ounces of silver in minted product form sold over the year," said Jordan Eliseo, Senior Investment Manager for The Perth Mint.

The Mint’s bullion gains were set against precious metal prices that rose in December — by 0.9% for gold and 1% for silver, but tumbled overall in 2021 — by 3.8% for gold and 12.8% for silver.

December and Annual 2021 Bullion Sales

Perth Mint December sales of minted gold coins and gold bars combined to 54,861 ounces, registering drops of 52.7% from November and 28.6% from December 2020.

Of note, March 2021 was the Mint’s best month ever for gold bullion with 130,730 ounces sold. February 2021 ranks second at 124,104 ounces. April 2020 is third to date with sales of 120,504 ounces.

The Perth Mint’s annual 2021 gold bullion sales reached 1,050,242 ounces, scoring increases of:

  • 34.9% from the 778,797 ounces in 2020,
  • 169.7% from the 389,463 ounces in 2019,
  • 161.2% from the 402,049 ounces in 2018,
  • 187.4% from the 365,410 ounces in 2017,
  • 101.9% from the 520,295 ounces in 2016,
  • 130.5% from the 455,630 ounces in 2015
  • 103.3% from the 516,709 ounces in 2014, and
  • 39.2% from the 754,636 ounces in 2013.

Perth Mint December sales of minted silver coins and silver bars totaled 1,733,293 ounces, posting gains of 13.2% from November and 84.1% from December 2020.

Based on CoinNews data for silver bullion, February was the Mint’s biggest 2021 month and third highest all-time with sales of 1,830,707 ounces. The strongest month is September 2015 with 3,349,557 ounces sold. April 2020 ranks second with sales of 2,123,121 ounces.

The Perth Mint’s annual 2021 silver bullion sales combined to 19,091,681 ounces, scoring increases of:

  • 16% from the 16,452,490 ounces in 2020,
  • 65% from the 11,573,602 ounces in 2019,
  • 106.6% from the 9,243,058 ounces in 2018,
  • 98.1% from the 9,636,408 ounces in 2017,
  • 56% from the 12,236,766 ounces in 2016,
  • 64.7% from the 11,595,504 ounces in 2015
  • 152.3% from the 7,567,467 ounces in 2014, and
  • 120.8% from the 8,647,862 ounces in 2013.

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales by Month

Below is a monthly summary of Perth Mint bullion sales from December 2020 to December 2021. The figures show monthly ounces of gold and silver shipped as minted products by The Perth Mint to wholesale and retail customers worldwide. It excludes sales of cast bars and other Group activities including sales of allocated/unallocated precious metal for storage by the Depository.

Perth Mint Bullion Sales (in troy ounces)
  Silver Gold
December 2021 1,733,293 54,861
November 2021 1,530,598 115,872
October 2021 1,352,275 59,750
September 2021 1,789,926 98,753
August 2021 1,467,229 53,976
July 2021 1,302,723 70,658
June 2021 1,823,029 72,910
May 2021 1,700,807 91,146
April 2021 1,798,210 101,379
March 2021* 1,600,000 130,730
February 2021 1,830,707 124,104
January 2021 1,162,884 76,103
December 2020 941,767 76,806

*Perth Mint published approximated sales data for March. Specifically, the Mint stated that during March it shipped "more than 130,000 troy ounces of gold and almost 1.6 million troy ounces of silver." Later data placed March 2021 gold sales at 130,730 ounces.

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While it’s been a record week at the Perth it’s been a Blow – Out week for me hope all is well in Coin World…………………………


Hey SENZA, it has been quite a CoinWeek. Is that Old Grand-Dad?


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