2020 Kennedy Half Dollars Released in Rolls and Bags


Ordering opened today, June 1, for circulation quality coins honoring the 35th President of the United States. The United States Mint is now selling rolls and bags of 2020 John F. Kennedy Half Dollars.

2020 Kennedy Half Dollar
The United States Mint is offering circulating editions of 2020 P&D Kennedy Half Dollars

Priced at $147, a bag contains 200 half-dollars with 100 from the Philadelphia Mint and 100 from the Denver Mint. A two-roll set is $34.50 and includes one roll of 20 coins from Philadelphia and one roll of 20 coins from Denver. While the halves carry circulating finishes, they have never been released into circulation.

In fact, half dollars have not been circulated for commerce since 2002 when low demand left the U.S. Mint producing them only for numismatic purposes such as these just released roll and bag products. Kennedy 50-cent pieces actually date back to 1964 when they debuted shortly after the assassination of President Kennedy.

2020-P Kennedy Half Dollar - obverse
Kennedy Half Dollar obverses (heads side) bear Gilroy Roberts’ portrait featuring the 35th President of the United States. Inscriptions around the effigy read LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST, the year of 2020 and a mintmark of ‘P’ or ‘D’ to indicate the production facility of Philadelphia or Denver.

2020-P Kennedy Half Dollar - reverse
Appearing on coin reverses (tails side) is a modified Presidential Seal design by Frank Gasparro. This image debuted on the 1964 half dollars and has appeared annually with the exception of 1975-1976 when an image of Independence Hall of Philadelphia was used. Surrounding inscriptions read UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and HALF DOLLAR.

Mintages for the coins have varied over the years with the most significant drop occurring after their departure from circulation. The chart below shows production of the coins since 2000.

2000 – 2020 Kennedy Half-Dollar Mintages

  Total Mintage
2000 42,070,000
2001 40,700,000
2002 5,600,000
2003 5,000,000
2004 5,800,000
2005 7,300,000
2006 4,400,000
2007 4,800,000
2008 3,400,000
2009 3,800,000
2010 3,500,000
2011 3,450,000
2012 3,500,000
2013 9,600,000
2014 4,600,000
2015 4,600,000
2016 4,200,000
2017 4,700,000
2018 5,800,000
2019 3,400,000
2020* 3,600,000


*The 2020 figure is a year to date mintage. However, since half dollars now have relatively modest annual mintages and they are made solely for coin collectors, usually their production total is set in stone by this time of year.

Recent Sales of 50c Rolls and Bags

The U.S. Mint continues to sell 2019-dated halves. The following table presents their sales figures as of May 24, 2020, plus those of other 50-cent roll and bag products since 2011.

  Latest Sales Total Coins
2019 P&D 200-Coin Bag 8,834 2,637,000
2019 P&D Two-Roll Set 21,755
2018 P&D 200-Coin Bag 9,498 2,804,480
2018 P&D Two-Roll Set 22,622
2017 P&D 200-Coin Bag 10,321 3,014,080
2017 P&D Two-Roll Set 23,747
2016 P&D 200-Coin Bag 11,393 3,218,240
2016 P&D Two-Roll Set 23,491
2015 P&D 200-Coin Bag 13,762 3,891,880
2015 P&D Two-Roll Set 28,487
2014 P&D 200-Coin Bag 12,967 3,806,640
2014 P&D Two-Roll Set 30,331
2013 P&D 200-Coin Bag 9,980 2,992,720
2013 P&D Two-Roll Set 24,918
2012 P&D 200-Coin Bag 10,323 3,415,240
2012 P&D Two-Roll Set 33,766
2011 P&D 200-Coin Bag 9,455 3,002,280
2011 P&D Two-Roll Set 27,782



Order the rolls and bags directly from the U.S. Mint’s website page deducted to half dollars. There are no household ordering limits.

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Seth Riesling

The 2013 very high sales number of double the average of these coins was an anomaly caused by the Federal Reserve. The Fed ordered about 6 million of these coins in 2013 & the Mint struck them – then when the Mint contacted the Fed to make arrangements for delivery of the coins, the Fed realized they made a clerical data entry error & refused to take delivery of the coins! The Mint only sold close to 3 million of the 2013 half dollars & still have the nearly 4 million coins left in their vaults gathering dust!



Seth, that’s really interesting. i was wondering why there was such a big number in between the two low ones. the federal reserve, go figure!


well the fed could take delivery now and dole these out to the public as helicopter money. it might hurt though.