US Mint Raises Prices on Older Products


The United States Mint raised prices on a few dozen of their older products still in inventory for collectors. The price increases were mostly modest as compared to some of the ones imposed in 2020.

Products affected include half dollars, dollars, quarters, and several sets. Most of them were released in 2018 or 2019.

The products and their new prices follow.

Numismatic Product Previous Price 2021 Price
2018 and 2020 Birth Sets $19.95 and $23 $25.00
2019 and 2020 Happy Birthday Coin Sets $19.95 and $23 $25.00
2019 Uncirculated Coin Set $21.95 $25.25
2019 Proof Set $27.95 $32.00
2019 P&D Native American $1 25-Coin Rolls $32.95 $34.50
2019 Kennedy Half-Dollar Two-Roll Set (P & D) $32.95 $34.50
2019 Kennedy Half-Dollar 200-Coin Bag (P & D) $139.95 $147.00
2018 P&D Innovation $1 25-Coin Rolls $32.95 $34.50
2018 P&D Innovation $1 100 Coin Bags $111.95 $117.50
2018-S Proof Innovation $1 Coin $6.95 $11.50
2019 P&D Innovation $1 25-Coin Rolls (Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware) $32.95 $34.50
2019 P&D Innovation $1 Coin Bags (Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware) $111.95 $117.50
2019-S Reverse Proof Innovation $1 Coins (Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware) $9.95-$11.50 $11.50
2019 Innovation $1 Proof Set $20.95 $24.00
2019 P, D, & S River of No Return Wilderness Quarter 3-Roll Set $46.95 $49.25
2019-S River of No Return Wilderness Quarter 40-Coin Roll $18.95 $19.75
2019 P&D River of No Return Wilderness Quarter Two-Roll Set $32.95 $34.50
2019 P, D, or S River of No Return Wilderness Quarter 100-Coin Bags $34.95 $36.75
2019 Quarters Proof Set $15.95 $18.50

2018-2019 Quarters Three-Coin Sets (Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, American Memorial Park, Lowell National Park, Block Island National Wildlife Refuge, Cumberland Island National Seashore, Voyageurs National Park, and Apostles Islands National Lakeshore)

$9.95 $11.50
2019 Quarters Circulating Coin Set $8.95 $10.00

For more information about the products or to purchase them, visit the U.S. Mint’s online store.

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Leave it to the mint to raise prices on something that is not selling. Successful businesses will cut the price, offer incentives or increase advertising to move product.


Well! The mint is very successful and they obviously dont need to advertise. The mint offers incentives.


Usmint also rise the price of the 3 inch medals from 39.95 to 160


Not sure who mentioned the three inch medals late last year but I bought a fair amount at the reasonable 6.95 and 39.95 price.


Ok.i buy a 3 inch medal last month,before the price go up.
1oz silver medals are cheaper,then the 3 inch bronze medals

Chas. Barber