US Mint Increases Prices for 2020 Numismatic Products

2019-S Reverse Proof Delaware American Innovation Dollar
This CoinNews photo shows a 2019-S Reverse Proof Delaware American Innovation Dollar. Upcoming coins in the series, as well as other U.S. Mint products, will cost more in 2020.

Collectors will be paying more in 2020 for United States Mint numismatic products. The U.S. Mint published information for several upcoming collectibles and their prices compared to companion products from last year are from 80 cents to $23.30 higher.

Products affected include annual sets, rolls of quarters, bags of quarters, sets of quarters, rolls of dollars, bags of dollars, boxes of dollars, reverse proof dollars, silver coins, and silver medals.

Prices of silver products moved up the most.

The following table lists the Mint’s numismatic products, their prices, and how much they changed from 2019.

Product Price Increase
2019 Reverse Proof New Jersey American Innovation Dollar $11.50 $1.55
2019 Reverse Proof Georgia American Innovation Dollar $11.50 $1.55
2020 ATB Quarters Proof Set $18.50 $2.55
2020 ATB Silver Proof Set $42.50 $5.55
2020 Proof Set $32.00 $4.05
2020 Birth Set $23.00 $3.05
2020 Happy Birthday Coin Set $23.00 $3.05
2020 Congratulations Set $65.50 $8.55
2020 National Park of American Samoa Quarter Three-Roll Set $49.25 $2.30
2020 National Park of American Samoa Quarter Two-Roll Set $34.50 $1.55
2020 National Park of American Samoa Quarter 40-Coin Roll $19.75 $0.80
2020 National Park of American Samoa Quarter 100-Coin Bag $36.75 $1.80
2020 National Park of American Samoa Quarters Three-Coin Set $11.50 $1.55
2020 National Park of American Samoa Five Ounce
Uncirculated Silver Coin
$178.25 $23.30
2020 Native American $1 Coin Roll $34.50 $1.55
2020 Native American $1 Coin 250-Coin Box $289.75 $13.80
2020 Native American $1 100-Coin Bag $117.50 $5.55
2020 Proof American Silver Eagle $64.50 $8.55
Andrew Jackson Presidential Silver Medal $46.00 $6.05


Release dates and available information for the above products are found on the U.S. Mint’s 2020 Product Schedule.

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Christopher Williams

I was at the Mint’s website just before I read this and discovered the “2020 Silver Eagle Proof” will be sold for $64.50.

Seth Riesling

This is simply absurd in light of the Mint’s dwindling customer base! The Mint’s silver coins & silver medals have been overpriced for years & without a weekly pricing grid/matrix for silver products. In 2016 it cost the Mint less than $25 to produce the Proof ASE $1 coin with the extra incused edge lettering & they charged about $54 for one. And now they want to raise the Proof ASE $1 coin price up $8.55 from $55.95 to $64.50. Unbelievable! Sales will continue to drop drastically as they have since 2014. Mint Director David J. Ryder needs to rethink… Read more »


I agree! I get the 5-ounce quarters and all the silver eagles. I’m on a fixed income and the government doesn’t pay me enough to live as it is! I won’t be able to continue.


Right you are Seth its just too much increase
From Dec. last year i have placed more than 30 orders and with these increase I decided to stop


2019 quality of mint products were below average. So we will raise the prices in 2020 by as Seth said absurd Increase. I want the U.S. Mint to succeed, but any other business would be out of business. I was shocked when I saw the price of the 2020 Silver American Eagle proof. Really?


It seems they raised prices after the WWI commemorative dollar products too.
They raise prices to make up for mismanaging previous year programs, instead of fixing the problems that lead to the losses.

The 2019 C&C set seemed to be a sure sellout, that is until the USMint got swamped with all the returns and cancelled orders due to quality control issues. Basic business principles seem to be unfamiliar to them.

Christopher Williams

The 5 OZ coins are up to $178.25.



Christopher Williams

When I find a 5 OZ Quarter that I want, I will no longer be purchasing them from the US Mint. I’ll buy them MCM, etc. without the US Mint COA.


Instead of the USMint addressing its numerous quality control issues, seeking better design artists and taking input from collectors, they raise prices of silver products to offset losses incurred from the many product returns and loss in sales from the previous year.

This is a shortsighted approach. Like I have emailed them before, and others have said, any other entity would have been out of business years ago.

Raising prices on silver also offsets other costs and enables the USMint to have a “business as usual” approach.

Chris Sahar

I am new to coin collecting after selling a large coin collection which had value mainly for its bullion – only a handful of coins were more than its bullion value. I am not sure about the quality of 2019 products compared to prior years as I am rather new. I thought the Innovation dollars, despite their inherent absurdity (a commemorative that is produced as if a circulating coin but is not in circulation – Marcel Duchamp would have loved it and probably made it a part of one of his famed “readymades” if he were living). But hey I… Read more »


I’m not going to pay $23.30 more for the last year of the ATB 5ozers. Way to screw us in the last year. I’ve bought all of them until this year. I’ll get them on the secondary market when they drop to spot. I should have done that after 2012 but I didn’t. The mint has screwed me for the last time especially after the 2019 S reverse eagle and the way that went down.


MGM i agree 100%, the US Mint really pissed off a lot of collectors with the 2019s ERP, 90% of the buyers were first time mint orders, they should have offered them to the people who have loyally bought there Eagles first.

Edward Blasingame

I used to be an avid collector, and bought many things from the u.s. mint! But they’re offering way too many products and create increasing the prices will only create the of many collectors wanting to purchase and collect coins

Christopher Williams

Edward, I agree with you. Too many products. I was looking at this year’s US Mint schedule, I didn’t find any “interesting” offerings, but I’m sure the Mint will surprise is with a coin or two or three. I have one subscription and that is the ATB Uncirculated Coin Set. It’s inexpensive and I enjoy owning them, as I do my complete set of Proof State Quarters. I will always enjoy the coins I own. The Apollo 11 coins I own are very nice. As a matter of fact, I’ve observed some of the Apollo 11 5 OZ coins selling… Read more »


Just another reason why not to buy from the US Mint anymore.

Duane E Schlottke

An increase on already over priced JUNK metal. LOL…

J Peter

WOW !!!
These price increases are a JOKE!
It will be interesting to see how many fewer of some of these will be sold this year.
On the 5oz PUC’s they know those who collect the series are being held hostage because if you want to complete the series your going to have to pay! What a joke.

J Peter

Oh and I think I will no longer be purchasing the silver presidential medals going forward.


It no longer matters what the Mint charges for its collectors’ coins. After kicking all of us in the teeth with last year with the ASE reverse proof, I’m through buying them.

Tommy McFadden

After the fiasco with the limited edition Enhanced Reverse Proof SAE I cancelled all enrollments with the US Mint and refuse to purchase any future products. Almost every item they sell decreases in value in a short time after release.


Does anyone know why the two Mint employees responsible for the sales reports both left the bureau’s employment? Strange!!! Of course, the Mint did not know of all the silver eagles out there that they found and then sold at discounts or the “missing”/”destroyed?” Madison spouse coins. Wonder what else? Early sales of the enhanced eagle? Early releases of the “W” quarter? So did the two leave on their own or were they let go? Like many have said it is getting hard to deal with the Mint when prices are raised so much and never decrease on silver products.… Read more »


If you would have minted more of the 2019 S reverse American Eagle, you would have made a ton of money and wouldn’t have to raise the prices more than the increase of metal prices. I’m also one who is cutting back purchases from the Mint. You are causing more and more people to leave the Mint. I was collecting the Presidential Metals but no more. You are your own worse enemy !

Harry Mansfield


Seth Riesling

14 of these product price increases are for base metal coins…Absurd! And since when does the Mint think we will pay more than 3.5 times spot silver price for a SAE $1 coin with no mintage limits, especially when it has been shown by the Mint’s info. that they can still make a good profit at around $25 per Proof ASE $1 coin!!?? And about 2.5 times spot for the silver Presidential medals without a Mint Mark & no mintage limits!!?? Crazy!


Gary G.

I suspect the Mint products that didn’t happen to be on this release will also be raised in price. Proof sets, commemoratives, you name it. And at some point, pricing of the 2019 and previous coins will be “harmonized” with the 2020.


Ditto here, after the screwed over tons of people (like me) on the purchase of the 2019 enhanced reverse proof with their overloaded crap website, and now this price increase… It will likely be my last purchase from the mint… and only because it’s the “last year” of the current ASE design. Darn, you can still get the 2019 proof for $55.95, but change the year to 2020, and it costs $8.50 more. I give up.
Maybe I’ll collect Canadian… aren’t they an extra .09 % pure silver ? (grin)


Gotta be a “Limited Edition” coin/set or its a No Buy.


Have not been a customer for very long only 3 yrs or so. After seeing the price gouging
I decided I’ll look to junk coins instead. A premium price is one thing but this is unreasonable. Last years Apollo 5oz quarter was crazy. It I want to give to the Smithsonian I will do it on my own.


I’ve been collecting from the Mint for the past 4-5 years and am still a newbie as I only collect for fun…never intend to sell. I mainly collect Dollar Coins and American Eagles. I’m fed up with the gouging and must now stop. $9.95 Reverse sets late last year are now magically $11.50?! That’s almost a 15% increase! The Dollar $250 sets are now 20% more money?! What’s it going to be in 2021 or 2022? Another 15-20% increase? The packing of the delivery boxes stinks, too. 50% or more of my orders come with either 1 flimsy piece of… Read more »


As a person who buys at least two of every eagle the mint comes out with I will not be buying this year and its not because of the increase. For weeks before the 2019sERP eagle i called the mint with my concerns and every time was treated like i was over reacting and told not to worry i would get my coin, guess what like the rest of you I didnt and my only option was to go online and buy one from one of the non collectors who scooped all these up for 1000$ or more, i told… Read more »

D M Fiedler

Here, here! That price gouging self-promoter was on HSN this morning (1/14/20) at 1 AM hawking the S ERP at $4k+ and bragging on how he got his quantity. I don’t doubt that he and dealers like him are VIP’s in the eyes of the US Mint, but it’s high time they started acknowledging the loyalty of their individual collectors, many of us collecting for decades and buying nearly every coin and set they issue. I got shut out on the ERP even though I was logged in right around noon. The Mint should be more about individual US citizens… Read more »

Richard Margolis

I guess that I was one of a few coin collectors who got an ERP ASE from the mint. I am not selling the coin, nor did I get it graded. They are all FDOI as they all sold out in 20 minutes. I am disappointed with the mint raising prices on all of the coins they mint, but our only remedy is not to purchase any more coins. We can contact our congressional representative, but in my opinion that would be useless. Just buy on the secondary market, most times that is cheaper

James Carson

I have first and foremost also seen where the U.S. Mint’s member base is on the decline. I have pleaded with you all for years to Increase the quality of coins, yes this means putting someone in there who knows how to Inspect and actually cares.You also say it is because of the Increase in your precious metals. I don’t know about the rest, but I can tell you it sure isn’t silver. I think you are doing this because you started last year offering free ground shipping to your members and for some reason you see this as a… Read more »