2020-W 24-Karat Gold Coin and 2020-P Silver Medal for End of WWII


Debuting today from the United States Mint are two new collectibles commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of the second world war. Available beginning at Noon ET are the End of World War II 75th Anniversary 24-Karat Gold Coin and Silver Medal.

US Mint End of World War II 75th Anniversary 24-Karat Gold Coin
U.S. Mint images of a 2020-W Proof $25 End of World War II 75th Anniversary 24-Karat Gold Coin. The West Point Mint-struck piece is in 1/2-ounce of .9999 fine gold.

These two pieces, which are struck in a collector proof finish, follow the End of World War II American Eagle Coins which launched Nov. 5. Both were hot ticket items selling out quickly, causing significant issues for most while ordering.

The latest anniversary products share designs and they have limited mintages — 7,500 for the 1/2-ounce $25 gold coins and 20,000 for the 1-ounce silver medal. As indicated in its name, the proof gold coin is struck from 24-karat. The proof medal is composed of 99.9% pure silver.

"The United States Mint is honored to salute the ‘greatest generation’ that rose to the occasion with the End of World War II 75th Anniversary Coin and Medals Program," the U.S. Mint describes. "The compelling collection includes magnificent representations of the values and ideals our service men and women fought to protect. Join us in celebration of the bravery, courage, and sacrifice of Americans who stood together to preserve our way of life."

$25 Gold Coin and Silver Medal Designs

Designs for the End of World War II 75th Anniversary Gold Coin and Silver Medal bear a common obverse (heads side) depicting an eagle in flight grasping an olive branch, symbolizing peace, in its right talon. This image was inspired by the 1945 version of the Great Seal of the United States.

Inscriptions read "LIBERTY," "1945" and "WORLD WAR II." U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program (AIP) artist Ronald Sanders created this design with Mint Medallic Artist Phebe Hemphill executing its sculpting. The artists’ initials also appear, as does a "W" mint mark on the gold coin representing its production at the West Point Mint. The silver medal was struck at the Philadelphia Mint but it carries no mint mark, which is typical for medals.

US Mint End of World War II 75th Anniversary Silver Medal
U.S. Mint images of a End of World War II 75th Anniversary Silver Medal. The medal, produced at the Philadelphia Mint, is composed in 1 ounce of .999 fine silver.

Created by Mint AIP artist Donna Weaver and sculpted by Mint Medallic Artist Renata Gordon, the reverses (tails side) share a design that echoes the sun element on the obverse of the 1945 World War II Victory Medal. Rays from the sun shine on olive branches.

Reverse inscriptions for the gold coin read: "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "E PLURIBUS UNUM," "IN GOD WE TRUST," "75th ANNIVERSARY," "2020," "AU 24K," "1/2 OZ." and "$25." The silver medal’s reverse has "75th ANNIVERSARY." Both pieces also show artists’ initials.

Coin and Medal Specifications

  Gold Coin Silver Medal
Denomination: $25 N/A
Finish: Proof Proof
Composition: 99.99% Gold 99.9% Silver
Diameter: 1.063 inches (27.00 mm) 1.598 inches (40.60 mm)
Weight: 0.5000 troy oz. (15.554 grams) 1.000 troy oz. (31.103 grams)
Edge: Reeded Plain
Minting Facility: West Point Philadelphia
Mint Mark: W N/A


Ordering, Prices and Certificates

The End of World War II 75th Anniversary 24-Karat Gold Coin and Silver Medal may only be ordered from the U.S. Mint’s online store.

Initial pricing for the gold coin is $1,335. The silver medal is $75. In addition to their mintage limits, each product has a household order limit of one until Tuesday, Nov. 10 at noon ET.

Each is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity along with WWII-related information. A limited quantity of hand-signed certificates of authenticity by the United States Mint Director David Ryder will be shipped at random with the silver medals.

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Bruce Groessel

The same thing happened to me with both the WWII silver eagle and the silver medal. If anyone wants to join me I am starting a petition. Seriously. If we all complain together and fight in numbers then maybe we could get some results


I’d be in for that.

Big T

A petition for what? That they put out low mintage offer and the demand outpaced the supply? What is wrong with this picture?? When the mint put 125K of each of the 2016 gold commemorative coins everyone complained the mintage was too high. Now they come with low mintage and of course that means not everyone will get one – then its their fault! Understand you’re disappointed but the real issue is not the mint or the website but the flippers on ebay that presale these coins huge mark up before they even get one. THAT is the problem, not… Read more »

Edward Ermey

The Mint should at least put out an option to pre request to the public on their site. and adjust production based on that. Then give those people that participated in the process first shot at those products. End result limited to no over production, and a satisfied public, and increased revenue for the mint.

Big T

Yes but then you will NOT have limited production. Again, over 200K people want to order a coin that is limited to 20k pieces then yes there will be more demand than supply. Increasing the supply to meet the demand does not result in low mintage opportunities. Collectors want their cake and eat it too – that’s fine but my issue is folks blaming the mint. I don’t think that is fair – especially about the website. The limit of current technology is what it is. Now maybe a raffle system or something but I personally love the approach of… Read more »


The question isn’t that of increasing the mintage. The low mintage is fine. The problem isn’t the limit of current technology. The USM is behind the current technology. They could easily use new technology that allows for someone who has the item in their cart time to actually purchase as other sectors such as tickets are using.

Thomas Barron

Yes, once you have it in the cart, you get 10 to 15 minutes to complete the checkout process. Nobody else can place the item in their cart if all the issue has either been sold or is in the checkout process. That would free the website to only process checkouts for those being in cart … and not many more thousands at the same time (which their system currently allows). I had each gold coin in my cart within a minute after sales began, but was never able to complete the checkout process due to the system constantly crashing.… Read more »


Simple, fair solution, and everyone would know not to keep trying and clicking, but it knocks out the big guys who the USM caters to.


Explain why Ryder has to do anything. The mint is capable of selling millions of dollars of coins tn a matter of minutes just the way it is. Why change now? They dont have control nor do theycare who buys their products. They sell. Thats his job. They keep above water unlike the USPS. Why fix what aint broke?


Someone at the mint is telling the big guys, ie. Mezack, when they sell the surplus coins. That is what is not fair..

Big T

That is also untrue!!


Ryder is a good sales promoter. Watch the mint set become unavailable the first day. It usually takes months for it to reach 213,000. Its on enrollment. As soon as that news got out that 213,000 was all he made the coin shows, dealers, flippers, all went in to increase the number of sets they are buying. It wouldnt surprise me that it may not be for sale for that very reason. Better sign up now if you want one.


Just when I thought the Mint was fixing their web page. Signed in, had coins in my cart and could not pay for them on multiple tries. Low and behold, I was buggy robbed again. Same story, different day. No US Mint changes that I can tell.

Last edited 1 year ago by Coinbread
Big T

Coins in the cart are not confirmed until they are paid. That prevents folks for holding coins they are unable to pay for over extended times and preventing others from getting a chance to buy them. This is standard practice. I recently had a coin sell out while in my cart overnight at provident metals.


I agree, Big T.


Obviously the timing has to be limited. Most of the bullion dealers have a 10 minute limit that holds the item at the price after that yes you can leave it in for days but you may lose it. 5 minutes, maybe even 2 or 3 would have made purchase completion possible. It’s not about ‘holding a coin they are unable to pay for over extended time’ it’s about allowing first come first serve to complete the process without the item being purchased out from under them.


Same thing happened again to me, long time collector, Forced once again to make purchase aftermarket at much higher price from flipper.
Complaining to Mint is a waste of time, customer service just isn’t worth the effort to fix ordering problems.Bottom line is they just don’t care.

dt tran

I canceled all my USMint enrollments and stop buying all usmint products since they are only sell you the shitty coins but they only sell the high value coin for the insiders.


I was on the USM website this morning when I received a text reminder for the ASE 75th anniversary privy mark being available. I immediately clicked on that item and it was still unavailable. With some 700+ of these still to be available how is that possible? This is not the first time this has happened. Since the USM claims everyone receives the text reminder at the time the 700+ could not have sold in the 3 seconds it took too click on the item. More USM deception and fraud. I’m sure Mike M got any available.


I was lucky enough to get the silver eagle Monday morning then both 1/2oz gold and silver medal at noon together in same cart then today I tried from 530am until 1034am and the 1oz gold popped up available and I got it my 1st try!!!! I’m sorry to those who couldn’t get what they wanted but just vfc yesterday I was in the same boat!!! Persistence and patience paid off and I got all of them!!!! Keep trying until they confirm that they are sold out!! Good luck!


when was the gold up on the site today? 10:30?


So much for the text notices they are supposed to send. Yet another flaw in the system. Glad you were able to get them.


i cant see the 24k carat gold coin on PCGS First Strike list. Any info on why?

Chuck Packett

Why is everyone so worried about this coin and medal? They are both pretty dull. I realize that the Peace dollar (1921-!935) has an eagle with only an olive branch and no arrows as the eagle on the Morgan dollar (1878-1921).had both the arrows and an olive branch. These coin and medal have an olive branch on both the obverse and the reverse. I had many uncles that served in world war 2 and I am so proud of each and every one of them. As today is Veterans day, a day to remember those that fought in all our… Read more »


How long does everyone think the Mayflower set will last?I am not even going to try for it becuase I can’t get off work and did everyone notice the different release time says 9AM EST?Won’t do any good to try and get it anyway.Should be buying gold from a metals dealer if it is to invest in anyway.


Talk about poorly designed. I have no interest and hope that it dies on the vine for the USM after these last screw ups, but people will give in and go for it. I think most of the items last at least long enough for anyone who wants it to get it (a day or more). The coin and medal set has a British coin which I don’t think will get as much interest. The reverse proof medal may be of highest demand. I hope the USM and Mike M are stuck with them.


Mayflower coins look dull. No interest not as cool as the Pride of two nations set back in 2019. The UK coin looks cool other than that. As i said earlier too much hype on US coins just to make $$$ and flip. The WWII medal and gold coin i agree with Golden State Mint the medal and gold coin lack design and are really comemerative type coins. Not sure why they sold out so fast like the 2015 Gold High Relief and other type coins like that. The Mint is on my shit list now due to still waiting… Read more »

Chas. Barber

9AM!!! EASTERN…wtf is the Mint up to? I don’t really care won’t buy this overpriced item. Heck, everything is overpriced @ the USM

Bob Silver

I am sure you are a rich guy with fast internet which isn’t available to me because I am a poor guy making $12,500 a year! You will sell metals for big bucks while I work 40 hours a week and have trouble feeding my family.


Honestly don’t buy coins if you have trouble feeding your family. Priorities.

Bob Silver

I was just quoting what SHERILL said a couple of days ago 🙂 Having fun with whiners.

Big T

So many collectors upset they didn’t get the coin – and then blame the mint! That is ridiculous – i was able to get 3 of the 4 coins and it was a hassle and it took patience but the issue is that the low mintage has more demand than supply – which is actually what most collectors want! Again, everyone complains when collector coins are made in high mintage – see the 2016 anniversary gold dimes for example (the made 125K and the collectors were upset too many were made) – they never really sold out and are not… Read more »

Chas. Barber

The CULPRITis the same lousy mint servers they have done nothing but drag chum in front of us & the White sharks get them, congrat$ I had it in my gag (V75 ASE @ 9:00 sharp. I cold not pay – when I could it said remove SO, again I don’t care I’ve been inthis a LONG time, they sold tons of GSA $1 with alot more fairness than this BS, but that was the GSA not Ryder’s Mint from He[[

Thomas Barron

The real reason you are not upset … it is because you were able to complete the checkout process without it constantly crashing until the coin was no longer available. It was not a matter of persistence … it was a matter of luck. Clearly the culprit is the USMint’s checkout process by allowing purchasers to add an item to their cart even though the item is no longer available if existing in-process checkouts are completed. Household limits and anti-bot processes help keep the flippers at bay. But in reality, the only fair way to distribute an extremely limited issue… Read more »

Bob Silver

How would you know the difference between a collector and a flipper, they could register as well. Then we would be right back to “luck”. If “fair” equals all people get all they want, then nothing would be of value to anyone because everyone has one that wants one, then what?

Edward Ermey

Last year the mint came out with 1 fabricated rarity (Reverse Enhanced Proof) November 2019.
This year the mint will produce 9 fabricated rarities all in November.
See U.S.Mint production schedule.
What I consider as a FABRICATED RARITY is a product that has a mintage so low that the general public has little or no chance of purchasing.
This disenfranchising of the public needs to be stopped!

Edward Ermey

I asked the mint the following question: If you could produce 1 million Silver Eagles for release from the San Francisco nint (Bullion Strike). Why could the mint not produce an additional 150,000 of each of the WWII anniversary Eagles? Below is the response I received from the customer service people. Dear Mint Customer:  The United States Mint released the End of WWII 75th Anniversary American Eagle 2020 One Ounce Gold Proof Coin (20XE) and End of World War II 75th Anniversary American Eagle Silver Proof Coin (20XF) at noon ET on November 5. Because of extremely high demand and the… Read more »

Chas. Barber

Poopycock…..1) They never should have done buth V75 ON THAT SAME DATE & TIME, gee wonder what will happen? Like lighting a match in a gas refinery, gee what can go wrong….


Anybody know where I can find a 2020 proof buffalo for sale ?

Gary Sudol

The Mint sent out a sorry excuse for their incompetent sale of the WW 2 coins. They said nothing on why you constantly got knocked out of the process and then had to restart the process. I bought close to $2,000 dollars of product from the mint in 2018 and 2019 combined. I have bought zero this year cause of what happened with the LE Eagle dollar last year and I will NEVER buy anything from them again. They DO NOT DESERVE my business. I can spend my money on other things.

Christopher Williams

I received the same email. Lame.


Received an order processing Email from mint for v75 eagle , yet no confirmation of shipping within 24 hours . Anyone else have this issue yet?


I had/have that issue with the v75 medal. Got an order acknowledgement email at 12:23, then a order confirmation email. The next day it still showed processing. That afternoon I received an email from the Mint that the item became unavailable at 12:33, and because I didn’t complete my order prior to 12:33 I wouldn’t receive the medal. How could I have not completed my order by 12:33 when I received the order acknowledgement email a full 10 minutes before? I emailed customer service asking that question but haven’t received a reply, and don’t expect to. According to the Mint,… Read more »


My bad , I meant the v75 eagle medal from Monday. The 9th


Still an uneasy feeling seeing that it is Thursday


Andy…here’s some encouraging news. I just received an email that my order has shipped! Between the email saying I missed out and it saying “Processing” for 3 days, this was great news. So hang in there. You still might get a “shipped” email. Good luck!


I was able to buy the silver medal and had email confirmation only to have it cancelled this morning. My excitement was crushed. My frustration with the site was renewed.


Daniel, see my other posts. I also received an order acknowledgement email and confirmation email, but then received another email Tuesday saying my order wasn’t placed in time, even though the time on the acknowledgement email was 10 minutes prior to the time it became unavailable. My order still showed as “Processing” today, but after the email saying I missed out, I had given up. Then a few minutes ago, I received another email saying my order has shipped. I checked my Mint account, and sure enough it says “Shipped”. I never got an email saying my order had been… Read more »

Christopher Williams

The upcoming Mayflower 2-Coin Gold Set has already sold on Ebay via Pre-Sale for $5,250.00.

Edward Ermey

Not even interested in this fabricated rarity. If they are not going to give everyone a fair chance at a product, screw them. (The Mint)
The feebay people have boters ready to do their dirty work.

Bob Silver

Please define “FAIR”. Fair normally equates to no value upon completion.

Bob Silver

Please provide link to eBay sale. I cannot find it.

Bob Silver

Seller has ZERO feedback, that’s a clue on trustworthiness of merchandise.

Christopher Williams

Absolutely. Also, watch out for the Pre-Sellers who know they won’t get one, but they are looking for a quick and short-term loan.


Does anyone know when submitting a V75 silver eagle and a 24k gold coin do you have to send in the sealed box from the mint, or can you open it and take out the OGP and COA?


Here is a possible solution, set a very high maximum mintage and fill ALL orders up to that number with the option of getting the coin in a capsule and COE only. By doing this the flippers might not be competing with the true collectors since the possibility of a quick profit would be reduced. With getting the coin and COE for those planning to have the coin graded there would be no need to produce the additional packaging.