2020 American Innovation Dollars for Connecticut Released


Bags and rolls of a new $1 coin debut today with the United States Mint’s release of their 2020 American Innovation dollar for Connecticut. Product options include 25-coin rolls and 100-coin bags filled with uncirculated coins from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints.

Roll of 2020-P American Innovation Dollars for Connecticut
U.S. Mint image showing a roll of 2020-P Connecticut American Innovation dollars
Bag of 2020-D American Innovation Dollars for Connecticut
U.S. Mint image showing a bag of 2020-D Connecticut American Innovation dollars

Appearing on the dollars’ reverse (tails side) is a design recognizing the Gerber Variable Scale. Joseph Gerber of Connecticut conceived the device using the elastic waistband of his pajamas when he was a junior in college. The scale provides quick calculations for replotting lines and curves of data.


The Connecticut coins are issued as part of the U.S. Mint’s American Innovation™ $1 Coin Program. These bags and rolls follow an individual reverse proof Connecticut Innovation dollar which was released on July 21.

Designs for Connecticut American Innovation Dollar

The design showcased on the reverse of each coin depicts the Gerber Variable Scale being used to increase a geometric shape by 200%. The resulting shape resembles the State of Connecticut.

CoinNews Photo 2020-S Reverse Proof Connecticut American Innovation Dollar - Reverse Side
This CoinNews photo shows the reverse side of a 2020-S Connecticut American Innovation Dollar in a reverse proof finished. This coin was released earlier in the year. The dollars the U.S. Mint released today within rolls and bags carry the same design but have an uncirculated finish.

U.S. Mint artist Richard Masters created the design and it was sculpted by Renata Gordon. Inscriptions on the reverse include "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "GERBER VARIABLE SCALE" and "CONNECTICUT."

All program coins bear the same obverse (heads side) image of the Statue of Liberty as designed by Justin Kunz and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. Obverse inscriptions read: "$1" and "IN GOD WE TRUST."

CoinNews Photo 2020-S Reverse Proof Connecticut American Innovation Dollar - Obverse Side
This CoinNews photos shows the same coin as above, but its obverse or heads side. Again, the dollars the U.S. Mint released today carry the same design but have an uncirculated finish.

2020 dollar obverses also feature a small privy mark of a stylized gear that is different from the one used for 2019-dated dollars.

Edge inscriptions include "2020" and "E PLURIBUS UNUM."  Mintmarks of "P" or "D" indicate the coin’s production at either the Philadelphia or Denver Mints.

Price and Ordering

The coin rolls are $34.50 apiece while the bags are priced $117.50 each. Order them from the U.S. Mint’s online store for American Innovation products.

About the Series

The dollar series was introduced in 2018 and is scheduled to run through 2032 with designs honoring innovation and innovators from each state, the District of Columbia and the five U.S. territories.

2019 strikes celebrate innovation in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Georgia. 2020 dollar designs honor innovation from the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland and South Carolina.

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Chas. Barber

It’s so beautiful isn’t it!! If they make a dollar no one sees in the public can you spend them later? I suspect a low level ca$hier will call [police it’s a FAKE! With new mint pricing likely 2021 will be $75 a roll….and no happy ending for YOU

Last edited 3 years ago by Chas. Barber

shame of American and US mint . Making Dollar coins but not use it , no Marketing and using Taxpayers money for store it . Did these coins contain Gold or silver . ? Dollar Coins is Violation of Constitution . The mint should give $coins to Bank ,and let bank to use it and spend it, Not selling it for premium by US Mints


Had something like that happen years ago with a travelers check.
Now when I use a dollar coin & its questioned I just tell them to Google it.

Seth Riesling

Notice another price increase by the Mint on these circulating-quality coins from the 2019 prices of $32.95-$111.95.



just received 2 box of coin , the quality of the coins are the worse ! No perfect or near ok, every coin had problem !