Final Sale of 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagle on Wed., Aug. 12

2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle - Obverse
This CoinNews photo shows the obverse (heads side) of a 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle

The United States Mint revealed today, Aug. 11, that the few remaining 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagles will go on sale at noon EDT, Wednesday, Aug. 12.

Released Nov. 14, the 30,000-limited coin sold quickly, became unavailable, and is now realizing exceptional prices in the secondary market. The U.S. Mint inadvertently sold 97 of them last week. Less than 100 remain.

In addition to the time of their sale, the Mint provided news editors the following information about the offering:

"No phone orders will be accepted, and sales centers are closed in order to reduce the risk of employee exposure to COVID-19. Household order limit of 1 will be strictly enforced. There are less than 100 units available for sale. Once these units are sold, this item will be sold out. Due to limited availability, there will be no product exchanges — refunds only. All returns must be a complete product, inclusive of coin and Certificate of Authenticity."

Priced at $65.95, the collectible will only be available for sale on the Mint’s website, found here.

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Chas. Barber

I give you 1000-1 you have ZERO chance of this. Mezak already has his goon$ prepared, unless there is an accidental release @ 9am EDT……don’t put it past THEM


About the same chance as finding an ATB West Point quarter in your change…nil

Chas. Barber

I got a W Lowell in a roll of American War Memorial “D” coins! After that nothing, never, banks say no new coins…. how about a PRIVY coin, do they even go west of Oklahoma, folks have rolls of them there & Tennessee?

Adam L

I found a V75 Privy Samoa in New Mexico 2 weeks ago.

Adam L

I actually found a 2020 Samoa V75 W a few weeks ago. 1st one ever.


i had 1 roll that had every 5th quarter W..other than that…nada…never in change…..

Sir Shep III

3 weeks ago U.S. bank employees on Robert street west St. Paul MN were opening the new 2020 loomis rolls and re-wrapping them in house paper . I gave up on W the hunt after that .


Mike has the 97 that were sold inadvertently,you kidding me . I wonder if the one i had in the checkout cart is still frozen like the first sale, i got my fingers crossed & holding my breath.


Tried this morning at 9am PST. I had two computers going my wife on one im on the other and still nothing oops Refershing. Total BS and will never by another damn thing from the US mint Scams.


Same here! Tried adding, but system would not accept it. Just SMOKE AND MIRRORS!! Makes you wonder if the mint real wants our orders???


oops = not on our favorite list.

Pat G.

Just as it went last time, I had one in my bag and it wouldn’t allow me to check out. So frustrating that collectors can’t get a hold of one without shelling out lots of cash.


No chance again.


Gone in a microsecond, if you were on the same server as the mint you might have had a shot at it.

sam tweedy

Mike Mezack has done it again, the “KING” of BULLSHIT!!!!!

One More Time?

I never saw the “buy now” option. Thanks US Mint for making America Great Again. I prefer making America Normal Again.


Yep, another total joke! Buy it now was there but couldn’t put it in the bag


I’m just curious, did anyone get it today?


got my notifacation at 12:01


I never recieved the button to add the coin to my cart. Kept receiving the oops each time I tried to refresh the page. There must have been bots out there that were hitting the site for the dealers. I doubt if there were many individual buyers due many previously gave up on the mint and due to the late notice that the mint were putting the remaining coins on sale.

Craig Forb

I had it in my Bag and was in the process of making my payment and oops. So I could not complete this and thus it was in my Bag and then saw the message of not available. Took a screen shot and sent a complaint off to the Mint about this. This is wrong and lack integrity and honesty. If it’s in your Bag that should be it and you should have the right to pay for what is in your Bag. Maybe it’s me? So wrong on their part. We all feel the pain.


agree. If it’s in the basket it should be a lock!


Same thing here, in the bag and went to pay for it and the oops sign popped up.


I got my txt at 11:46am. I was ready and even had a countdown. The website kept reloading and the it was done in less then a minute.


Yep — Same thing here. at exactly 12:01pm EST I refreshed the page and got the Add to Bag button. Tried to add a coin but — NOTHING. Refreshed the page and the Add to Bag Button was GONE. All in ONE MINUTE. Pure Smoke and Mirrors by the US Mint to appease people. Come on…..people at the US Mint KNOW what these coins are selling for in the After Market. It is so IRRITATING how people in this world think that we are all just a bunch of idiots – Just like the Fake News Media.


I agree Trump puts out a lot of fake news


i’ll bet according to the DEMs, russia hacked the’s a conspiracy i tell ya!LOL

Chas. Barber

No Trump’s POS mint “deflator” made a link for his pal$ I bet, self-dealing runs in this administration, no conspiracy just highway robbery & profteering…. I have yet to see ONE collector say they got it, MCM had 7 new ones for sale by 9:20 am!


i didn’t get one either and i am a collector.i’m sure with all the problems going on in the world TRUMP ain’t worried about no coin.COME ON MAN!! sometimes you have to laugh when it hurts because crying doesn’t help.

Chas. Barber

Tounge in cheek man, the mint needs no help to skrew us over!!


i know!just tryin’ to have a little fun,you are right about the mint.


Why is it that even though you sign up for every alert or notification possible you get notified after the item goes on sale again and after it sells out. Thanks for wasting my time signing up for the alerts and notifications. Absolutely useless. I have a better chance of hitting the Pick 6 lottery for millions of dollars.

Chas. Barber

I was there, it said”place inbag” that was it, @ 9:00am SHARP, bu[[shit. And did we forget about the 97 sent out by ‘mistake’ last week, yeah right, the mint has ZERO credibility, no quality control, and treats it’s base like garbage, we act like chicks going after a bad ass, arrogant dude…..w t f

Last edited 1 year ago by Chas. Barber
Sir Shep III

Mega bull sh** from the US MINT . I never seen add to bag , my daughter got it in cart which is farther than most then had it removed . How did the mint not fix this sh*t from last November .. 100% fraud . Who do we file a complaint with ? There should be an investigation


Yeah, I didn’t see the message till 12:15 eastern & I didn’t check coinnews till now. Just my luck. Sounds like we had no chance anyway.

David Young

I had it all qued up and ready to go. As soon as it went on sale I clicked buy and they were already out.


I think the mint matters 2 ur major coin dealers us little coin collector s don’t have a chance.


i wonder if the 2 big grading companies will come out with a special holder to commemorate these coins?


These coins will not only have SPECIAL LABELS but seperate entries in the RED BOOK like the hoard of 2016 proof silver eagles. I guess there must have been over 100 people that sent their MINT ERROR coins back to be destoyed because Mr RYders math doesnt add up if you look at the salesfigures. I understand it was a lucky chance sale but I had 5 people try to help and not one even showed they went on sale so that kind of eleminates all chances. A saavy computer tech would have no problem placing 88 coins in chosen… Read more »


that’s a very good observation.i never did understand why the mint only made 30,000 when they could have sold 10 times that many,i no longer buy from the mint because of the mess last Nov.i bought from the mint for decades and looking back at those days through clearer eyes i see i only had a habit and i was addicted to buying.after Nov,that opened my eyes and i don’t need that junk anymore.big dealers and grading companies have destroyed this hobby.and the products they put out aren’t that good anymore(quality wise or subject wise).

Jeff inTX

Why did the Mint even announce that they are putting them on sale again. The low number available for sale wouldn’t have taken to long for people to find them when searching to buy from the Mint. This would have been a big surprise for coin collectors to find while they lasted.

Seth Riesling

Coin World trends coin values lists these as $1500 in 69 grade & $2500 in 70 grade. But, I know a few big dealers asking $2300 in PCGS 70 grade without the individually numbered COA & $2700 in PCGS 70 with a low numbered COA slabbed. One big coin dealer has had these since they got them the week after first day sales, & sent them to PCGS, but hasn’t lowered the price in the nine months since. Lol. Who pays that much for a 2019 silver coin?! You can buy a classic old common date Saint-Gaudens $20 gold coin… Read more »


Had on in my cart and it was ripped away from me. The mints business practices suck.