2020-W Proof American Silver Eagle Starting Sales And Photos


Two major United States Mint products launched last week, the 2020-W Proof American Silver Eagle and the 2019-S Reverse Proof New Jersey American Innovation Dollar.

2020-W Proof American Silver Eagle, Presentation Case and Cert
A CoinNews photo of a 2020-W Proof Silver Eagle, its case, packaging and certificate of authenticity

"W" Proof Silver Eagles have been lacking some luster for collectors in recent years. Fewer and fewer are selling. This year’s edition, released Jan. 9, is having an even harder time getting traction — at least so far.

2020-W Proof American Silver Eagle - Obverse
A CoinNews photo of the coin’s obverse

The collectible posted 7-day starting sales of 205,389 pieces. Other world mints would envy such a tally in an annual series. For the U.S. Mint, however, it represents the slowest start for the program in over the last decade.

2020-W Proof American Silver Eagle - Reverse
A CoinNews photo of the coin’s reverse

This year’s coin has an added sales barrier of costing more — up $8.55 to $64.50 from $55.95. More U.S. Mint products will share pricing obstacles this year.

The following table shows sales starts for "W" proof Silver Eagles since 2008:

Debut Sales of 2008 to 2020-W Proof American Silver Eagles

Year of Issue Initial Issue Price Debut Sales
2020 $64.50 205,389 in 7 Days
2019 $55.95 218,990 in 4 Days
2018 $55.95 243,411 in 4 Days
2017 $53.95 272,070 in 4 Days
2016 $53.95 322,317 in 3 Days
2015 $48.95 262,377 in 3 Days
2014 $52.95 or $47.65 with subscription 307,378 in 4 Days
2013 $62.95 258,860 in 4 Days
2012 $59.95 299,539 in 5 Days
2011 $59.95 367,623 in 6 Days
2010 $45.95 273,212 in 3 Days
2009 N/A Not Issued
2008 $31.95 185,232 in 4 Days


Debut Sale of 2019-S Reverse Proof New Jersey $1

As for the 2019-S Reverse Proof New Jersey American Innovation Dollar, it opened with 9-day starting sales of 22,753 pieces for 30.3% of the allotted 75,000.

2019-S Reverse Proof New Jersey American Innovation Dollar - Reverse,a
A CoinNews photo of a 2019-S Reverse Proof New Jersey American Innovation Dollar

The 2019-S Reverse Proof New Jersey dollar went on sale Jan. 7 for $11.95, which is $1.55 higher than the first two dollars for 2019.

The U.S. Mint hasn’t provided week-over-week sales stats for its numismatic products since Nov. 3. The agency did offer sales totals for its 2019-dated products through Dec. 16. Then, the 2019-S Reverse Proof Pennsylvania dollar had sales of 25,743 and the 2019-S Reverse Proof Delaware dollar had sales of 50,563.

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I think these will start to sell out once everyone’s knows this is the last year of the reverse design. Everyone ten will want to scoop them up as the last and wait to buy the new design next year

Mike Cook

I agree, people have a lot on their mind right now, once it hits them, sales will pick up.

David Kaiser

$64.50 when silver is at $18.00…too much of a premium for Silver Eagles…


i didn’t know US Goverment price gouged its own people. talk about sad.


I am not buying this silver eagle coin. Probably done buying altogether from the us mint.


Agree, the mint is ripping us off.

Chas Barber

I have many, many of these reverse design ASE’s I do not NEED the last one. I went to sell some ASE sets they are dropping like flie$ in offer prices. I cannot justify paying 4x spot. Also, I am so turned off on any mint items that I can say the word ‘boycott” or I’m done 100% legit…..heck they raised the price of clad sets just because they “can” well I am not buying because I can also…..


These will NEVER sell out, there is no mintage limit so as long as they can get the planchents they will fill all that are ordered.


The US Mint fin ally updated their Weekly Sales Reports! https://www.usmint.gov/about/production-sales-figures/cumulative-sales


Ditto…2020 proof ASE is overpriced…have to sit back and watch the sales trends as year wears on…may find a couple offered as “teaser” offerings for below issue price…this year’s silver proof quarters set is priced at something like $40…no thanks!


Mint site shows $42.50 for 2020 ATB quarters St! I was low…


Update on 2020 W silver proof dollar…prices going up quickly for graded examples..$65-85 in PR69 and $100+ for Pr70…bidding frenzy…not sure waiting will help…could go higher…heavy demand for final year of original design…any thoughts?