2018-W Proof American Silver Eagle Photos and First-Day Sales


First-day sales of the 2018-W Proof American Silver Eagle reached 229,926 pieces, according to United States Mint spokesman Michael White.

2018-W Proof American Silver Eagle - Photo of Obverse and Reverse
A CoinNews photo of two 2018-W Proof American Silver Eagles that are side-by-side but facing opposite of each other

That’s pretty much on par with last year’s coin which opened on the first day with sales of 226,173.

Produced at the West Point Mint from an ounce of .999 fine silver and carrying a ‘W’ mint mark, the newest Silver Eagle launched last Thursday, Jan. 4, for $55.95. This Thursday, Jan. 11, the new proof coin will also be released within celebratory-themed packaging as a part of the 2018 Congratulations Set. At $56.95, the price of the set is $1 more than the coin itself.

2018-W Proof American Silver Eagle - Photo of Obverse, a
A CoinNews photo of a new 2018-W Proof American Silver Eagle (obverse shown)
2018-W Proof American Silver Eagle - Photo of Obverse, close-a
A closer view photo of the coin’s obverse

The U.S. Mint continues to sell 2016- and 2017-dated proof Silver Eagles. They’re each priced at $53.95 and have respective sales (individual) through Dec. 31 of 369,356 and 582,751.

2018-W Proof American Silver Eagle - Photo of Reverse
A view of the coin’s reverse

2018-W Proof American Silver Eagle - Photo of Reverse, close
A closer view of the reverse

Targeted for a summertime release, the U.S. Mint will also offer a proof American Silver Eagle from the San Francisco Mint bearing a ‘S’ mint mark.


The 2018-W Proof Silver Eagle is available from the U.S. Mint by visiting its product page. Orders are also accepted by telephone at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). It has no predefined mintage limit with customer demand determining how many are made.

Photo of 2018-W Proof American Silver Eagle, Case, Certificate
CoinNews photo of a 2018-W Proof Silver Eagle, its case, packaging and certificate of authenticity

The coins ship in a blue-velvet presentation case along with a U.S. Mint Certificate of Authenticity.

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Synoptic 12

With the additional increase of the Mint’s A.S.E., a fluctuating metals market, as well as no mintage limits, I’ll pass.

Joe C.

Cost of coin is too high and mintage will be high enough so it won’t be a reasonably scarce coin. Buy it on the secondary market when the asking price comes down. Just my opinion.

Synoptic 12

The price on the secondary shall only be a few dollars less, if much at all. Only those which purchase in bulk may offer a somewhat reduced cost. The fact is that there is ‘no’ secondary market or interest in purchasing at the expanded price ($55.95); ‘To turn any profit’. If one were to sell a A.S.E. to any coin outlet, they’re lucky if any would even offer $30.00 per coin, irrespective of a few, very few key dates. In addition to the aforesaid, the U.S. Mint has certainly calculated all the odds in the current year’s offerings, in splitting… Read more »

Joe C.

Sometimes dealers sell items at a loss because they bought too many of that item and they haven’t been able to turn a profit. Proof sets is one example.


Its a beautiful proof coin that’s for sure and great to have one in the collection but I will stick to staking them as bullion coins alone. No long term profit for this proof anymore, to many on the market. Still a beautiful design and worth owning.



Have wondered if dealers send in their best specimens, take all those that do not grade 70, then sell them off at the reduced price. Think this may also be going on with the bullion issues. Think that it is possible to ask for slabbing only of the 69- 70s and return anything less. Am wary of buying stuff on the secondary marked and even the big dealers.


Oh, so there will be a 2018 S ASE later this year….so much for a one-year – only coin… Will have the effect of depreciating all of the 2017 S offerings…the prices for both the congrats ,& LTD ED coins are dropping… I overpaid for the pr69 coins


I get a proof and unc. ASE every year. Add on the S minted proof from last year and you have spent over $150 on under $60 worth of silver. Is it really worth it? Probably not but I would rather have them than not, the future will decide what is to come of these.

As far as the mint putting out another S proof. The fact that one is being minted this year does not change the mintage figures for last year. I won’t be selling my S minted proofs cheap anytime soon.

Joe Brown

JAN M FOX — hello* don’t forget, Six years back the *San Fran Mint* minted the 2012 — S *American Silver Eagle Two Coin Proof Set *, the set had the the reverse ”s” proof & a regular ”s” proof silver eagle*, and the mint minted more ”S” regular proofs than the reverse ”S” proof, so to get rid of the rest of the regular ”s” proofs silver *eagles, the U.S. Mint came up with the idea with a set called ” Making American History The 2012 Coin & Currency Set ”’ the set came with a $5 Bill and… Read more »


The “S” proof ASE a one year thing? Hardly. The series began in 1986 with the first coming from the San Francisco mint. Followed by the 1987 – 1992 releases. The program moved to the Philadelphia mint in 1993 and then later to West Point.

Joe Brown

Your right – Jim, I would say tho, the *major amount of people who buy the 400’000 to 500,000, ”&” the 86-S is one of the highest minted so far, ”know about the early *modern years of the ‘s’ mint mark, and their has not been 1 in 19 years the 2012-S not the 2017-S’ at 24 years, the *mint should have pointed that out on there sales page, i* don*t remember * just knew it like most, just like type-1 & type-2 *Indian Head* nickel, but there are the first time buyers who will buy 1 or 2 that… Read more »

Joe Brown

whats a 86-s-grade-70, going for these day’s, for the *ASE?

Joe C.

Joe Brown,
What’s with all the * in your typing? Very annoying.

Joe Brown

i* like *’s + i*m pointing out who’s doing the speaking, whom’s being address most times, & topics, ”quot’s”, & *+* man, i* know what its for, + its there to use, i have little trouble reading some of these blogs over the years, i* might go over them two maybe three x’s just to make shore where their coming from, i* like to figure out stuff on my own.

Joe C.

Jo* Brwn*,
suit+ your * self*


Joe Brown
I like the way you type. I play guitar and write music. The way you type Is good for my music. BE YOU!!

Joe Brown

joera – Much Obliged*+*, may you have a #1 hit single soon, just remember* everything we have is a gift*+*, even our next breath we take, use it wisely* we are all interdependent. Peace Bother*. Hey Jo*, the same 2 U* man, C. ya in the next life, if your good*+* enough to make the *grade*+*, smile*. & 2 my #2 kid*, jo*joe brown*, if u* happen 2 sea* this’ where ever you R, a #1 HIT* for u*+*, my puppy*, keep on picking*never stop. Get back Joe*+* WOOOH! peace b with u always my son*+*. I* ”mean” what i*… Read more »

Joe Brown

joera* +++*remember* joena* spit out from spot of the whale* he shot!!! for joy*ah*+*