2019 Youth Coin and Currency Set Issue

2019 Youth Coin and Currency Set
U.S. Mint image of the 2019 Youth Coin and Currency Set

There is a problem with misaligned notes in 2019 Youth Coin and Currency Sets, the United States Mint confirmed Thursday, Nov. 14. They will be temporarily unavailable until the issue is corrected, the Mint noted, adding that those who already ordered can have theirs replaced or request a refund.

Released Oct. 31 for $29.95, the joint U.S. Mint and Bureau of Engraving and Printing product includes five proof 2019 quarter dollars and an uncirculated $2 Series 2009 note from Federal Reserve Banks in Cleveland, the Atlanta or Chicago. The coins and note are presented together in a children-themed, tri-fold presentation folder.

The following U.S. Mint statement describes the packaging issue and how to receive replacements or refunds:

The United States Mint has identified an issue with the 2019 Youth Coin and Currency Set.

There is a misalignment of the $2 dollar note in the set, which is not correctly sitting in the protective plastic sleeve. We are working to correct this issue. Customers cannot purchase this item until this issue has been corrected.

While the item is temporarily unavailable, customers have the option to request the "Remind Me" notification.

Customers who have received a Youth Coin and Currency Set can contact the United States Mint for a replacement or refund by calling:

1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468) or TTY at 1-888-321-MINT (6468).

Under the normal returns/exchange process, a credit/refund is issued to customer’s credit card, and the customer then has to re-order the product.

This process will remain unchanged, except that the customer must sign up for the "Remind Me" in order to be notified when inventory is available.

Customers who purchased this item over-the-counter from the Mint must contact the gift shop where the set was purchased. However, if you purchased from us at a convention you should contact our gift shop located in Washington, DC. Contact information for gift shop locations are:

Washington, DC (202-354-6800)
Denver, CO (303-572-9500)
Philadelphia, PA (215-408-0230)

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused for our customers.

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Seth Riesling

Very sad, because this same bad quality control issue with banknotes out of place happened earlier this year on the 2019 Native American $1 Coin & Currency set!! Get your act together U.S. Mint! (the largest Mint in the world).


Seth Riesling

This quality control issue on these sets was reported in Coin World last week with photos of a set from a customer with the note out of place & damaged by the cardboard folder adhesive. It took the Mint a week to respond. Sad!



Very sad indeed Seth. After the fiasco yesterday with the ERP Silver Eagle and the Native American set, I decided thar I’m done with the US Mint after I finish up the ATB 5 oz series. Shouldn’t say I’m surprised but after working for the US Government for far too many years, the Mint is also a mess and get away with it because they have no competition…..

Chas Barber

I returned the 2018 NA C&C as all 10 sets were messed up. So, I ordered 3 to see, they’re on the way back as well, $1 were placed into position by a blind lemur….. WHAT IS WITH THE COMPLETE LACK OF QUALITY CONTROL @ the US MINT??????????????

Chas Barber

No surprise they have Sec. Munchkin’s ex concubines placing the notes….such a lack of QC @ the mint, be it sold items or selling products you mint is getting WORSE…. I have stopped ALL USM Purchases…..they won’t miss me…


Still to this day 20 December 2019 the minit is still sending out 2019 Navive American C&C sets with the Dollar note not in the proper place. So the apology for the misaligned notes is deceptive, then when on complains about the waste time they feed us more BS. Got some sets with bad FRB Chicago notes.