2018-S Reverse Proof American Innovation $1 Coin Release


A coin bearing last year’s date is the United States Mint’s newest product for collectors. The U.S. Mint’s reverse proof 2018-S American Innovation dollar goes on sale today at noon EDT for $9.95.

U.S. Mint American Innovation 2018 $1 Reverse Proof Introductory Coin
U.S. Mint product images of its American Innovation 2018 $1 Reverse Proof Introductory Coin

Opposite of a standard proof, coins featuring a reverse proof finish have polished, mirror-like design elements that contrast against frosted backgrounds.

This dollar carries the first design from a multi-year coin series that honors innovation and innovators from each state, the District of Columbia and the five U.S. territories.

Poised For Sellout?

The reverse proof is limited to 75,000 pieces and initial ordering is further restricted to 5 coins per household.

Based on sales performances of earlier released proof and uncirculated editions, the new dollar seems poised for an eventual sellout. Since their Dec. 14 release, the standard proof 2018-S Innovation dollar has sales of more than 184,000 and uncirculated 2018 P&D Innovation dollars have combined for sales of over 1.4 million.

Designs on 2018 American Innovation Dollars

American Innovation $1 Coin reverses (tails side) will be unique to an innovation or innovators honored from each location.

The 2018-dated design introduces the series with a reverse paying homage to President George Washington who issued the first U.S. patent to Samuel Hopkins on July 31, 1790, for developing a process for making potash.

2018-S Proof American Innovation $1 Coin - photo of reverse
This CoinNews photo shows a regular 2018-S Proof American Innovation dollar. More than 184,000 have sold since its Dec. 14 release. The dollar for release today is limited to 75,000. It bears an opposite, reverse proof finish with polished design elements that contrast against a frosted background.

Designed by Donna Weaver and sculpted by Renata Gordon, it features Washington’s signature, stylized gears to represent industry and innovation, and a privy mark-like collage showing an eagle atop tools within a shield. Inscriptions include "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "AMERICAN INNOVATORS," and "SIGNED FIRST PATENT."

2018-S Proof American Innovation $1 Coin - photo of obverse
This CoinNews photo shows the obverse of the same standard proof dollar from above. The dollar for release today has an opposite, reverse proof finish with polished design elements that contrast against a frosted background.

Designed by Justin Kunz and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill, the dollar’s obverse (heads side) depicts the Statue of Liberty in profile with inscriptions "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "$1." This image will be shared across all 57 coins in the program.

2018-S Proof American Innovation $1 Coin - photo of edge
Dollar edges include their year of minting, a mint mark, and “E PLURIBUS UNUM”

Edges of $1 coins are incused with their year of minting, a mint mark and "E PLURIBUS UNUM."


When released at noon, the 2018-S Reverse Proof American Innovation is available from the U.S. Mint’s online section of American Innovation products, found here. Orders may also be placed by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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Nope – no way – not getting it. Promised myself that I would be out at the conclusion of the ATB series. I’M FREE AT LAST !!!!!

Rich D

I understand not to get sucked in…I did , bought 4. State quarters and ATB quarters …boxes of them

Christopher Williams

I purchased my five and that’s it.

I do enjoy getting “the first” of coins.

Christopher Williams

Also, tomorrow’s “2019 High Relief Gold Coin” will cost $1,940.00.

At that price, I’m not sure if I’m in or not.


I’m on the fence too. Get the silver one for sure. Will have to wait for the gold one.

Christopher Williams

I will definitely be purchasing the silver one for sure. The Gold…probably not.


I don’t understand: seems previous $50 ultra high relief is devalued by 2019 $100 lady liberty ultra high relief? Any thoughts.


I bought 3 online and 2 at the ANA world fair of money in Chicago. What I don’t understand is how is it 2018? I know the Regular proof is 2018 but I feel that in 2019 it should say 2019?

Seth Riesling

A neat coin with a fair price & looks like great packaging, with lots of historic info. I got 5 sets.

Happy collecting everyone!


Christopher Williams

Exactly, Seth. I got my five. Nice packaging.

Curious what Mike “Sold Out, Limited Edition” Mezack will be selling these for.


To me it looks like a 2018 coin struck in 2019.
The USMint doesn’t have a great track record with quality. I’m gonna sit on the sidelines with this one. I won’t not shed a tear, if I miss out on it. It’s certainly not a fair price for this product offering.


No, someone did a FOIA request and the Mint responded they were struck one week in Dec. 2018.


Pretty sad it had to take a FOIA request, instead of the USMint simply explaining on their website, to learn that this product was struck in the latter half of 2018.

Eric Viers

Since its 2019 they will not be making any more 2018 so the 2018 is going to be the rarest coin of them all pretty valuable to me


Ordered 1, just your typical collector here

Eric Viers

Sounds like the 2018 will be the rarest of them all they won’t make any more so 75,000 coins is it and I’m going to have me one for sure


so, let’s see, the regular proof single coins from last year are still available at $7 a piece instead of $10 for this. $10 is a bit high for a $1 coin, albeit reverse proof, albeit in a spiffy holder which isn’t even the same dimensions as last year’s proof coin, or really any other product it seems.


There is no limit on the regular proof which has, to date, sold 185,000 coins. There are only 75,000 of these minted.


That’s letting you know I said only 75,000 people could own the whole collection and every Grading Company will have 5,000 of the whole collection themselves so there goes 20,000 or 25 right away real mintage is 50000 West 10 million coin collectors in America


Hope I don’t have to remind you if you look at the 2018 reverse proof set silver just think what that Kennedy half dollar went for the whole person is set and with limited mintage on these reverse proofs the coin is beautiful the packaging is fantastic it’s the grading companies and all the other greedy people that get more than five the ment is a big lie if it were 5 per household there’ll be plenty to go around I’m the first one in line and there was no line at the Philadelphia mint everyone is ordering online I… Read more »


Ordered 4 for my kids. Going to keep box unopened until whenever.


Just took a look at the Mint pics for the silver liberty medal placed on sale today…the image of Liberty on the printed info. brochure is not the same as the actual image on the coin…looks better to me! Bizarre…I can’t get excited by the Mint’s rendering of Liberty on these coins…Couldn’t they pick a design that is appealing and still faithful to a female? Don’t mean to be a sexist, but come on… The reverse is quite impressive…I predict given the price point and this unflattering depiction of Liberty that the coins will end up being offered at below… Read more »


It seems to be a modern version of lady liberty on the peace dollars. On the reverse, I wish they would have shown the full wings of the eagle. I feel there was a lost opportunity by the mint to include more detail with this size medal.


Sold out at mint

Dennis Boudreau

I haven’t ordered one yet, since I have to wait for payday to do it, but I do want just one to keep the small dollar series up to date. When is the mint going to release images of this years 4 coins? Getting pretty sick of waiting to just see them.

Seth Riesling

This coin is “currently unavailable” on the Mint’s website. Maybe near a first day of issue sellout.



Got my 5 before the sellout.


Me too. It’s already selling on eBay for double the price. I read where the original proof sold 1.4 million so far and there are only 75,000 reverse proof…wow! It almost sounds like the demand caused by the rocket ship set.. considering the innovation coin is reverse proof, first of it’s kind.

Christopher Williams

Mike “Sold Out, Limited Edition” Mezack stated on HSN that he purchased 20,000 of the 75,000.


that must mean about 7,000 going back before next week

Chas Barber

The Mint must be proud of this con dude assistant they work with. I say I hope he bought some mustard to go with them…

FYI- Regular PROOF sales @ about 15ok sold, still there….
BUT??? for now….zero profits or aftermarket or leg$ for Pres. $1…
As to THIS one NO ONE EVEN KNOW it EXISTS except for “us” and with hte date on the edge- wtf…. BTW no picture even of the RP?

PS- 2019 S ASE Proof is CU!!!


I just received my quota of 5 and I noticed what appears to be a scuff mark on the face of each one at roughly where the ten would be on the face of a clock. Is this the case with anyone else? I plan on exploring sending them back.


It’s too bad you received the coins like that . That’s why I held off on buying any. I have the experience of the recent Coin and Currency Set fresh on my mind.
I’m still waiting for the return labels for all the other products needing to be returned, and certainly didn’t want another return to deal with.