NGC Announces Special Label and Designation for Apollo 11 Anniversary Week


Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC) is offering a special label and designation that is available exclusively for 2019 Apollo 11-themed coins received during the anniversary of the historic moon mission.

2019-P Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative 5 Ounce Silver Coin
Example of a 2019-P Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative 5 Ounce Silver Coin with NGC’s special label and ‘Moon Mission Releases’ designation

On July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 mission launched from Florida, landing astronauts on the moon on July 20 and returning them safely to Earth on July 24.

Apollo 11-themed coins submitted to NGC’s Florida headquarters between July 16 and July 24, 2019, are eligible for a special designation of Moon Mission Releases as well as a special label showing an iconic depiction of an astronaut with an American flag on the lunar surface.

Coins with the Moon Mission Releases designation will be listed separately in the NGC Census. The exclusive designation and label are available for an additional fee of $5 per coin.

The frantic Space Race of the 1960s ended with the Apollo 11 mission, which saw astronaut Neil Armstrong leave mankind’s first bootprints on the moon. The US Mint has struck 50th anniversary coins to celebrate this triumph of technology and humanity with a bootprint on the concave obverse, while the convex reverse shows a view of the moon from an astronaut’s helmet.

The US Mint’s coins include Clad Half Dollar, Silver Dollar and $5 Gold commemoratives in Uncirculated and Proof strikes, as well as a Five-Ounce Silver Proof coin.

  • To request the special Moon Mission Releases designation and label, you must write Moon Mission Releases on your submission form.

  • Submissions may arrive before July 16, 2019, but submissions must arrive by July 24, 2019. Submissions received after July 24, 2019, will not be eligible for the Moon Mission Releases designation or label.

To see NGC’s full submission instructions for this special label and designation, go to

NGC has certified more than 42 million coins, medals and tokens. Founded in 1987, the company provides accurate, consistent and impartial assessments of authenticity and grade. For more information about NGC and its grading services, visit

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The label scam is totally out of control

Seth Riesling


Amen! Such a scam. Even the PNG has officially come out against such “kitsch” labels from the third-party grading services.


sam tweedy

Mike Mezack will have plenty of these wonderful “COCKROACH” coins to sell…..!!!!!


He should spend some of his profits on new clothes – it looks like the bottom button on his plaid blazer is going to fly off and take someone’s eye out…


All we need on the label is the year, mint mark, coin denomination, TPG initials and grade. That’s it! The PCGS label FIRST STRIKE is a very misleading label. A coin with that label could very well be one of the last coins struck by the mint. I know it’s states on the back of the label “Delivered Within First 30 Days of Initial Release” so it should have “FIRST DELIVERED” not STRIKE. But yet we pay more for this label than one that does not have FIRST STRIKE. Price guides have the price of PF-70 but there are different… Read more »


Ridiculous. The Eagle has landed and it is picking your pocket.

Chas Barber

They need labels for launch day, inter moon transiot, LEM capture….Lunar orbit insertion, landing, walk, surface blast off & PCGS stock cash out$


a very wise older coin collector asked a great question, “are you buying the coin or the label?”. i think this is a great example of what he was saying.

Seth Riesling

How about a “special” “Summer of ’69” NGC label for coins that grade 69 !! lol
Absurd stuff…these crazy labels.