American Legion 100th Anniversary Silver Dollar and Medal Set Released


Commemorating the American Legion’s founding, the United States Mint today released the American Legion 100th Anniversary Proof Silver Dollar and Medal Set.

American Legion 100th Anniversary Proof Silver Dollar and Medal Set
United States Mint product images of the American Legion 100th Anniversary Proof Silver Dollar and Medal Set

This set includes one 2019-P Proof American Legion Silver Dollar and one American Veterans Silver Medal — both struck in 99.9% silver at the U.S. Mint facility in Philadelphia. The silver dollar debuted earlier this year as part of the Mint’s American Legion Commemorative Coin Program. The silver medal is unique to the set.

Designs and Specifications

Designed by Paul C. Balan and sculpted by Renata Gordon, the silver dollar’s obverse (heads side) features the American Legion emblem adorned by oak leaves and a lily.

2019-P Proof American Legion 100th Anniversary Silver Dollar - Obverse
A CoinNews photo of a 2019-P Proof American Legion 100th Anniversary Silver Dollar (obverse). The silver dollar is included in the set released May 20 and it is also available separately.

Inscriptions read LIBERTY," "IN GOD WE TRUST," and "2019."

The dollar’s reverse, designed by Patricia Lucas-Morris and sculpted by Michael Gaudioso, represents the founding of the American Legion in Paris with crossed American and American Legion flags. A fleur-de-lis is above with the inscription "100 Years of Service."

2019-P Proof American Legion 100th Anniversary Silver Dollar - Reverse
A CoinNews photo of the same dollar but with its reverse shown

Additional inscriptions read "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "1919," "2019," "$1," and "E PLURIBUS UNUM."

For the medal, the obverse depicts a bald eagle spreading its wings as it prepares for flight — symbolizing the initiative, determination, and personal courage of those in the Nation’s Armed Forces. The five stars represent the five branches of the U.S. Armed Services.

American Veterans Silver Medal - Obverse
American Veterans Silver Medal – Obverse

An added inscription reads "HONORING AMERICA’S VETERANS." Benjamin Sowards created the design and Joseph F. Menna sculpted it.

Designed by Richard Masters and sculpted by Renata Gordon, the medal’s reverse shows a field of stars symbolizing past, present, and future American veterans.

American Veterans Silver Medal - Reverse
American Veterans Silver Medal – Reverse

A lone incused star below the field represents veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defending our country. The absence of this star in the field conveys the supreme sense of loss to the Nation. Completing the design is the inscription "SERVICE AND SACRIFICE."

The coin and medal each weigh 26.730 grams and have a diameter of 1.500 inches (38.10 mm). The dollar’s edge is reeded whereas the medal has a plain edge.

Price and Ordering

Priced at $99.95, the set has a product limit of 10,000 which is also the maximum mintage of the silver medal. Household orders are limited initially to one unit.

The American Legion 100th Anniversary Proof Silver Dollar and Medal Set is available via this link to the Mint’s online catalog, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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Nobody wants the silver dollar – I don’t think the addition of this lame design medal will help sales much…especially at 99.95 – ouch!!


Any idea of first day sales?

Christopher Williams

For once, I didn’t go to the US Mint website to purchase these are 12PM.

I got home from work at 3:30PM and yes–they are still available.

Sad when a coin set limited to 10,000 doesn’t sellout within a few hours.

I might get one, but I’m not sure.

Chas Barber

Wow ! Hey Mint all I can say is…… ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz It appears the Mint needs some new brains to find stuff people really WANT not this junque…..

Seth Riesling

This very low mintage of 10,000 Proof .999 fine silver medals would have been more desirable if the Mint would have put a Mint mark on it! I think the set might have sold out if a “P” was on it designating the Mint that struck it.
This shows just how much the Mint’s customer base has drastically dropped from 1.2 million active customers in 2014 to just 500,000 active customers at the end of 2018 !



A higher customer base wouldn’t have necessarily increased the probability of a sell-out. Yes, subscribership is down… a lot. The medal is nothing more than a silver round. I’ve seen silver rounds with similar themes. I agree that a very simple, but complex for the Mint, mint mark would have raised the status of the medal. The price point for this product is ridiculous. As long as the numismatic division at the US Mint disregards the collectors who are the final consumers of these products, then there will be continued waisted efforts at the Mint. From design to marketing the… Read more »

a Bob

A better designed medal on a one ounce planchet would have done better. Stating the obvious today.

Seth Riesling

Piedmont – You make some very valid points & observations for sure about the Mint. The thing that really still sticks in my craw, is the Mint’s obscenely high pricing on all its silver products, (coins, medals & sets with silver items in them like this set & other silver sets)! Even though I am lucky enough to afford any product the Mint offers, I too have a budget for their products due to my other collecting & financial products investing interests outside the realm of numismatics. The U.S. Mint has a somewhat “fair” published pricing grid for its gold,… Read more »


And each coin is LESS THAN ONE (1) TROY OUNCE…..ONLY 26.730 grams instead of 31.103 grams.

Why is the mint being so cheap !!??

Penny wise and pound foolish !!


The 2016 liberty medal had a mintage of 25,000, (12,500 each w and s mints) for $34.95 and sold out within 10 minutes.this set medal is 10,000 wouldn’t surprise me if it sells out soon


—wouldn’t surprise me if it sells out soon— The mint just cancelled the one (1) per household limit….now FREE SELL. And it’s still not sold out !!! PRICE TOO HIGH AND NOT A FULL TROY OUNCE SILVER !!


The 2016 liberty medal was a full troy ounce, it was struck on the AE planchet. Both medals contained the mint mark.


first day sales of 4760.almost half sold in first 24 hours


Modern Coin Mart is advertising pre-sales of the slabbed/graded sets. The first day sales numbers don’t necessarily calculate to individual collector purchases. I’m sure that these sets will be bought by the online and tv coin dealers.


still a solid start as there was 1coin limit per person….

Christopher Williams

Limit lifted and still available.

Maybe if the price tag was $69.99 would the set have sold out?

George Wolfe

yes. lower the price, go for volume. retain your customer base.

Christopher Williams

I agree, George.


$69.99 would be more like since these coins will be selling for melt in a few years…


almost 48k sold in first 24 hours!!


sorry i meant 4800 0f 10k sold in first day

Seth Riesling

As of Friday, a little more than 7,000 sets had been sold.



should be gone within the week


How do you know 7k sold as of Friday?

Seth Riesling

Updated Mint sales figures reported by Coin World.



as of sunday 05/26 total sales,7412


8071 sold as of may 29.

Seth Riesling

Nearly 8,500 sets sold as of Sunday, June 2. Will this thing ever sell out?! The Mint made a bad decision not to put the “P” Mint mark from where it was struck on the Proof silver medal.



I think a sell out within a week or so. only 15% left in 2 weeks of sales


sold out at mint