Stack’s Bowers to Offer Venetian 40 Zecchini at January 2018 NYINC


Stack’s Bowers Galleries will present coin and paper money rarities as official auctioneer for the January 2018 New York International Numismatic Convention.

Venetian 40 Zecchini
Stack’s Bowers will auction this Venetian 40 Zecchini at January 2018 NYINC

A highlight of the sale is a Venetian 40 Zecchini from the reign of Paolo Renier (1779-1789), the penultimate Doge of Venice.

The coins of the Doges of Venice are numismatic relics of the Renaissance era, exhibiting iconic Christian motifs that went largely unchanged for over five centuries. The smaller denominations including the single Zecchino represented crucial mediums of commerce for the citizens of Venice, though coins of much higher value were also struck for presentation in denominations up to 100 Zecchini and possibly even higher.

Venetian 40 Zecchini - obverse
A larger view of the obverse of the Venetian 40 Zecchini, which will be presented at the January 2018 NYINC

The massive 40 Zecchini to be offered by Stack’s Bowers Galleries is undoubtedly one of these presentation pieces, weighing in at 139.23 grams of gold and representing a significant amount of wealth even for the Venetian aristocracy recipients.

Venetian 40 Zecchini
A larger view of the reverse of the Venetian 40 Zecchini up for auction at the January 2018 NYINC

Very few pieces of this size were struck, and even fewer have survived over the past two centuries. The authoritative reference on coinage of the Doges of Venice by Paolucci ranks this issue as "known from two or three specimens only, or unique." Certified EF-45 by PCGS, it is the only example graded by either PCGS or NGC and is clearly a tremendous rarity from this era.

This incredible piece carries an equally important provenance, having descended in the family of current owners Anne and Daniel Aghion though generations reaching back to the 19th century. It was likely acquired by their grandfather, Jules Aghion, who worked as an agent de change in the Parisian stock exchange, where gold coins were often accepted as collateral to cover investments.

Long cherished as a family treasure, Stack’s Bowers Galleries is delighted to have the privilege of offering this important piece in their auction of the January 2018 New York International Numismatic Convention.

For more information about Stack’s Bowers Galleries’ portfolio of auction events, visit or call 1-800-566-2580 for more details.

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